Let's help America Communicate With Each Other Again

Let's start by saying REAL Christians pray for FALLEN and the FOOLISH.

Real Christian don't hide behind word phrases that cross up people....they hide behind the cross so the people want see the Christian.

You are waiting on the President to say the NAMES "Islamic Extremist" and "Islamic Radical Terrorist"
And the President is waiting on you to say the NAMES "Philando Castile and Alton Sterling"

You want me to change what I say matters....
I just want to be what matters to you when you say you gonna change.

You despise being POLITICALLY CORRECT..
I despise being POETICALLY CORRECT....so check this....BLACK is beautiful and BLUE is too....so there my WHITE friend is that good enough for you?

You want the Right to Carry...
I just want the Right to Care...

How can God bless America....when you ungodly blast Americans?

You wanna know what happened to ONE AMERICA?
I wanna know when was America ever ONE?

In conclusion....

The RNC stated that this ELECTION is a BINARY CHOICE.....we agree;

Black Lives or White Lives
Black Police or White Police
Male President or Female President
Your voice or my voice

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