Weird Scholarships - Do You Qualify

Want a weird scholarship?

As the costs of education continue to escalate day after day, weird scholarships have become a breath of fresh air for parents and students alike. Unlike student loans, students do not need to worry about paying for the scholarship money or grants they were able to qualify for.

Moreover, these new types of scholarship programs are not limited to those who excel in sports or academics. In an effort to give the disadvantaged youth a helping hand, private sponsors and educational institutions came up with additional scholarship programs that require unusual requirements for eligibility.

Unusual scholarship programs are intended for those who possess distinct characteristics, talents, skills, or fields of interest. If you have any skills or talents that you have been hiding for quite some time, you can now use them to pay for your tuition and miscellaneous expenses.

For example, if you are vegetarian or left-handed, the world of unusual scholarships will always have something interesting to offer.

Tracing the beginnings of weird scholarships

Offbeat scholarships for college became popular when educational institutions recognized the needs of left-handed students. During the past years, the public considered left-handed people as weird, awkward, and even evil. As soon as they were considered as a part of the minority, many universities and community colleges came up with scholarship grants that gave them the recognition they deserve.

During the year 1979, Juanita College implemented the first left-handed scholarship. Left-handed students who have remained consistent with their academic performance are usually prioritized in this scholarship program. Since it is very easy to apply for this program, it immediately became one of the most sought after weird scholarships offered in educational institutions.

One of my all time favorites is the Duck Brand Duct Tape Stuck at Prom Contest. To win this wacky award of $2,500, you and your date must attend your school's prom and make your entire outfit out of duct tape. Forget the student loan, this sounds like a lot of fun.

Looking for popular scholarship programs

Different kinds of grants for college are already available for students who are struggling for better education. Four of the most popular programs are offered for extremely tall students, twins, teenage mothers, and those who know how to knit.

Twins who were able to prove their exceptional academic performance are perfect for this scholarship program. When enrolled together in one school, they can qualify for 50% discounts and other deals that can lower down the costs of their tuition and miscellaneous fees.

Meanwhile, females who are no less than 510 in height and males who are at least 62 tall can easily acquire this type of scholarship.

Weird scholarships for teenage mothers give young mothers the chance to earn a degree and to secure a stable job despite their unexpected pregnancy. Private sponsors and educational institutions implemented this program in order to help young mothers who are in dire need of financial aid.

Since most teenage mothers think that they can never go back to school after giving birth to their child, these programs serves as a glint of hope and them from saying goodbye to a promising career.

Finally, students who consider knitting as their hobby can also qualify for a scholarship program. Different businesses organize knitting competitions and provide scholarships to those who were able to knit the best garments made from wool. Design, garment style, and creativity are three of the most important criteria used in this kind of competition.

Applying for unusual scholarships

When applying for weird scholarships, you will need to start the process by making a list of your extracurricular activities and academic skills. Your assessment will assist you in finding the best scholarship programs that are looking for a particular skill or characteristic that you possess.

Next, think about the different talents and peculiar characteristics that have made you distinct from other students. Whether you are extremely tall or you excel in twirling batons, your quirky characteristic will always help you succeed in your application for a scholarship.

Browse the Internet for organizations that offer scholarships for students who possess unique attributes. Check their requirements and find out whether you can qualify for their programs.

Regardless of what weird scholarships you wish to obtain, always remember that your weird talents and distinct personality can serve as your key to a better future.

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cwarden profile image

cwarden 5 years ago from USA

Scholarships like these are a great tool for students and their families. It's amazing how many unusual programs are out there! I actually took advantage of a few of them when I attended college and was shocked at how many there were.

bugslady8949 profile image

bugslady8949 5 years ago from The Bahamas

you did a great job on the hub, it can't help me I am in the Bahamas, it is hard to get a scholarship here. nice hub. I guess I am going to do some part time courses .

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