2012 Candidates - Possible Republican Presidential Candidates

2012 Candidates - Possible Republican Presidential Candidates

Gallup held a poll on possible 2012 Republican Presidential Candidates. Many people wonder who might actually run. There may be many Presidential hopefuls, but Gallup chose the most likely to run.

The list is a short one and not all candidates have even said that they plan on a run for the White House.

I have the 10 people that Gallup placed in their poll.

The obvious possible presidential candidates for many Republicans in 2012 have been Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, and Mitt Romney. They received the highest amount of votes on the Gallup Poll of the politicians Republicans would most like to see make a run.

Who else made the Gallup Poll of possible Republican presidential candidates?

You Vote!

After reading and learning more about each of these possible candidates you have the chance to voice your opinion and vote for the possible candidate you think is best to handle the job.

Polls on This Page:


Possible Republican Presidential Candidate for 2012 #1 - Sarah Palin

The hazel eyed governor of Alaska, as we all know was John McCains running mate in 2008. She fought some hard battles in her state that have involved her taking on members of her own party.

She was not only Alaska's first female governor, but is also the youngest person to be elected governor of Alaska.

Palin broke with her party endorsing a bid to unseat representative Don Young & challenged Ted Stevens to come clean on an investigation into his financial dealings.

Possible Republican Presidential Candidate for 2012 #2 - Mitt Romney

This former governor from Massachusetts made a run for the White House in 2008. Let's see what his plans are for 2012.

Mitt Romney was CEO of a management consulting firm called Bain & Company. Then going on to be The 70th governor of Massachusetts.

He entered office with a 3 Billion dollar deficit, but through spending cuts and removal of corporate tax loopholes had a $700 million surplus and was able to cut taxes.

Which of the following best describes you?

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Possible Republican Presidential Candidate for 2012 #3 - Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee is the former governor of Arkansas, who also found himself after the 2008 republican nomination. Finishing second to John McCain in the republican primaries. Since then he has found a home on The Fox News Channel.

He has also had a great preaching career. That has included working with James Robinson.

Huckabee is a prime example of what the GOP should stand for. He stood up against racism and anti-semitism. He opposes gun control laws and believes in the right to carry a concealed weapon.

After the 2008 loss to McCain he was quoted saying "I'm not ruling anything out for the future, but I'm not making any specific plans".

Books on Mike Huckabee

Possible Republican Presidential Candidate for 2012 #4 - David Petraeus

General David Petraeus is a highly decorated serviceman of the United States Army and a graduate of West Point. He unlike the other three on the list has yet to throw in his bid for The White House.

Petraeus has been involved in military actions since the 70's. He has authored many journals and reviews of military movements since 1983.

He has seen huge involvement in the war in Iraq. Although being one of the first foreseeing major difficulties following the fall of Baghdad. One of the Generals biggest achievements in Iraq would have to be the restoration and re-opening of the University of Mosul.

If there were a Tea party would you consider becoming a member?

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Possible Republican Presidential Candidate for 2012 #5 - Rudy Giuliani

Giuliani is a lawyer, businessman, and former Mayor of New York, who while in office experienced one of the worse things you could ever expect to happen during his stint as mayor. On September 11th 2001 the World Trade Center was struck by two planes piloted by terrorist.

Giuliani stepped right in, like any fine American citizen should.

Since then Giuliani has went on to run for the nomination for the Republican parties nominee for President of The United States, in the 2008.

Books on Rudy Giuliani

Possible Republican Presidential Candidate for 2012 #6 - Newt Gingrich

Former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives and author, Newt Gingrich is another favorite in Republican circles. He has had an extensive political career, but has also acted as a college professor at the University of West Georgia.

After leaving the house in 1998, Gingrich stayed within the realm of politics. Working as a political analyst as well as a Fox News contributor.

Gingrich had considered a run in the 2008 elections, but turned away after finding he would have to stop serving as chairman of American Solutions. He is now considering running in 2012.

Possible Republican Presidential Candidate for 2012 #7 - Bobby Jindal

Bobby Jindal is the current governor of Louisiana. Jindal is the first non-white governor to serve in Louisiana since P.B.S Pinchback during reconstruction and the first Indian American to serve in state wide office in U.S. history.

Jindal may have been looked at by John McCain as a possible running mate in the 2008 election.

