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SilverLeaf Financial

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Shane Baldwin
Shane Baldwin

Shane Baldwin Utah

A Brief Background On SilverLeaf's CEO

Who's Shane Baldwin? For those who don't know, Shane Baldwin Utah works as the CEO of SilverLeaf Financial, a company based in Salt Lake City. For a little bit of personal details, he lives in Layton, Utah along with his wife and children.

He's a financial adviser by profession, and he really takes this job very seriously. He possesses a degree in business administration and marketing from Brigham Young University in Hawaii.

Ok, so what makes this man so special?

If you're working in the field of deeds, trusts, notes, and FDICs, then you've probably heard of him and his company.

Well first, he's just the CEO of one of the most successful financial companies in the US, SilverLeaf Financial. Just like with other huge company CEOs, he's the one that did most of the planning and supervised the work, in which he managed to bring SilverLeaf Financial to the big stage.

To be brief, here are a few of his achievements:

  • He has developed, managed, and even sold several solid and profitable companies.
  • He worked as the financial adviser for Merill Lynch, for like 3 years. He focused, targeted, and improved it's business development and client acquisitions method that brought about nearly $600 million for the company.
  • He founded his company, SilverLeaf with its three branches namely: (1) SilverLeaf Financial (2) SilverLeaf Real Estate and (3) SilverLeaf Asset Management.

Shane Baldwin Utah
Shane Baldwin Utah

Not only is he active in the business sector, but he also participates in many community development projects.

  • He is a member of the board for the National Shaken Baby Foundation.
  • He is a member of the board for the Red Cross Organization, Northern Utah.
  • National Exchange Club member.
  • Former president of Toastmasters for his chapter.

His Company, SilverLeaf

SilverLeaf as stated above has 3 branches, one dealing with finance, one in real estate, and one in asset management. The flagship branch of this company is SilverLeaf Financial, with its headquarters in Salt Lake City in Utah.This branch of the company purchases non-performing commercial loans, first deeds of trusts, and notes from FDIC itself or from some banks, whether national or regional only, and other financial institutions.

What they do is that they develop these loans into performing ones and then sell it for a price. Well that's really just a very simplified overview of what they actually do, because the process itself is very complicated - from the act of acquiring the loans (or you could say they are 'seed investments') to the development and the monetization proper. It takes huge courage to do businesses like these because of the huge risks, but given with proper knowledge and skills, the rewards here are definitely worth the risks. That's what Shane Baldwin Utah does.

Ok, nuff of him, can I somehow follow his footsteps and be successful also?

Success comes from different factors. Knowledge, experience, attitude, and heck even luck! Shane Baldwin surely possessed one or more of those, but for you to be able to replicate what he did, the road is still very long and rocky. Though he seemed very successful, we're still in the dark about how he really grab success (or his secrets!). So in the end, it is recommended to not simply replicate what he did, but to pave your own way and work your ass of to success!

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Silverleaf Utah 4 years ago

Shane Baldwin Utah CEO offers a wide variety of services that benefit the service economy that the USA is now presently a huge part of.

shanebaldwin-utah profile image

shanebaldwin-utah 4 years ago from Utah

As far as I know Shane Baldwin is doing right this year. Thanks to your useful post. http://www.shane-baldwin.com

Morey Forn 4 years ago

Making money from non-performing notes is not a brand new idea. Shane Baldwin gathered all the available information to grow his business focusing on an ideal point in the economy for undervalued assets.

Sandra Felps 4 years ago

As undervalued assets continue to become more and more scarce and banks recover from the mess created by the financial crisis of 2008 Silverleaf Financials line of work will become obsolete. As the economy begins to recovery and real estate prices move upward the assets that the FDIC owns that they acquired from banks will no longer be available for purchase.

Joseph Hoist 4 years ago

If you have not notices the USA is going to more of a service based economy as real estate suffers along with the financial economy. One industry that has been overlooked and is a good idea is owning Virtual Real Estate. Or in other words VRE or online website properties. VRE's are being sold just like the real estate and you can fix and flip properties you do not even own yet with lease options. For example you can purchase a website from places like flipper dot com and immediately be cash flowing or you can find a distressed property and find ways to monetize existing traffic it receives. Don't just look into real estate physical properties when there are similar investments all around.

Jeff Lipman 4 years ago

Of course someone could follow Shane Baldwin and find out how to do his investment strategy. Its not a hidden secret that the FDIC receives non-performing notes and assets when the banks go out of business. Its just a matter of finding the capital to purchase these assets when the FDIC sells them in order to clean up the books.

Shane Baldwin 4 years ago

Hey my name is Shane Baldwin too. Nice post

Nathan P. 3 years ago

I would not say that Shane Baldwin is considered as you put it "CEO of one of the most successful financial companies in the US", SilverLeaf Financial has managed to take advantage of a hole in the market that will only last a few short years, if it is not already over. Like most companies who make money shorting stocks or who invest in notes owned by the FDIC as a result of Bank Fraud, Securities Fraud, etc.. the opportunity is very limited and is very short term as the government works quickly to clean up the Fraud and hush the market fears before they become main stream.

Patty Harmon 3 years ago

I liked the post great work. How do you do all this?

Shane Baldwin Silverleaf 3 years ago

Shane Baldiwn Silverleaf seems to be a popular topic these days.

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