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Do you collect food stamps or cash benefits? If you do there is a good chance that instead of taking the actual paper food stamps to the grocery or retail store, you use a plastic ebt card to make your purchases. In fact, the food stamp program is no longer referred in this fashion, it is now referred to as SNAP or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. Those that receive benefits from the state can check their account information and balances online at the EBT Edge web site. Different states use different web portals to view their account balances. All states in the U.S. do not use the same portals, the states that use the portal at www.EBTedge.com, include Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont and Wisconsin.

EBT or electronic benefit transfer, is the mechanism or process that makes the facilitation and delivery of your food stamp or cash benefits work smoothly. Instead of using paper or checks when you go to the store, with everyone knowing that you are using state or federal supplied benefits, know one knows. You make your purchases with a plastic ebt card that works pretty much like a debit card. If there is a monetary value or credit balance on the card, then you can use it to make qualified and authorized product purchases. If your account is through this service, you can check your EBT Edge account balance online at www.ebtedge.com.

www.EBTedge.com Website Information

Many people would like to be able to quickly sign in to their account and find out when their monthly benefit value has been deposited to their ebt card, what their card balance is at that moment in time, view their food and purchase transactions and to able to contact customer service with other types of questions about their food stamps or cash benefits from the state. At their internet portal you can get this information by using the long number off of your electronic benefits card.

When you visit their official website, you can get direct access to your EBT information.

EBT Cardholders can:

  • review transactions
  • view their card balance
  • get helpful tips and hints

EBT Merchants can:

  • clear vouchers
  • access documentation
  • view reports, and more

Child Care Providers can:

  • access and view documents
  • view transactions and deposits

One place to find out which website portal you would use to check your ebt card account online, depending upon which state you are receiving benefits from, is at

Customer Service: If you are having trouble accessing your account on their website, here are the customer service phone numbers by state.

Customer Service
New Hampshire
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Dakota

Disclaimer: The content of this page is not affiliated with the company names or products discussed, listed, presented or shown. The information provided is for general information purposes only and without warranties of any kind. Company names and products shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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Comments 39 comments

ronald coker 5 years ago

check ebt balancce

belen 5 years ago


courtney 5 years ago

jenna for your information all the people that receive foodstamps are not unemployed some people just need a little extra help to make the ends meet. and guess what taxes are taken out of their checks as well. and you need to be careful what u say because u never know what circumstances may come your way

murdock 5 years ago

Yes, Jenna. Grow up. It is with a sad heart that most people register for food assistance in the first place. In my experience, those who take time out of their schedule to whine about where taxes go and come from have next to no real knowledge of either. EVERYONE, even tax exempt folks, pay for food stamps unless they are not employed.

Everyone needs a little help now and then. Show me one person who's never been helped in any way, shape or form, and i'll show you a liar.

GOD BLESS this country for pledging to help those in need. I am working mad hours to feed my family of 3 and these benefits make it possible to finally breathe easier when I sleep until my wife is ABLE to find a job in this horrible economy.

LINDA 5 years ago


judy 5 years ago

that is not necessarily so, linda. i have never tried to buy food stamps from anyone. my husband and i are having a horrible time finding jobs because of the economy. we came to ariz to care for an elderly parent. She cant even get help. we are raising a grandchild since birth who is now 10 yrs old and of course in school. we have never in our entire life asked for help from the government. we have worked and because we are in our early 60's, no one wants to hire us for anything. we are perfectly healthy, but evidently employers think if you are over 50 you are old. not true!!!!! We have been waiting 5 and a half weeks for food stamps, nothing yet. Maybe the govt needs to wake up and let these employers know that people over 50 are somewhat smarter and more dependable than most younger people.

Chelee 5 years ago

Reading everyones comments are really sad, if I may say so myself! I'm a 22yr old black female w/a 5yr old daughter, and me and my 3 siblings were raised by our grandparents, off of NO government assistant. I didn't start receiving benifts until I was got pregnant with my daughter! I can honestly say that I'm not sure how my grandparents made it, but the did, and there was a hot healthy meal on the table each and every night! I wish that I didn't need gov. Assistant but since I do, I'll make the best of it! But I pray that one day I will be above this life style!! Until theN I'll need all the help I can get! Real talk!

