As we all know, God is not a poor man, he is the giver of all riches and wealth. In fact there is no restrictions on how rich someone can be at a particular point in time, the only difference that made some people richer than others, is how they think. If you can think like a rich man, tell me what will stop you from becoming rich; nothing, I mean absolutely nothing. So because God is a richest man in the whole universe, therefore any one that thinks like him, must definitely be a very rich man. “As a man thinketh so he is”

If you don’t even know anything about how God thinks, you can make a guess by what he does, the way he does it and so on. First of all, look at how he thought of creating the world. God sat down make a blue print of how the world is going to look like, the benefit he is going to make out of creating the world, and then he decided that he is going to create the world, as this will be a good investment for him.

After God created the world, he was not yet satisfied, he wanted more riches, more honour and glory which comes by acquiring more wealth. So God decided to create the day and the night, which means God is a very good business man. He planned ahead of time, he does not want to be caught unawares when he will be tired, so he just created the night so that after all the days business, he can easily and comfortably rest at night and still come out afresh again the nest morning, making himself a prominent and renowned business man that ever lived. If he has not had enough rest during the night, he might not be able to think wisely the nest day. So you see how God thinks smartly.

God is still in the business of thinking, “oh what can I do again to give me more power, so that no one will equal me” “how do I make myself more popular”, what else do I need to do in order to attain that level of unequal riches?” Immediately it struck him that he can make use of the world which he has created, by adding other investment to it. So God quickly thought of creating other things that will make him richer. Then God created the trees, bird, animals etc.

You know what baffles me most about the way God thinks, is his ability to think in different directions, God is not a one way thinker, he thinks in both sides. He noticed that if he has created only the beautiful things and animals, he may not be making much from creating only the beautiful things, so he decided to make both the beautiful ones and the ugly ones, to compliments his cleverness in thinking. He does not want to make profit from only the beautiful ones, but he also wants to profit from the ugly ones, giving him multiple streams of income and be rich.

Wait am not done yet on how God thinks; God knew that all these investment he has done, which is the creation of the world and some of its inhabitant will not yield him that bomb shell break through he wants to achieve. So he knew that he has been missing something, that could give him a maximum returns, which is the creation of man. So quickly and cleverly God created man and made him in his own image and likeness. After creating man, he crowned it all by giving man a help mate, EVE (another investment)

By now I know you will all be wondering how all these could make you. Come to think of it this way, ‘God created the world’ first step, that was the initial investment, if he has left just only the world, do you think he can be as rich as he is today or even as famous as he is? The answer is No. Because God is a cleaver thinker, he figured this out and he acted.

Now lets connect this to our day to day business, most people who have a wonderful and great business ideas, allow this business to die in their minds without acting or executing it. Many people may even get to the extent of making the first move, which is the initial investment, but have you thought of ways to promote this initial investment, have you thought of other business that equally mean more interest, but why haven’t you acted? to bring that business to a lime light.

As with God, don’t only think of just investing without proper back-up and more creativity. When you add creativity to your business it will give you an added advantage over your competitors, thereby making you richer and famous.


Best Ways To Think And Be Rich

Think quickly and cleverly:- Delay is dangerous in everything in life, if any idea pop up in your head, do not delay to act on it, act fast and quickly. At your leisure time always map out time to think of more ways to improve your investment. You can’t be rich by doing nothing, and that is why if you really want to become a rich man then you must be ready to think cleverly, be the first to catch that vision where no one has ventured to, so as to be the first to make the money involved and be rich.

Try out new things:- Don’t always stick to one thing, as this does not give the desired wealth you are looking for. Don’t be scared to try out new things, be versatile in your businesses and investment, don’t limit your self to a particular thing. That is one thing that God never does, he refuse to limit himself to a particular thing, he was not scared of trying out new things, new creation and that is the reason why he became the richest man.

Never take anything for granted:- Even the smallest thing can mean a higher returns, so never in your business take anything for granted. You may look at an investment as wasting of time but at the long run, it will surely pay off.

Mistake:- In business mistake is allowed, if you really want to be rich, don’t always force yourself to be right at all times. The mistake has its part and role to play in the road of becoming rich. Don’t be scared of making mistake in your business as it will help you to make so many amendments. You can even try to invest in the property business.

Now that you have read and understand the way God thinks, what is the nest step? Are you still going to stick to that your monopolized business or would you rather create other ways to make money and be rich, the choice is yours. But I hope you make the right choice.


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