Maybank Visa Debit Card vs Tune Card Visa Prepaid

Hi guys,

I read in the net that Maybank launched a new Maybank Visa Debit Card, I said WOW! that would be great since I have a saving account with them.So, I am expecting free service, easy top up and more shopping at the Internet. I am glad more local banks start offering Visa debit card facility.

Steven Wong has made a summary about this new card :

To review whether this Visa debit card compatible to PayPal withdrawal, I spend sometimes to read on Maybank website, and here is the quick summary for your info:

- Max daily withdrawal limit: RM5,000.

- Daily accumulated purchase limit is RM500 and you can increase it anytime via bank's ATM or over the counter branches to RM5,000.

- First four withdrawal is FREE while a service charge of RM0.50 per transactions per card chargeable from the fifth cash withdrawal transaction onwards per month. However, service charge will be waived if your savings or current account has a balance of above RM5,000 at the time of withdrawal or the withdrawal amount is RM1,500.

- Service charge for withdrawal transaction for:

* Maybank's Group ATM in Singapore, Brunei and Philippines: RM2 each * MEPS network: RM1 each * Visa Plus Network: RM12 each

- Existing Maybank ATM card holders can convert their cards with the one time cost of RM12. It is also the same cost for card replacement.

- However, if you used up to 7 years (upon the expiry date, you will get the replacement at FOC).

- Earn 1 TreatPoint for every RM3 purchases.

- No annual fees, monthly interest rates or late charges.

So, since I am a Tune Card user plus have a Maybank saving account, I think it would be good if I compare this two card, rite ?

compare this two card, rite ?

Below is a brief comparison of our very own Tune card Prepaid Visa Card vs Visa-branded debit card maybank-visa-debit-card 6511 Product Maybank Visa Debit Card Tune Card Visa Prepaid Charge/Fees

- Service charge for withdrawal transaction for:

Maybank's Group ATM in Singapore, Brunei and Philippines: RM2 each

MEPS network: RM1 each

Visa Plus Network: RM12

each Tune Card: Annual fee ; RM 9.99

RM 2 only for Top Up at CIMB Bank, POS Malaysia and BSN

RM 1.15 withdrawals at CIMB ATM machine

RM0.50 only for online top up Internet Transaction Maybank :No TUne CArd :Yes


Maybank :No Tune Card :Yes

Top Up

Maybank :Maybank Only

Tune Card: Maybank2u,CIMB and POS office


I better stick with Tune Visa Prepaid Card, Why ? As you can see it is more flexible and Internet friendly. The most important thing is you can withdraw your PayPal money with it.:)

By the way, you can use Maybank ATM card in Petronas Petrol Pump and selected Supermarket so why Maybank want to promote this Debit card instead. I think their business idea for this Debit card is weak because you don't want to go abroad only carrying debit card right?. At least you must have a spare credit card for emergency.

For me, debit card or Prepaid card is only suitable for Internet transaction. Buy ticket,hosting,domain and eBay online. So if maybank overlook this thing than their debit card will be nowhere compared to by Tune Prepaid Visa Card.

Several feedback that I got :

1. The question now is: Can Maybank Visa Debit cards compatible to PayPal withdrawal? I search on the web and try to find any review on that, unfortunately, there is no review so far. The closest was Uncle FL Sam on his withdrawal to Maybank Visa Credit Card.

So, I called up this morning to Maybank Customer Service to find out the details. The Maybank staff that I spoke to also not sure whether it is workable. After 20 minutes checking and waiting, she told me "NO" for PayPal withdrawal. steven wong

2. I try to add MBB Visa Debit card with Paypal, its not work. The following message will appear...

"This credit card has been denied by the bank that issued your credit card. For details on why your card was denied, please contact your credit card issuer's customer service department. Or, you may want to try adding a different credit card." zahidi

debit card visa maybank
debit card visa maybank
tune card prepaid visa
tune card prepaid visa

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borislw profile image

borislw 7 years ago from MY

Maybank debit can't use like credit card function like you cannot use to buy flight ticket online by using the credit number.

Jensen Chong 7 years ago


You did a job well done. very good. Yes indeed this Maybank Visa Debit cannot do anything. As i use in the petrol Kios, it deducted my saving account for RM150.00 then when you finished filling only RM50.00 the RM100.00 will only refund it to you 1 week later. Please be inform. This is the disadvantage of maybank visa debit card.!

Progli 6 years ago

Anyone provide Tune Card for

Long terms business for Bangladeshi People.

Ramlee Bin Haji Ibrahim 6 years ago

Any meseg just e-mail to me, tq

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