Ski apartments on a tight budget

Ski apartments on a budget
Ski apartments on a budget | Source

Don't break the bank when you're booking a ski apartment

Life is still tough for many people. Jobs are uncertain, petrol prices keep rising and house prices keep falling.

However, that doesn't mean you have to give up everything you love. At lets face it, those of us who love skiing are very loath to give up their annual ski holiday. As an avid skier, I would rather give up the summer holiday in favour of going skiing.

So how can you book a ski break and not break the bank? The answer is simple.....DIY!

It really is all about cutting out the middle man (or woman) and booking direct. Here are a couple of pointers;

1) Book independent accommodation
There are thousands of people who have bought ski apartments and are now looking to rent them out. You simply need to contact these owners direct. Sites such as All Mountain Holidays and Holiday Rentals allow you to search for you property and then contact the owner direct. And don't forget to negotiate. After a couple of difficult winters, most owners would rather take a reduced definite rental, than hold out for a future client. "A bird in the hand" definitely applies here.

2) Book with companies direct.
When you look at tour operators glossy brochures or fancy websites, bear in mind that these marketing tools don't come cheap! Large tour operators play on peoples reluctance to deal direct, they take the price of properties in Euros, convert to sterling (not necessarily at a good rate), add on their commission and then sell it on to you. Take PV Holidays as an example. They are the largest operator of ski apartments in France. When you look at the price of these apartments when offered by the big tour operators, you'd be forgiven for thinking they were overpriced. However, book them direct and you will be amazed at how cheap they are. And they are always offering late deals so if you aren't fussy about which resort you want to visit, you can pick up an absolute bargain.

If you use the above tips, and then combine this with booking your own cheap ferry, taking your family skiing doesn't have to cost the earth.

And I know we are only in June, but I am already counting down the days until the lifts open.

Have a good summer everyone...


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