2020 the new America; Prelude

2020 the new America; Prelude

It’s 2020, the 12th year of the Obama Regime. The Constitution, the document by which the country was governed for the first 232 years is now all but forgotten! The Supreme Commander, Barrack Hussein Obama suspended elections during the weaning months of what was his second term as then President four years back in 2016.

There are still pockets of resistance hiding in the western mountains of Wyoming, Nevada, Utah and North Dakota along with the southeastern states of Kentucky and West Virginia as well as the marsh lands of Florida and Louisiana. These bands of patriots surfaced early in 2014 when the Regime first came for the guns! Early on they were known as the Rebel Alliance but numerous assaults by the Regime’s Imperial Guard have all but wiped them out. The once proud United States Military was dismantled midway during the second term of the Regime and replaced with the Imperial Guard; by Imperial decree they alone are allowed to carry weapons!

All citizens are now subject to the Imperial Decrees of the Supreme Commander Barrack Hussein Obama and all other previous forms of what once constituted the Rule of Law have been abolished. All courts have also been abolished including the Supreme Court; along with the House of Representatives and the Senate. The House and Senate have been replaced with the House of Czars; each handpicked by the Supreme Commander; as such, they are subject to the Supreme Commander alone!

Pete Stone, Mike Black and Bob Blank lead the three remaining factions of the Rebel Alliance; Stone in the West, Blank in Kentucky and West Virginia and Black in the marsh lands. They have developed an ingenious means of communications using eagles as carrier birds which were found and trained from birth by Stone. Their daily existence is perilous as the troops of the Regime are constantly searching for them so as to carry out the fatāwās issued by the Supreme Commander against each of them and their men. Barrack Hussein Obama has shed all pretense of Christianity and in fact has established Dhimmitude: the Islamic system of governing populations conquered by jihad wars, encompassing all of the demographic, ethnic, and religious aspects of the political system. The word "dhimmitude" as a historical concept, was coined by Bat Ye'or in 1983 to describe the legal and social conditions of Jews and Christians subjected to Islamic rule.

Word has leaked out that the Supreme Commander Obama is working with the leaders of Iran, Syria, the newly established Islamic Republic of Iraq, Egypt and Libya to establish aCaliphate with the Islamic Republic of America as its’ head. A Caliphate is the Islamic form of government representing the political unity and leadership of the Muslim world. The political authority of a Caliph as head of state of a Caliphate comes from the fact that he is seen as a successor to the Islamic prophetMuhammad.

As our story unfolds

Pete Stone, crouched in a cave somewhere high in Wyoming’s Sierra Madre Mountains, pens a note to his two comrades in arms. My dear friends, times are indeed perilous as word has leaked out the Regime is making plans to establish a Muslim Caliphate with our beloved United States as its’ head. We must meet to plan our strategy for fouling this insidious plan before it has time to take shape. I propose we meet in the Louisiana swamps; the location to be chosen by Mike Black. If you two are agreeable please send reply via Liberty, my trusted eagle courier; regards Pete Stone…….

Chapter 1 the Meeting


breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 4 years ago

I am sad, frightened, ad totally caught up in what I hope remains a great work of fiction. These are very troubling times and your writing echoes thoughts I have had but preferred to keep to myself. Up intersting and awesome.

Partisan Patriot 4 years ago Author

Thanks Pop

When did Hub Pages stop notifying regarding comments? Guess I've been away so long they changed and I wasn't aware of it!

Old Poolman profile image

Old Poolman 4 years ago from Rural Arizona

PP - This a new style for you, and should make for interesting reading as the chapters evolve. The scary part is this may not be as much fiction as most would like. Let's hope this is not just a real glimpse into the future.


The Frog Prince profile image

The Frog Prince 4 years ago from Arlington, TX

Great writing. People really do need to read 1984 by Orwell. Prophetic? Power huingry people will do anything to maintain power as history has shown us many times.

Great work PP.

The Frog

justateacher profile image

justateacher 4 years ago from Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Near Oz...

