4th weekly PIP-POP Hooray Awards.


Welcome once again to the 4th weekly Pip Pop Hooray Awards acceptance speeches; let's begin the show by welcoming Secretary of State Hillary Clinton up to the stage. Thanks you so much for this esteemed recognition. Not since the discovery of that famous Blue Dress have I been as pleased with an announcement; yes the receipt of this award ranks right up there with the discovery of that Lewinski dress. But to the subject at hand, in order for you to believe I actually believe the United Nations is "the single most important global institution;" all I can add is for you to believe that requires a willing suspension of disbelief. Thank you anyway for this award; I will proudly display it on my mantel right next to my picture of Bill on which he inscribed Forever Faithful Bill!

Will our next winner, Christiane Amanpour please make your way to the stage? Thank you so much Darlings, for this humble recognition. Not since Bagdad Bob has anyone had a more difficult job of covering a Pig with Lipstick than I. Bagdad Bob’s Pig was Sadam and mine of course is the Imam; wheeew what a Pig!.Of course the taxpayers paid for the Iman’a trip overseas; it was an extension of Obama’s outreach program to Moslems. That interfaith jargon is just that; razzle dazzle, now you see it now you don’t Obama spin! If the Mosque is not built Muslims will murder Americans and if the Mosque is Built Moslems will murder Americans; either way Americans will die. That’s what Sharia Law calls for but that’s another story for another time which I hope will bring me another award. Finally this award has special significance for me; all those years as a CNN Reporter when no one was ever watching it is so refreshing to realize people are actually out there listening to what I read off the teleprompter.

Will Juan Carlos Ramirez; janitor for the Homeland Security Building please come to the stage to receive this award on behalf of the Homeland Security Department; please, please come forward, you can leave your mop propped on your chair. This award is for your department; let’s for the moment pretend you are the undersecretary for Homeland Security Cleanliness; which is next to Godliness.  Gracious; Soy Juan Carlos Ramirez pero usted puede llamarme Juan Carlos; excuse me I mean I am Juan Carlos Ramirez but you can call me Juan Carlos; anyway I am here to receive this award on behalf of my department. I really have no idea what all this means; I mean just what is a fugitive? I do however understand fully what an illegal alien is; that’s why I’m here. They told me if I showed up on Ms Napolitano’s behalf they would grant me citizenship so here I am. As for my fellow 506, 232 brothers, your time will come; just be patient, in the meantime enjoy the no taxes and free medical care. And remember whatever you do, do not let them trick you into showing up, no matter what they promise you! Gracious, adios amigos!

Wait a minute Michael; would you mind remaining in your seat, we’ll bring the award to you. I have just been informed there some reinforcement issues with the underpinnings of this stage and frankly we’re afraid the flooring just won’t support your massive frame. Anyway it comes as no surprise the position you took on the ground Zero mosque controversy. I only would suggest improving on your idea by adorning the top of the façade with Michael Moore Gargoyles from which the Jihadist could pour hot oil on the unsuspecting New Yorkers as they go to and from work; work from which the tax dollars were extorted in order to fund the Iman’s middle eastern fund raising trip. You sir are a Glittering Jewel of Colossal Ignorance, a disgrace to America and the Human Race in general and if a public stoning of your lard infested carcass were ordered I assure you there would be no loss of volunteers to toss the first stone; even Jesus himself may volunteer to toss the first stone! But having said all that here’s your Pop you Java the Hut Look Alike!

Pop, I told you please no public recognition for my misguided article in the New York Times. My colleagues already have started a Rob Cardillo relocation fund. Do you know what it’s like to be shunned? I of course still believe the New York Times provides the insightful elitist with all he or she needs to face the world each day and deal with the various rabble they are forced to rub elbows with. Soon, very soon Barrack assures us we will return to our Bourgeoisie based society in which we will once again be sheltered from the rabble!

So once again let’s conclude this presentation with our theme song:

All around the country the electorate chase the weasels

Come November election time, Pop goes the Weasels!


sheila b. profile image

sheila b. 6 years ago

I've read that Michael Moore says no one can make it in America. As I see it, if he can make it, anyone can make it. I do wish you'd kept him away from the rest of us, though. Who knows what's living in that greasy hair?

profile image

Partisan Patriot 6 years ago Author

thanks shelia

From the Looks of Mr. More he's made it just fine; definitely has found plenty to eat!

profile image

pcoach 6 years ago

Michael Moore has nothing on my "deliverance" buddies. Send Michael over to me for his next award. We'll do him right!

profile image

Partisan Patriot 6 years ago Author

Twang a Twang Twang Twang Twang Twang Twang Twang; hey Michael how about a canoe trip; perhaps a barge!

profile image

pcoach 6 years ago


Pamela99 profile image

Pamela99 6 years ago from United States

Why would Hillary make that statement? Would it help her become the next president? No, I don't think so. I'm sure she's not that stupid so there must be an ulterior motive.

The Hooray awards were very good although I find it difficult to even entertain the thought of being in the same room as that grease ball, Moore. I'm having a bit of difficultly in having any garnering any sympathy for Cardillo. I can only say, get a real job.

Thanks for letting us share in the interesting reactions of the award winner. Great job again.

SheriSapp profile image

SheriSapp 6 years ago from West Virginia

Good work. Remember, the last four letters of democrats is RATS, and this November is get rid of the rodents day (I stole that from someone else).

profile image

Partisan Patriot 6 years ago Author


Hillary is setting off trial balloons but the truth is ; it would be political suicide for her to challenge Obama; regardless how unpopular he may seem. Even thought she is still married to America's First Black President remember who they supported in the primaries!

profile image

Partisan Patriot 6 years ago Author


How true it is; following the 2008 election it seemed the RAT RACE WAS OVER AND THE RATS HAD WON but now there is a new breath of fresh air blowing through the sewer that is Washington D.C. and you know RATS can't stand Fresh Air!

breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 6 years ago

Do you actually spend time with these people?

partisan patriot 6 years ago


I spend virtual time with them!

sheila b. profile image

sheila b. 6 years ago

I just saw your comment to breakfastpop that you were on your way to Blue Street. So, I followed you home. But you weren't there. Are you lost somewhere out there in space? Hope somebody finds you. It sounded like you had something really good to say.

partisan patriot 6 years ago


I arrived but on the wrong day. I wrote the post on Tuesday and saved the draft for Thursday's publication but when I posted it on Thursday, it apparently tagged it Tuesday! Make sense; doesn't to me!

jiberish profile image

jiberish 6 years ago from florida

Partison, just a question......why are you trying to capitalize on POP's writing by copying her work then taking it to Blue Street? Having a hard time writing something original?

partisan patriot 6 years ago

Sorry Jib

Pop has indicated in the past she enjoyed my new format; piggy backing off her work. As far as Blue Street goes I was specifically invited to utilize this foremat; at least I thought that was what the invitation was based on.

Sorry if you don't like the foremat!

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