The State of the Economy, Or Lack Thereof

Judging by the headlines, and the number of bank owned properties in your neighborhood, the state of the economy is abysmal. Economy by definition speaks to frugality, budgeting, bargains, and such. You know, pretty much everything that a large majority of us haven’t practiced for the past however many years which brought the onslaught of foreclosures, repossessions, bankruptcies, etc., that we are faced with today. What to do, what to do. Looking back, there were myriad red flags, flies in the ointment, blaringly obvious errors made. But, don’t fret; I am not going to belabor the abhorrent practices of the evil banking industry that lent a major hand in bringing our country to this state of non-economy…at least not moving forward, that is. And besides, looking back does nothing but give you a kink in your neck.

Nope. I am going to do what I do best. Put on my rose colored glasses and make like there is, in fact, a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that is sure to present itself after this hell storm is over with. So, what is your portfolio looking like? Laughing yet? Okay, what is your savings account earning? Laughing harder? How about your checkbook…does it carry more than a four digit balance? Perhaps I can solicit a grin?

Alright, so it may not be a laughing matter, but if laughter is the best medicine, shouldn’t we at least attempt to find the levity in an otherwise dismal situation? Isn’t there supposed to be a silver lining in every cloud? I don’t know about you or your particular situation, but if we all have the wherewithal to look around us, chances are that we have quite a few things to be grateful for.

At the very least, we can empathize with others and realize that even when our world may seem bleak, oppressive and irrevocably changed, there are those that have it worse, right? Well, empathy is an emotion that most of us possess and is just a part of being human. However, the idea of looking at another human being’s predicament in all of its direness to make oneself feel better is appalling to me. In all actuality, it has just the opposite effect. I get the ‘there but for the grace of God go I’ revelations, but if you focus on newspapers or any news programs local or global, you might just as well buy stock in antidepressants.

I am not underplaying the reality of the world’s predicament. The fact that so many honest, loyal, hardworking people have found themselves in the dire straits they are in is unconscionable. Some of us could have prevented our dilemmas, but some of us were truly at the mercy of outside forces, some faceless, some not; and we have to start over from scratch. So what are our choices? Very simply put, make the positive changes in your life that you have control over, the things that are completely out of your hands? Let them go.

Focusing on those overwhelming situations in our lives that we can do nothing about is more counterproductive then cleaning up after your family more than once a day. (Ladies, are you with me?) One thing that we have complete control over is our attitude. Emotions aside, because you are going to feel them regardless, after a very short-lived pity party it is time to put on your big girl pants and wholly adopt the proverbial attitude of gratitude.

No matter how small or insignificant you may think a particular item or sentiment is, be it a smile from your child, a possession that makes your life easier, a friend that brings you joy, kudos from your boss, sunshine in the sky, a seat on the bus, a chivalrous deed done for you or by you…if it brings positivity to your life, give thanks. Give thanks for every little thing that you are grateful for and focus on those things. Let any negativity and feelings of lack go by the wayside. Don’t allow it to occupy your brain for a second longer. Strive for happiness, in whatever form it takes to make your heart full, warm and joyful, and attract more of the same into your life.

Whatever or whomever caused the current quandary you are experiencing needs to be forgiven and released from your stubborn little noggin once and for all; even, and perhaps especially, if you brought it on yourself. You are in the driver seat of your vehicle on this road called life. It’s time to navigate in the right direction. Would you rather be stuck in traffic with nowhere to go, or driving down a never ending stretch of beautiful coastal highway? Take over the wheel and be sure your trip is filled with scenic beauty that makes your heart soar with a smooth road beneath you. Let your journey begin, filled with focus, ambition, goals and joy and you will receive everything you have ever wished for in your life. Bon voyage!

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phdast7 profile image

phdast7 4 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

A very different, but useful and helpful, perspective on the current economic crisis we find ourselves in. Well-written and full of practical advice to be positive and practice gratitude.

Just as an aside, I have found that Hubs I publish between 7 and 11 pm tend to get the largest readership and more comments than at any other time of day or night. Not sure if that is a general rule, but it works for me. Good Luck.

Georgiann profile image

Georgiann 4 years ago from Phoenix Author

Thank you for your comment and your advice...both are greatly appreciated!

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