Modi Government in India after General Election 2014

The Modi Government

Most of the youngsters in India would like to see Narendra Modi as the next Prime Minister of India. He is a strong leader and has the will power to make the changes. His Gujarat model of development which everyone talks and criticize is promising. Those who criticize is shunning away from the truth and reality.

The reason behind everyone targeting Modi is because all are afraid if he comes to power there will be drastic change to India. The entire economy including the industries and stock markets are watching closely. As a youth of this country even I would like to see him as the next Prime Minister of India.

India is badly in need of a strong leader like Mr Modi.

Rahul Gandhi trying his best to become a real 'Mahatma' by fooling the uneducated and poor who never know what is going on behind all these and they don't even know how much the government spend for all these. He and his mother insisted all MPs to travel in economy class. they might have traveled in it, may be for a few days. After which they will use private choppers and air force planes.
We can clearly understand to retain a family in power all good leaders are laid down in congress party. There are many good leaders in the party who were sidelined only because of this. They know it is not that easy since many are educated now. Still many uneducated think Gandhi family is the descendants of Mahatma Gandhi.
Mahatma Gandhi traveled all over India, to know he poor, that to on a lower class train. But this VIP travel all over India with Z category security, with the money of common man. For what purpose. Who got the benefit of all these activities, Congress! As there is no prime minister candidate for his party and no courage to take the responsibility, he is fielding his sister into politics. These people talk about the what is not there in Gujarat. Gujarat is not the only state in India to talk about, there are many other states. People who have visited there knows the prosperity the state. All talk about riots in Gujarat, there were many riots before and after 2002 Gujarat riots in India. When the same question is asked Mr Gandhi will make baseless comments like Gujarat government endorsed the riots. Sikh riot is one of the bloodiest riots, more than 8000 people died, which happened in India and everyone knows who endorsed it.


Minority and riots

And Mr Gandhi who always speaks about minority should also know that Sikhs are also minority as the entire population of Sikhs are less than 5%. Christians, Pharsis, Jains, Buddists all exist in this country and as they are not a vote bank he is not stressing on them and not giving seats to these sector.
We the youngsters of India would like to see a change and strong leader, not a puppet. India cannot bear to see another term of UPA which boast only one thing, RTI and right for work. RTI is good, but has to say right to work is pure waste of tax payers money. Nothing should be given free, if done so will loose its value. For mere vote bank economy of the country should not be kept as a stake.
During my teenage years I thought India will become a developed nation by 2020 but that is never going to happen unless there is a change.

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The AAP chapter

In recent years people saw the formation of a new party lead by Aravind Kejriwal, Aam Admi Party (AAP). They formed the Delhi government with the outside support of Indian National Congress. After the formation it was a complete chaos. The chief minister himself was behaving like an anarchist who was sitting for a protest in Delhi, which was a complete insult to the constitution of India.

The law minister himself manhandled foreign nationalist, that too women. He alleged they are using drugs which there were unable to raid. As per Indian law a premise which is resided only by women needs a warrant to be searched and at night a woman cannot be arrested without a warrant. This is the reason for chief ministers protest stating the commissioner of Delhi police denied to disobey the Indian constitution.

The same law minister is alleged five years ago for an electronic spam generating company.


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soumyasrajan 2 years ago from Mumbai India and often in USA

nice article Athul.

"He is a strong leader and has the will power to make the changes. His Gujarat model of development which everyone talks and criticize is promising. Those who criticize is shunning away from the truth and reality."

I agree with you on this and other points too.

pramodgokhale profile image

pramodgokhale 2 years ago from Pune( India)

I agree but Indian people participate his development programs as Gujarat wholeheartedly supported and got benefits .

He received awards from congress ruled central government !!!

pramod gokhale

soumyasrajan 2 years ago from Mumbai India and often in USA

Thanks Pramod. During last few months organized manner in which he has campaigned is it self enough proof that he is a great manager. We need today that type of person for PM. Let us hope he and his party bring much needed strength to our country.

athulnair profile image

athulnair 2 years ago from India Author

@soumya: Exactly Soumya. We need a strong leader who has the strong will power to make the changes in this country.

soumyasrajan 2 years ago from Mumbai India and often in USA

yes Athul! It looks like now that he is going to be PM. let us hope he brings much needed changes in our country. No doubt he is capable of doing wonders. Way he has managed this election that it self is enough proof that he is a great manager and administrator.

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