5 Signs That You Are Filipino

I am Proud!
I am Proud!

Filipinos are known in almost every country in the world. People know them and include them on TV, music, film and even games. At Youtube, there are also Filipinos gaining popularity. Below are five signs that you are a Filipino.

1. Rice People!

You eat rice at least once a day. Rice is the staple food in the Philippines. Rice alone is not enough. You often eat it with meat, fishes, egg and other dishes. You also have a rice cooker in your kitchen. You even fry rice for different taste and usually eat that at breakfast.


2. Nurses Here, Nurses There, Nurses Everywhere

You know at least one Filipino nurse. Or better, you have a relative that is a nurse and is working at other countries. Filipinos, most but not all, take up nursing course for an easy ticket abroad where high salaries are being paid for nurses there. Also, your cousin is deciding to take up nursing.

Most Filipino are working as nurses abroad.
Most Filipino are working as nurses abroad.

3. You Know, You Know Manny Pacquiao

You know the “People’s Champ.” You at least have watched one of his fights. He is the pride of every Filipino worldwide. Your family gathers in the living room and watches the “Pambansang Kamao” bring down a foreign fighter with a technical knockout. The next morning, you will hear his name from your Filipino officemate or classmate.

Manny and His Coach.
Manny and His Coach.

4. Po and Opo

Your mom or dad taught you to use these words when talking to elderly people. Po and Opo signifies that you show respect to the one you are talking to. Your mom and dad constantly remind you to say those words every time you forget that practice.

5. TV Drama Series / Teleseryes

Like most Asians, you watch at least one tv drama or as locally known as teleseryes. The whole family gangs up in the living room after or while eating your dinner. Most of the time, you feel sad for the female lead/main character. You felt happy, excited, sad, tensed and other emotions during watching such shows.

Comment below for you own signs that says you are Filipino.

You have to have a TV.
You have to have a TV.

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james trinidad 7 years ago

Not only that!!!! You are a Filipino if you listen to MP3 on your mobile where ever you are.

capt jack 6 years ago

you cover your nose when boarding a bus (middle east) and say "iiiiwwwwwww sober baho"

Esierra 3 years ago

You greet other people by raising your eyebrows.

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