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Florida Food Stamps

Looking for information on food stamps in Florida? www.MyFlorida.com/accessflorida/ is the official website for the food stamp, SNAP food assistance program in FL. You can prescreen, apply for benefits and access your account to manage, and make any changes or updates to your eligibility information.

If you are not sure if you will qualify for assistance, you can visit the website and prescreen or pre-qualify for food stamp benefits, cash benefits or other state assistance.

You can also apply online for state assistance programs like the FL food stamp program, (SNAP), cash assistance and more. Applicants and registered members can login to complete a previous application that was not completed or complete a recertification review online.

If you already qualify for and receive benefits, you can access your account online and manage your information such as, view current benefits, view account history and go to your ebt, electronic benefits transfer account.

www.MyFlorida.com/accessflorida Information

ACCESS Florida stands for Automated Community Connection to Economic Self-Sufficiency. Some of the key systems and sections of the website include Apply for Benefits (ACCESS web application), Prescreening for benefits qualification, My ACCESS Account online and the various community partners.

Prescreening: Before you go through the steps of completing the application and all of the forms, you can check to see if you may be eligible for food stamps, cash assistance or Medicaid. This can be a big time saver and convenience for many Florida residents.

Apply for Benefits: At the website you can apply online for food stamps and assistance, cash assistance and Medicaid. You can also rework, add comments to and complete an unfinished application. If you are not able to complete the forms online, you can request an Application packet or a Recertification Review packet.

My Access Account: Once you have applied and been accepted to receive benefits, you can login and sign in to your online account so that you can manage your affairs. You will be able to view your current benefits, food stamp assistance and cash disbursement amounts. You will be able to confirm what day or date your benefits will be available to you. You will also be able to manage other aspects of your benefit assistance account such as see a list of items or verifications that are still needed, keep track of how much food stamps or cash you should have received, keep up with your next review date and get into your EBT or electronic benefits transfer account.

Reset Password: If you need to reset your password, you can do so online at their website.

From their website you can also find a local customer service center and area offices. When needed, you can see the status of a reported change and report a change to your case online. If you have trouble, you can contact their Customer Call Center at 866-762-2237 to get help and answers to your questions.

Disclaimer: The content of this page is not affiliated with the company names or products discussed, listed, presented or shown. The information provided is for general information purposes only and without warranties of any kind. Company names and products shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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walter m. Light, Jr. 6 years ago

checking my foodstamp account

walter m.Light, Jr. 6 years ago

food stamp balance

DOLORES BEAMON 6 years ago


Tycia Walker 6 years ago

That is so true they really need a better system than just one phone

Julia 6 years ago

My purse was stolen 2 days ago and among things taken was my EBT Food Card, plus cell phone given to me by disability. Does anyone know how I can get in contact with these people to get a replacement card?

Please email me if you know @ artbyjake@aol.com

Thank you! Julia

G. Kronfol 6 years ago

I took someone to the food stamp office in Panama city Fl. the other day.We arrived about 15 min.early.There is only one handicap parking there.One of the workers parked in it.Workers all were parking in front of the building.Some workers were late as much 15 min.Before the door open the workers were sitting at some tables smokeing.After the doors open some workers were still sitting and smokeing.Why is it that people have to walk in smoke to get in a state bulding?Someone needs to take care of this matter.

Elzabeth Fernandez 6 years ago

would like to know where can i go shopping

otis lariscy 6 years ago

it's my understanding all food items bout w/food stamps are not taxable. this applys to soda, such as coke, pepsi, chek soda, others soda beverages. why are some businesses doing it and getting away w/it.

mr eddie ray west 6 years ago

at one time dept childern and familey services. will send you out a notice. to let you know that it is time for recertifed for the month. i did not recive any thing from the dept of childern familey services. they closed out my account.so now i have to go threw the whole process to get them turn back on. my issue is they made the mistake to not send out the notices. and yet they will cut them off and i have to wait for a longtime just to get them back. will they credit me for the time that i did not recive them for 10-6 2010.

samuel mckey 6 years ago

my food stamps didn't get put on my card

Elisa 6 years ago

How do you find your case number?? I can create a login without it and I have never received a correspondence from them except the card. I have no idea what my benefits are or how long they will last? Can someone help? There is no way to speak to a person on their phone line - it hangs up :(

David Callahan 6 years ago

Trying to sign up on-line for food stamps

jean robert servius 6 years ago

toactivate your my access account

christine 6 years ago

Iam unable to work due to a car wreck they keep denying me. I am in therapy and hopefully go back to work after the first of the year. But I feel like giving up.

sona 6 years ago

i misse my interview and i have to reapplied because my mail was sent to another adress nobody wants to help

Shirley 6 years ago

People that needs the food stamp can't get them but the ones that don't need them that's who they give them to.And that's isn't right.

nelda blaine 6 years ago

it says to sign in to access ebt information every time i do this it wont go through on the id or card number there is nobody out there that can help me either