During hurricane Gustav Jindal instated one of the largest evacuations in U.S. history. He ordered that the sick, poor, and elderly be bused out of town before landfall. His quick action was accredited as the reason Gustav only claimed 16 lives in the United States.

Possible Republican Presidential Candidate for 2012 #8 - Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush was the 43rd governor of Florida and the younger brother of former President George W. Bush. He not only had experience in politics, but also found himself in the fields of banking and real estate.

Bush has had vast experience in charitable work. He volunteered his time to United Way and helped form think tanks on furthering education policies.

In his administration Bush held up core values that true conservatives feel are essential. He also employed many highly qualified women, African Americans and minorities to top level positions more often than any other previous governor of Florida.

2008 Fox SC Republican Debate (Part 1/3)

Possible Republican Presidential Candidate for 2012 #9 - Charlie Crist

Charlie Crist is the current governor of Florida and Florida's former Attorney General. He obtained the office of Attorney General with support from people such as John Walsh host of "America's Most Wanted".

During 2007 Crist hosted his first climate change summit in Florida. At the summit Crist signed executive orders to reduce greenhouse emissions by 80 percent by 2050.

Crist is a supporter of low income families living at a locked in rate so that they may be able to downsize their living space or move into larger homes. He also supports the counting of all paper ballots in elections following allegations that votes were being under counted in black communities by computerized voting machines.

2008 Fox SC Republican Debate (Part 2/3)

Possible Republican Presidential Candidate for 2012 #10 - Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham is a senator from the state of South Carolina. Graham is the only U.S. Senator to have served in both the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts as a military attorney and advisor.

Graham was a graduate of the University of South Carolina graduating with a B.A. in psychology and also served in United States Air Force.

He often votes conservatively, but has often criticized the party line and is more independent minded than his colleague Jim DeMint. Graham votes as a conservative 90 percent of the time.

Graham supported John McCain's presidential bid in 2000, and served as national co-chairman of McCain's 2008 presidential bid.

2008 Fox SC Republican Debate (Part 3/3)

Gallup Poll

The above order is the order in which Conservative Republicans have voted for each possible candidate in a Gallup Poll as of November 2008. We may or may not actually see the people listed above as the 2012 Presidential candidate.

Below you have a some what similar poll. Just to see how each of us outside the Gallup Poll feels about these possible 2012 Presidential candidates.

As a Republican, Democrat, or Independent who would you vote for based on what you know or have learned about the people listed above?

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ruckaisawesome 4 years ago

Im tired of this crap. The media need to wake up. Ron Paul is the best choice candidate there is

Guest 4 years ago

The world needs peace and RON PAUL it is. Stop the nonsense killing of human beings for oil, you´re not helping anybody, you are just making it worse for everybody.

Allen 4 years ago

RON PAUL 2012, he's our last hope since JFK!

VALENTINE 4 years ago

its Ron Paul or guess there is no other contestant.

kem 4 years ago

Ron Paul the only one the government and the media is scared of. he wants less government control more state control and the government can't have that happen.

isi 4 years ago

wheres bloody Ron?

Oregon 4 years ago

Where are the other options??

casmere 4 years ago

Only 2 of those are running for the office. This is a joke.

voteordie 4 years ago

mitt romney is the best candidate here

Dj 4 years ago

Ron Paul!!! Otherwise I won't even vote.

william 5 years ago

where's Ron Paul?

I think Ron Paul would win the vote if he was given a chance.

Sam 5 years ago

Ron Paul is the best candidate by far. The author(s) of this article should be ashamed.

LILLY DIAMOND 5 years ago

How about **** RON PAUL ***** ??



citizen 5 years ago

came here to read the take on Ron Paul and he is not even in there..fail

Tim 5 years ago

Swede here and I'd give Ron Paul my vote every day!

Tom 5 years ago

Ron Paul!

cjm 5 years ago

Who is pushing for that guttersnipe romney??? Get him OUT of the race. And what happened to Ron Paul in the list of potentials? Where's Bachman's name? Seems as though there are mostly those who are NOT in the running listed...is this page for real?

Ian 5 years ago

Yeah. Where is Dr. Ron Paul??

Best choice by far.

Mike 5 years ago

Mike Huckabee is who should've been the canidate to run against Obama in 2008 in my opinoin

Tommy 5 years ago

Ron Paul looks like a good candidate!

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