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 I have been reading an article that was posted on Yahoo News. And I have to state that I'm just baffled that any Judge or even the U.S. Justice Department would even condone such an act.

In Port Chester NY (by my understanding of the article) each voter can have up to six votes. Which means one person can vote for the same man up to 6 times. This is supposed to "help boost Hispanic representation". Since when is that Constitutionally viable? Or even legal? The article states that this "village" (yes they call themselves a village) population is nearly half Hispanics!

Our own federal government stated in 2006 that the existing election system was (and I quote) "unfair".  So they are now voting for "Village Trustees". Which as stated in the article that until now the 6 seats were voted on in a "conventional setting" and that before this new wave of voting that the voters were nearly white and that white people always won. Whose fault is that? If the Hispanics in the "village" didn't care enough to vote before why is this a big issue now?

Our United States Constitution clearly states "ONE MAN ONE VOTE". If the Hispanics want a voice in their own "viallge" then they should have stepped up to the plate long ago and used their voting voice to elect someone whom they deemed viable to support them. Not have our Government install such a rediculous system which is UNFAIR.

What's to happen next? Are we going to start having more than one vote on Presidential elections done the same way? When subsequently our votes largely don't matter anyway since it is the Electoral College that actually determines who the winner will be anyway?

I mean what are your thoughts and opinions on this matter? Do you think that one person should get up to six votes?

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