Investing In Stocks With Little Money

Want To Invest With Little Money?

Do you want to invest in the Stock Market but don't have much money.?  Do what I do.  I did not have a large sum of money to invest in individual stocks.  I do have an IRA type withholding plan through payroll deduction; however I do not have much control over which individual stocks are chosen.  I wanted to be able to select which stocks I purchased. 

The first step was to open a Sharebuilder Account which was free.  The next step was to begin having payroll deductions sent to the Sharebuilder Account.  Once I accumulated as little as $50 I could begin purchasing stock through Sharebuilder.   While your money is going in to the account the funds are being put into a money market account.  When you are ready to invest use the tools on the Sharebuilder Website to research the companies you are thinking about investing in. The site will tell you everything about the company you want to invest in.  When you are ready to begin investing just choose the company and the funds will be subtracted from your money market account.  You will be able to see how many shares you own in a particular company and how much each share cost.  You will be able to see on a daily basis any change in your stock through the tools on  

You can continue to put money into Sharebuilder account through direct deposit as long as you would like.  When you no longer want to add money to your account, just stop the direct deposit through sharebuilder.

I am by no means a stock broker or anything remotely close, but have always wanted to learn more about stock investment.  This is why I started using Sharebuilder.  If you are like me, this is an excellent way to get lots of knowledge without spending a fortune.


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