2012, a Chance to Reassess

It's just a movie!
It's just a movie!

2012, a Chance to Reassess

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

With the world in crisis from both natural causes and conflict, one can’t help think of all the 2012 predictions. I choose not to believe the world will end, but I do feel that change will come in a dramatic way. After all, humanity would need some massive event to change, I believe. The hate and dissemination of fear and discontent cannot continue without dire consequence. Those in power are set in their ways and are leading us into darkness.

We must assess what makes us happy, what sustains us as human beings. For each one of us carries the responsibility of our kind, in allowing our circumstance to eventuate. The only way the world can survive is to realise that love and compassion are far more important than any physical aspect of life. This is our only redemption, our only course of sustainability.

As 2012 comes closer, we should think about what is important in our lives and give that more attention. Humanity has such potential, but we are taking the wrong road, making bad decisions. This must change.

End, a New Beginning

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

If world were to end tomorrow, what would be your regret,

Would you cling to your house, your car or your job,

is it your loved ones you’d so easily forget?

It’s not until crisis touches our lives we realise our fears,

and reach for the things that matter, amid self-pity and cleansing tears.

For the aspects of life we focus on can be a petty and shallow heart,

when love and people who matter have been everything from the start.

Interesting how we lose ourselves in the day to day routine,

And give credence to all the physical when love is all we need.

I hope our world sustains us still even though we’ve strayed so far,

And love becomes our focus now to face the coming dark.

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