Solar Power and Solar Desalination and Disinfection

There are many parts of the world aware rainwater is not a law tree that the people in that area afford.  Many Third World countries have trouble keeping their water clean from diseases and and purity's.  Solar power can help the struggling nations by using solar desalination and solar disinfection.  With the use of solar power these communities can produce drinkable water and water clean enough to use in household activities.  They are able to take a bath, use the water to clean and disinfect, and use a water to cook.

Pooling water often well be used to desalinate or disinfect the water.  The negative thing about doing this is that you use energy.  You would have to use would do build a fire, use propane or gas, or use electricity to heat the water up to make a pure.  The people in the Third World countries do not have the luxuries to do this.  To use fuel is to use money and money is not something that these communities have a lot of.  Using solar power to desalinate or to disinfect the water is a lot easier and does not use power except from that of the sun.

To desalinate water a solar powered desalination pit could be used.  The concept is quite simple.  A container of and pure water is put into a pit.  A piece of plastic is then stretched across the pit with a weight placed in the center the wait will cost the plastic to ban toward the container in a cone shaped.  As the sun heats the water the water bowl of rapid rate and condensed through the plastic pair hear the water can be collected and used.  The water will be free from salt or from any other types of debris that might cause sickness or death.

Desalination can be accomplished in a very large-scale and if enough pits for use this can supply clean fresh water to needy communities.  It is not the death of the container that is important but the width.  You want to container deep enough to have enough water to go through a days worth of evaporation but not shallow enough where all the water row will evaporate before the day is over.  This may take some trial and error to make sure you get the most water on a given day.  The container should be put in the pit deep enough to allow the condensation to take place but not deep enough where the movement of the sun will cause a shadow to go over the desalination pit.

The used by many countries in desert areas, this solar power technology is something that anyone can use.  The user must make sure that the plastic is clean to start out with and that the condensation is collected quickly.  The condensation could be a breeding ground for insect larva is for other impurities that will land upon the plastic are on the water on top of the plastic.  The ideal place for desalination pit is usually an open space away from trees or other objects like buildings that might shape the pit.  Also the builder of the desalination pit should make sure there are no animals such as livestock or domestic and pets that will run through the pit and contaminate the water.  Animals are attracted to water and sewer and six if the pits are put into a dry climate.  Things like spiders, flies, and mosquitoes need to be monitored so they may do not lay their larva in the water on the plastic or the plastic itself.




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