2G Case - Wrong observations by the Supreme Court

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2G Spectrum Case

Supreme Court judgement on 2G accused persons has come as a shock
Supreme Court judgement on 2G accused persons has come as a shock | Source

2G Spectrum Case

Granting bail to 2G accused

While granting bail to some persons allegedly involved in the 2G spectrum scam, Supreme Court has observed that these people should not be denied bail simply because of people’s emotions. Earlier, the Special CBI Court and the High Court Delhi have denied bail to the accused, stating that they could influence the witnesses as 2G spectrum case involves a siphoning of huge money. But now Supreme Court has observed that people’s emotions should not be a reason for denying the bail to the accused. In other words, the Supreme Court has hinted that the Delhi High Court and the Special CBI Court have taken people’s emotions as the reason for denying bail to the accused.

People are angry with the corrupt politicians

This is far from truth. First of all, people are not at all emotional about granting or denying bail to the accused. Most of the people welcome denying bail to the accused. People are really angry against the corrupt political leaders who siphon off billions of rupees belonging to the people. That is why, even a semi crack like Anna Hazare is able to attract a huge crowd of following for his comic protests against corruption. If the Supreme Court thinks that people of India are boiling over denial or granting of bail, it is mistaken. For the people, a solution to catch hold of all these dirty politicians who siphon away their money will be a welcome change. But right at the moment, the solution seems to be out of sight.

Were the reasons given by the Delhi High Court and CBI Special Court wrong?

Delhi High Court and the Special CBI Court have clearly stated the reasons for their refusal to deny bail to the accused including Kanimozhi, daughter of the former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and DMK President Karunanidhi. But the Supreme Court has not commented about these reasons advocated by the Delhi High Court and the CBI Special Court. Does the Supreme Court consider that the reasons advocated by the Delhi High Court and the CBI Special Court are wrong? Does it think that persons like Kanimozhi will not influence the witnesses if they come out of the jail on bail? If so, what is the reason for its confidence?

What is the reason behind the Supreme Court’s comments?

People are entitled to know the reasons for the observations of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is also stating that the decisions should not be based on people’s emotions. But when a case came before it about the illegal 69% reservations policy being followed by the State of Tamil Nadu, the Supreme Court avoided giving any judgement and instead referred the case to the Backward Class Panel of Tamil Nadu. Why? The Supreme Court could have ignored people’s emotions and given a judgement in that case. Why did it not do it?

Will Supreme Court ignore the emotions of Kerala people?

The Supreme court says that judgements should not be based on people’s emotions. People of Kerala are emotional on the safety of Mullaperiyar dam and are protesting for its reconstruction. Will the Supreme Court ignore people’s emotions and give a judgement against Kerala in favour of Tamil Nadu?

Why was bail denied to Hasan Ali?

In fact the Supreme Court itself had denied bail to Ramalinga Raju of Satyam Computer after the Andhra Pradesh High Court granted him bail in October last year. Supreme Court stated that Raju could tamper with witnesses if granted bail. Then why has the Supreme Court behaved differently with the 2G accused? In fact comparing to the 2G spectrum scandal, Satyam Computer scandal was nothing. 2G spectrum scandal involves siphoning of people’s money amounting to a huge Rs.176000 crore. Satyam Computer scandal involved siphoning of shareholder’s money much less than the 2G scam. When the Supreme Court showed seriousness with regard to Satyam Computer Scandal, should not the same sort of seriousness be showed in 2G spectrum case also?

Why was bail denied to Hasan Ali?

Bombay High Court granted bail to Hasan Ali. Supreme Court intervened and cancelled the bail, stating that witnesses could be tampered if bail was granted to Hasan Ali. Then why behave differently in the much more serious 2G spectrum case?

You too Brutus?

Supreme Court has also observed that the 2G accused may be spending more time in jail than their punishment could warrant. In other words, the Supreme Court has, now itself, decided that the punishment period for these accused may not be so severe. This is a shocking news. Some of the accused have been slapped with accusations of concocting plots that could invite life imprisonment for them. When such is the situation, how can the Supreme Court determine even before the case is over that the punishment period for the accused will be less than the time they spend in jail now before the trial is over? Does it not violate all canons of justice? Does it not give an appearance that the Supreme Court has already determined the quantum of punishment for these accused? Justice should not only be provided, but it should be seen to be provided. Now the Supreme Court judgement has only arisen suspicion in the minds of the people. Already they are suspicious about the CBI. People believe that the CBI is conducting the case very weak. For example, it raided on the houses of Dayanithi Maran after many years of the accusation. It let Quottrochi, Sonia Gandhi’s family friend to escape. People had a firm belief that the Supreme Court is monitoring the 2G case and will ensure justice. Now the Supreme Court judgment has raised the eyebrows of the people. You too Brutus?


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