Brian Enright 6 years ago

I completed an application online. I wrote down the number that I was assigned and proceeded to lose it. So now it has been approximately 2 weeks and there has been no sign of an answer. I even went so far as to think that maybe it didn't go through. Does anyone have a suggestion? I need to get food in the house as soon as possible!

michael blewett 6 years ago

Quite a few EBT cards do not swipe

marie augustin 6 years ago

food stamp

mike 6 years ago

does anyone know what to do if one month says status on hold while the rest says eligible

charles 6 years ago

lost my ebt card what do i do

profile image

LaLa181818 5 years ago

My frustration with the system is that the phone number which MUST be called in order to schedule an interview - or follow up on my case is NEVER answered. Instead, after listening to a long and drawn out menu (which no option applied) the computerized voice says "We are unable to take your call - Call back later" - then it disconnects. I placed no fewer than 50 calls per day during the last 3 weeks only to get the same end - disconnects EVERY time.

I finally called the Office of the Secretary for the DCF offices in my state and got the attention I so desperately needed.

phyllia BARTON 5 years ago

I recently moved from PA to Punta Gorda, and am having a hard time getting into the system because they will not accept my cell phone number.. I'm a former resident of Fla until hurricane Charley destroyed everything I had. PA was a temporary address until now. Yes, we need a better system than this.

Eileen Dewalt 5 years ago

Having trouble understand the system.. account was cancel due to getting my paper work in late.... but my account shows they received a fax on the 9th and my paper work was not due to the 12th.... talk to someone and they said they would bring it to a supervisors atten. I am only a single person and if I do not get it it will be ok but man if this happens to people with children it could be very frighting ...

KatK 5 years ago

Hey Guys.. When trying to get through on the EBT phones, just keeping hitting the Zero (0) about 6 times. I think the first two tries will tell you that it is an incorrect request. (but, it will take after that)

Laura 5 years ago

Getting the account info was easy to do but the logging back onto my account is quite difficult. Know any suggestions?And the landphones are always busy!!!! What am Ito do?!!!

Dianne 5 years ago

dcf should really be more responsive than what are because of the new systems they really think that they don't have to response to the phone calls, and that not right. We are people that need help consider. Thank You

Tonyav 5 years ago

Really my concern is for my Daughter, her boyfrien and my Grandson. Their food stamps have been reduced by $300 a month. I do not understand. There are people I know who receive food stamps that have no children live at home with their parents and they receive more then my Daughter. There is something serious wrong with this. My daughter as been honest never abused the system and $129.00 you expect her on a waitress salary to feed my grandson. My husband help the best we can but we are struggling as well and about to lose our home. I can't even offer her a place to leave something is very wrong with. Honest people get no help but people that lie get it all. I can't wish bad on people I am a christian women and that would be wrong but hurts me that my daughter deserves asst and can get it. I hope you people are never in this situation where you have a choice to feed you kids and you have to starve. so many wrongs in this world. I am on a mission to get her help and I will. but every person she has spoke to that does not care about them or my 2 year old grandson I have your names and God knows who you are and right at Christmas!!! From very angry mother that will get to boyyom of this!!!!!



larry meyer 5 years ago


5 years ago

If these state pepople take some long to answer phones and file neccesary paperwork in the data system, then why can't they hire more people that are unemployed, LIKE ME. I am good on the phone and have over 17 years of customer service experience. And I am know to get the job asap.

gisela estevez 5 years ago

apply for food stamps

Lawrence Tucker 5 years ago

My commen is this: i cannot comprehend why it takes so long to post the benefits to apersons account after being certified.I depend on the stamps,so I feel as if they should post after midnight,and not randomly duringthe day.

Miriam Menendez 5 years ago

I was fortunate to get some help with food stamps but it ends in April how do I go about in reapplying if I still do not have a job then. Doe's anyone know as I do not see anything on the the website to reapply?

nerlande alphonse 4 years ago

I need to see my acount

richard b becton 4 years ago

i just sent my new information in and if the paystubs very its because i work for manpower a temperary staffing agency

calvin 4 years ago

i have tried to log in to apply for my food stamps,to reapply as requested by dept of children&families.when i try to call by phone,i have to hold for ever i am instructed to call back later.i just get the run around.

andy thompson 4 years ago

I have case no and all other pertinent information. I am attempting to renew my food stamps and although all the info is correct, it refuses to let me in. I have tried calling and they keep telling me to call back later (automated) because they are all busy. What to do?

ooooo 4 years ago

this is a blog, only to help, if you need help with your case or have issues with people who work at these non existant facilities contact the governors office.......

needhelp 4 years ago

We did a review for benefits after 6 months, they told us we need to do a phone interview and to calll between 10am - 2pm before 14 June and we have been calling all day everyday and cannot get through. The line is Always busy!?! Why can't they call us?!??

patricia mullan 4 years ago

recived a new card cant get a new pin with numbers givenand being told no food stamps on card

blas medina 4 years ago

i am tryining to fine out if my card will work to day . or i have to wait

to the first .

