Unusual Scholarships - Are You Wacky Enough

Did you know there are unusual scholarships available for individuals with unusual talents? At one time, it seemed that scholarships were awarded to those who really deserved to receive them. Your high school classmate with a ridiculously high GPA is eligible to get one, as well as the class science geek and that dorky math genius you highly abhor.

But what about you? Does the world recognize your plethora of unusual traits and talents? Fortunately, the academic world has some of the most unusual scholarships for people who stand out in a crowd. If you have something that sets you apart from others, you just may be eligible for the most wacky, uncanny and extraordinary scholarships ever created.

Today's academe looks far beyond just simple smarts. Those with strange talents and unique traits will have more than just people staring in wonderment; they'll have their colleges paid for as well!

When the Wacky and the Unusual Turn Out to be an Advantage

If, for some reason, you wake up one morning mysteriously turned into a Catholic student with the last name of Zolp, then consider yourself eligible for the Zolp scholarship in Chicago! With these unusual scholarships, you need a copy of your birth certificate to prove that your last name is indeed, spelled as Zolp. If you are a twin, either Siamese or identical, there are eight colleges who are just dying to offer you a scholarship.

Star Trek fans all over the world unite. If you find Spock to be a worthy role model much more than your dad, then you just may be able to ace the one of the most unusual scholarships ever, the Starfleet Academy Scholarships, from the International Star Trek Fan Association. There are currently ten available scholarships to choose from, each of them costing $500, with criteria for eligibility varying for each one. If you've taken into heart The Wrath of Khan, lived your life according to the The Final Frontier, and are a member of the Starfleet International, then go ahead and sign up. You're more than eligible for the scholarship. You must have a degree at an accredited college or university in order to successfully apply.    

Are you too tall or too small? You may have gone through the worst kind of discrimination in college, but you'll have the last laugh when everyone discovers that your college has been freely paid for! The Little People of America offers unusual scholarships to their members who are only 4'10" in height. If you're as little as a cute little elf, this scholarship is perfect for you. If, however, you're as tall as a towering Goliath, you might be eligible for scholarships from the Tall Clubs International. The organization offers scholarships to women who are 5'10" or taller, and men who are 6'2" or taller.

Uncanny Skills Equals Free College Tuition Fees

If your indy and your method air grab is just as good as your desire to study, then the Patrick Kerr Skateboard Scholarship is just the right scholarship for you. These unusual scholarships are given to high school graduating students who have a knack for skateboards. Apart from throwing perfect nosegrinds and nollies, you need to have a GPA of 2.5 as requirement as well.

For women who enjoy knitted and sewing, however, the American Sheep Industry Make it With Wool Scholarship Competition is right for you. This scholarship contest is open to all contestants who are twelve years old and above. You will be required to craftily create your own garment made of nothing but wool.

There are a lot of unusual scholarships available for those who have distinct traits and talents. You can search online for a majority of them, and finally let your differences work for you.

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