Miss.Monica 5 years ago

Honestly I think it's so pathetic of people who think they are above those such as myself who needs assistants because of their situation.But fail to realize they need help from someone too maybe just in a different form. But just know u lookin down on people because of their situation you are for sure gonna hit rock bottom one day and no ones gonna have petty for u. So for a suggestion for u how think you're money untouchable try findin a solution instead of addin ignorince to the problem.

Nacole 5 years ago

All I can say is God Bless those who have never had it hard. I look at my govt assistance as a hand up not a hand out. I'm a single mom of 3 who works as much as I can to provide what I can for my crew. If everybody did their part (ex. Dead Beat dads & moms) most of us would gladly not ask for govt aid. I'm striving for the day that I don't have to feel ashamed for having foodstamps. But until then I am gonna make sure my kids aren't hungry. Much respect to ALL SINGLE PARENTS / GRandparents out there....u kno who u are!

ms chassidy 5 years ago

i receive food stamps to.and i am not ashamed.i work 40hours a week and have 1 son at home also a disabled husband.what i don't understand is how do you people on here have computers to write how hard you have it but you don't have food?SELL YOU COMPUTER AND FEED YOUR FAMILY

Ronald E Coker 4 years ago

Check Balance

Lisa 4 years ago

Jenna , you must not understand, I was the owner of my own business. Then met someone who seemed to be "outstanding" family oriented the perfect man .I was decieved by him. He told me he wanted to take care of me and my child and did not want me to work so I could raise my child and not rely on family or strangers. To get to my point. Well,he wound up abusing me with his hands his words and had a drug problem I had no idea about. I owned my own house the business and 2 cars. Now I am very sick,in and out of the hospital he is around $40,000 in arrears. I even waited 3 yrs after I left him to yake him to court. I have no child support, I am sick and I take care of my mother also. The dr.'s do not want me working I have no one to help pick up my daughter when I go into the hospital so keep your freedom and you should be thankful for what you have . I have nothing now, and the food is more important to me and I do not receive any cash assistance so keep your comments that are sarcastic to yourself.YOU DO NOT KNOW PEOPLES SITUATIONS. WORRY ABOUT YOURSELF.

carl vaughn 4 years ago

I am 55 years old and am currently unemployed. When I first received my EBT card my allotment was at $193.00 per month. This wasn't a great deal, but it really helped. I have worked and paid taxes for 40 years and when I became unemployed I decided I needed food stamps. After receiving my first unemployment check for $265.00, my EBT amount for a month was promptly dropped to $16.00 per mo. YES...$16.00 per month, and has stayed there. Luckily this feeds my small dog for almost a month. I still have to buy her food with my unemployment. Now I mainly live off of ramon noodles,butter beans, and iced tea. No milk, no protein, no sugar, or dairy products. Sometimes I do buy what my $16.00 will get and feed the dog Dollar General dry food at $3.00 a bag. I think not only is this a travesty, but it really borders on some kind of cruel joke. I know they are only supposed to help out, but I have to live on my unemployment check weekly. One big complaint I have is when Non-Americans with children mind you have an EBT card with several hundred dollars on it. I've worked hard all my life and can only get $16.00. I asked my case worker if I could donate it back to another family, and was told there is no form for that. The STATE OF ALABAMA should be ashamed by this. All I can say is THIS IS NOT RIGHT for a man in need to be slapped in the face like this. Thank You.

Miss Dee 4 years ago

just to check balance. Missing a whole $100.oo worth of stamps. thankful for the help wgat the *# happed? not a clue...

samantha fisher 4 years ago


what is left

passion-for-christ 4 years ago

I understand each of your views including Jenna. I would like to say that it is a blessing to receive assistance when you are in need of it for whatever the circumstance is. I do understand what Jenna is saying about complaining but what I do not understand is the stereotypical comment that was made. By the grace of God, I am only on here because of disaster benefits and will be soon be finishing my MBA and back at corporate America. You see each situation is unique and different. Let us allow only God to be the judge of man and may each man judge himself. May God bless each of you to rise above the circumstances. I am so happy that I sewed seeds to programs like feed the children, local churches, Haiti, Katrina victims, salvation army and Japan because now that I am temporarily in need of assistance my uncle Sam has stepped up to the plate hallelujah thank you Jesus!