Can't wait to read more! You've got my attention! Great work!

Sooner28 4 years ago

In this story, Obama is a Muslim who takes away everyone's guns and establishes a Caliphate. You have entered paranoid Tea Party land.

This sounds like the rantings of a Glenn Beck type, or perhaps Rush Limbaugh, since he refers to the Obama administration as "The Regime." It would be nice if you could do a better job of hiding the fact that you calling Obama a Muslim is based of his skin color, and not the content of his character, but sadly your emphasis on his middle name shows you are doing exactly that.

Ah well, it is supposed to be fiction right? I guess you have very much accomplished that goal!

sen.sush23 profile image

sen.sush23 4 years ago from Kolkata, India

Sometimes fiction turns out true, as has been shown, but then those were really very much more evolved than the popular images - like those of Jules Verne. I am not sure how much it helps philosophic discussion or fictive form to build on personal paranoia. Muslims are not the greatest threat to the free world.

Partisan Patriot 4 years ago Author

Thanks Pop

Unfortunately this may be fiction but it is somewhat based on fact; Hitler first came for the guns; gotta disarm the population before you grind them under your thumb.

I must have reached a few Obama Apologists because one of them has already resorted to calling me Racists; after all who would dare challenge him but Racists, right?

Partisan Patriot 4 years ago Author

Thanks justateacher and welcome; hope to see you back here again!!!

Partisan Patriot 4 years ago Author

Sooner 28; what would you sooner be; I know an Obama Apologists!

You are correct I do listen to and admire Glenn Beck and Rush; but who are they when compared to a Community Organizer. They are mere commentators while your guy basks in the Sunlight of such other Community Organizers as Rev. Al or the Reverend Jackson!

As for you other ludicrous assertion that my criticism is based on Race; GET REAL! I despise all Socialist whatever their skin color.

I suggest you read a former hub of mine “Socialism Comes in all Colors!”

Partisan Patriot 4 years ago Author


You are somewhat correct; Muslims are not the greatest to the world; Barrack Hussein Obama is? But Muslims have allowed their religion to be Hi-Jacked by Zealots!

geordmc 4 years ago from Beliot, Wisconsin

PP this sounds more like prophecy than fiction. SCARY, We should all be on guard to make sure this doesn't happen. Voted UP and awesome

Partisan Patriot 4 years ago Author

Thanks geordmc

Unfortunately it is based on what I see happening if this Regime gets 4 more years!!

Old Poolman profile image

Old Poolman 4 years ago from Rural Arizona

PP - It is interesting how anyone who disagrees with Obama's policies is "Playing the Race Card." It has nothing at all to do with the economy, unemployment, gas prices, healthcare, contraceptives, gun running, illegal appointments, etc. Nope, any objection has got to be racial in nature. Give me a break people.

Sooner28 4 years ago

Socialism does come in all colors. But why is Obama a Muslim trying to establish a Caliphate in the story?????? Do you believe Obama is a Muslim?

Partisan Patriot 4 years ago Author


I believe Obama is indeed a Muslim; why else would he bow to Muslim Kings, charge NASA with reaching out to the Muslim World and give speeches while on his great American Apology tour quoting from the Holy Koran (as he put it) all the while describing the Muslim call to prayer as the most beautiful sound in the world.

As for his attempt to establish a Caliphate; that's what devout powerful Muslim leaders do!!!!!

Brenda Durham 4 years ago

You're right, Partisan Patriot.

Thanks for this eerie but very-possible warning of things to come if Americans keep ignoring the soft tyranny that Obama has already imposed.

Partisan Patriot 4 years ago Author

Thanks Brenda

this is the make it or break it year; re-elect this Regime and they could very well refuse to leave in 2016 or the damage they do before then will be irreprarable!

Brenda Durham 4 years ago

I'm wondering if it's not already irreparable. I hope to God it's not.

Partisan Patriot 4 years ago Author

You are correct Brenda; Divine intervention may very well be our last hope!!!!!!!!

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