55 and Counting

Summarizing My Life

Earthquakes, Cold War and Segregation.

Sunday Mass, Confession and Catechism

Black Panthers, Busing and Impeachment.

Civil Unrest, the Watts Riots and Tranquility Base

The Bloods, The Crips and La Familia

Motorcycles, First Loves and Cigarettes

Beer, Wine, In Trouble at School

Fishing All Night, Catching Sharks with Balloons

Moving Away, Starting a New School, Making New Friends

Protestant Church, The Police and Probation

Parties, Drinking and Intoxication

Girls, Sex and Gestation

Commitment, Matrimony and Frustration

Work, Work, Work. No Time For Vacation.

You Did It To Yourself, No Relaxation

Empty Nest, Boredom and Grandchildren

No Retirement Ahead, Keep Working

Write to Make a Buck, But Not Having Any Luck

Look to Tomorrow, Keep Plugging Away.

Life Sucks.

(C) 2012 By Del Banks

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lrc7815 profile image

lrc7815 4 years ago from Central Virginia

I can relate! Good creative work here.

badegg profile image

badegg 4 years ago from Southern Appalachians Author

Thanks! It was a tired moment late last night. I was wondering how it would go over.

Ann1Az2 profile image

Ann1Az2 4 years ago from Orange, Texas

Man, you need to get a life! Pardon the pun. It probably wasn't in very good taste. I really did relate, but as I've gotten older, I've discovered life has a lot more to offer.

Well expressed.

badegg profile image

badegg 4 years ago from Southern Appalachians Author

You are probably right! Thanks for the comment, I wasn't in the best mood that day, but it got my point across.

badegg profile image

badegg 3 years ago from Southern Appalachians Author

Now reflecting back even more...life is going good. Jesus has been there the whole time molding me for what lies ahead. I am happy!

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