DORIS FRITH 4 years ago


lina 4 years ago

be able to check case status via email

james davis 3 years ago

Trying to check my ebt card

MONROE JOHNSON 3 years ago




doris garzon 3 years ago

i having problems checking my balance via internet. there too many things that pop up.

temporary 3 years ago

just be thankful for what you got thought you may be down you want stay that way because i know the god is able to take care of his own

bobby jones 3 years ago

check balance

shannon 3 years ago


ksumerel profile image

ksumerel 3 years ago from Decatur, Alabama

We all need help at times. Losing jobs, pay cuts, an addition to the family, whatever! There is no shame in having to apply for food assistance, sorry snobs! Be careful who you look down your nose to, you may be in our shoes sometime! I am unemployed, I get $196 a week unemployment compensation and I am trying to raise two boys that eat constantly. I receive $186.00 per month in food stamps and it isn't nearly enough. That is approximately $46.50 per week. It takes every dime I have to pay bills, put gas in my car, etc., so there is very little for food. Needless to say, we eat a lot of Ramon Noodles and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The prices of gas, utilities, food and everything else has risen astronomically in the last few years; however, food stamps have stayed pretty much the same with very little increases. We have a lot of starving people in our country, there have been many times we have had no food in our cabinets. It isn't because I am lazy, on welfare or anything else. I have worked for the past 33 years, unfortunately, at times I have had to have help even when I did work and now because I cannot find another job!

rebecca 3 years ago

i have to have foodstamps i only get 600 va widdow pension a month i have brest cancer cant work i have a grandchild im having to rase i would love to work but cant

little greatful mama 3 years ago

My husbands hours got reduced, no more overtime, YOU WANNA KNOW WHAT'S MORE HUMILIATING THAN BEING ELIGIBLE FOR SNAP BENEFITS?? **NOT BEING ABLE TO FEED YOUR WONDERFULL CHILDREN HEALTHY MEALS EVERYDAY!!** cutting corners to keep the bills up to date is hard when it involves making less healthy food decisions for your family. We are blessed that our country has these helpful programs to supplement during ruff patches of life. GOD BLESS US EVERYONE

Rene 3 years ago

After losing my home, car and job. On top of that my mother passed away leaving bills, I had to try and get help from the county. I am a food stamp beneficiary. I am not proud of it, but I need the help at age 49. So, I went back to school and decided to do something about this system that is not designed to get help getting off. If you try and get off you are punished in Minnesota by the county taking your health care and food stamps. I don't get cash benefits. Don't get me wrong, I am very grateful for what I do get and with my student loans and some creative budgeting I have a roof over my head for myself and my cat of 9 years. So, when I graduate from school I will have an Associates Degree in Community Development. Hopefully I will be able to help people like me, who needed help, who used the help not forever, but as a means to an end. Some day I will be the hand that is held out to people who choose to ask for help becoming functioning citizens in society that can again support themselves without the help of the county. At my age I see people who are quite a bit younger that juggle their children, a career or job and school. I really admire and respect those people. I know without the help of the county I could not do what I am to get off the county dime. My mother, who in the 60's raised six children. My older brother has epilepsy and my father left in 1965 to be with another woman. He never paid child support. So my mother went to school, kept us in the home my father and her bought when things were good, and kept up the house payments all without the county helping. It was very hard for her and my siblings. Unnecessarily hard. My mother ended up managing a church for thirty years helping people less fortunate than us. So, now that I have been there and back two times over, it's time for me to help others less fortunate than me. Be very grateful for what I have. Stop looking at what others have.

mary poteete 3 years ago


anthony leslie 2 years ago

check amount

Susana 2 years ago

Check my food stamps balance, and my cash benefits.

Kinta Anrak 2 years ago

Check my cash benefit

chelle45 2 years ago

All I have to say is the least money I have to spend on food, the more money I can keep toward paying bills. Food ain't cheap and it doesn't help when employers are always trying to find ways to cut your paycheck . In this day and age, people can keep their pride while I'm rolling to the counter with a basket full of food.

Johne690 16 months ago

It'll also save a lot of cash and time for those on ggdgafcbbega

rogelia 13 months ago


detoniodixon 12 months ago

i wont too chech

Jose alfredo 3 months ago


Angeline barthelemy 7 weeks ago


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