Lilly 4 years ago

My family and I just became eligible for food stamps a couple of weeks ago...after a LONG 2 month process of trying to get them! So now it says that our food stamps for June and July were put on HOLD??? And we get so much on August 1st??? We need food stamps right now! I called and got through with them (which hardly ever happens) on Monday and the person I talked to said that it was a mistake in the computer and that she would send it to her supervisor, then we should get food stamps on the card within 24 hours. Well it's Friday...and still nothing! We need groceries sooo bad right now. I have 2 small children. Why can't anything be done?? I've tried calling all week and can't get through. Who do I call now???

Michelle 4 years ago

My only problem is change of information. After I've made a change and think all the information went in I later found out that I need to go back in to do the same thing the system is not taking the change that I've put in. And it's not saving it

martha 4 years ago

trying to report, I started to work temp over one week. I faxed on friday to inform them. I m out of food completely, can I use my card for Sept, or do I need to wait? I tried to go online and report changes, and see what amount I can utilize for Sept. cannot I forgot password, will not let me continue after 3 times. Is there an email address for them?

kimberley barnett 4 years ago

need fax number to fax to medicaid for pregnacy my ss and my information for pregancy please help 23 weeks

Lady D 4 years ago


Shirley Drouin 4 years ago

New at This

Can't get the phone to work. Can't access EBT account. anyone out there?

Raymond Arlozynski 4 years ago

I am trying to find out when the Feb. money is available?

Jacqueline Warner 3 years ago

My son and I receive foodstamps. He is in high school. I told them I receive some monies from his dad for support. I receive only $200 in stamps for him. I'm trying to find out since I'm not working why can't I receive stamps. Recently I've got a 3hour to 8hours a week job doing home health aide which ain't much and they deduct a dollar of my stamps. I know this lady with a school child, gets child support and receives 3 hundred and change in foodstamps. Can someone tell me why I'm not eligible for stamps. I don't understand this is four years now its very hard.

quon truong anh 2 years ago

Quo throng nah

Pissed OFF 2 years ago

I literately HATE their new website! I have been trying to re-new a denied Food Stamp application, which I have been receiving medicaid and food stamps previously.. I have to report changes and stupid website continues after accepting my changes, or freezes up will bring me to this stupid "error" with number and of course waiting on phone just is worse pain in the BUTT! Lame.. I had s stroke in 2012, so my patience level is frustrated enough, without this BS! I have four children.. was an RN, yet can't now and my Husband and I have separated form ALL the emotional stress from my medical malpractice. why I had my stroke 4 months after our 4 th child was born.. I'm irritated and stupid error for me is worse. now,cause we didn't get our monthly benefits and has been now going on 12 days of $0 for food and doing our best! Just ticks me off that this wonderful Federal service does this and isn't their server issue either.. Think they intenionally push us over the edge, to make us stop.. Have had MAAAANY previous issues from DCF prior and this is just one more.. Their delays and website "error's" cause us to suffer more, when I have paid more than my share into the Government last 25 years. They need to get rid of these morons who make our application choices, as NOTHING had been changed from last time I re-newed! Idiots.. and Yet... My info had been altered.. thinking deliberately is why.. piss me off further. They keep messing monthly with my amount.. when supposed to be an exact amount and less, than originally given, which is and shouldn't be allowed!

Frances E.Merritt 2 years ago

I have gone around in circles trying to find where the site is for an application to recertify. I have called since then and was told an application would be mailed. Why is it so difficult if almost impossible to do this on line if that is what is suggested in the Notice of Eligibility Review. Also after one goes through all the prompts from a non-person why is an option to speak to a real person impossible ? I hope I haven't tried to apply as a newcomer by mistake on this computer. Why does this have to be so confusing? All I want to do is to be able to have an allowance to have some food that is unaffordable to me otherwise. I don't want the "crown Jewels"

robert myers 23 months ago

why ha my food stamps been cut down so much when the only change is my daughter tiffany myers moved out? i still get just a little over a thousand dollars a month,my wife joyce myers only gets 16 dollars a month ssi. our bills for insurance,phon cable internet,electric,and propane for heating and cooling are the same as is property taxes, and cost for cleaning supplies,pet food,hygiene and over the counter medicine we need. why such a big,big cut in food stamps we still are the two of us?

robert d.d. myers 23 months ago

again i ask,why have my wife and i been cut down so much in food stamps. we still have the same exact bill of property taxes,electric,phone,car insurance,trash pickup,and such. i used to receive 226 dollars monthly. i reported my daughter moved out the last part of feb and now i receive 72 dollars for the wife and me. why such a big cut in food stamps? my daughter never had any income when she was home,why so much taken away now obama taking another vacation in hawaii at our expence?

Marlene Menzigian 22 months ago

Lost my case # please text me so I can report changes I'm my living situation. 034 44 6862. 3/14 55

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