A Lady called Wafa Sultan

A Lady called Wafa Sultan

Wafa Sultan some time in her life was a Muslim then she shed her colours and became something different, not a Muslim but mildly a Muslim Hater. But since always something good can be drawn out from even something looking bad, we have to study the accusations of Wafa Sultan she makes in her talk in a Synagogue in Toronto. The Canadian Jewish Congress National President Mark Wiemann became apologetic on her bursts of anger on the Muslims in her speech in the Synagogue. Let the president not be apologetic, Wafa Sultan has some substance in her writing in her book ‘A God Who Hates’, where she writes:

“Shouting has become their [Muslims’] hallmark and the main characteristic they use when they engage in conversation with someone whom they don't agree with. Without it they have no sense of their own worth or existence; without it they have no sense even of being alive. ... On top of shouting their way through a conversation, they have acquired the habit of shrieking, and they take pleasure in hearing their own shrieks. They believe that the louder they shriek, the more they prove they are right. Their conversation consists of shouting, their talk is a screech, and he who shouts loudest and screeches longest is, they believe, the strongest. They fabricate disagreements so as to give themselves an opportunity to shout. They seek contradiction so that they can scream. ... Islam canonized the Muslims' desert nature, and from that moment on they were unable to acquire new ways of communicating with others.”

I as a Muslim admit I daily hear these shouts and shrieks in talks from people of such caliber as the parliamentarians Zafar Ali Shah, Aabid Sher Ali of PML–N and even from prominent lawyers in Pakistan and such journalists as Haroonul Rashid when they can’t refute a point raised by the Shia, Peoples Party Senator Sayed Faisal Raza Abedi. And they are vehemently opposing Asif Ali Zardari. It is so easy for them to get flared up in the TV Talk shows when they are helpless in defending their leader Nawaz Sharif or Shahbaz Sharif or the Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhari due to lack of logic and their agenda is unhampered attack and to defend viz:

1. Attack Asif Ali Zardari – President of Pakistan, who is quietly avowing to build cities and flow honey and milk.

2. Defend Nawaz Sharif – a no body in Pakistan, not even a parliamentarian but chief of the party opposing Zardari, and through tricks and raising banners of revolts keeping him in the centre stage and in the limelight.

The other day Senator Faisal Raza Abedi of the Peoples Party proved Shahbaz Sharif was a Khwarji – an outsider to Islam for supporting Sipah-e Sahaba with their new name of Tahreek-e Taliban. The 600 page Fatwa of Dr Tahir ul Qadri called the Sipah-e Sahaba of Pakistan, Khwarji for suicide bombing city innocents and Shahbaz Sharif was seen escorting them and so was his State Law Minister Rana Sana Ullah and by these evidences, they became accomplice to Khwarji activity and by Fatwa, all of them became Khwarji. And so was the rule in Islam and it was strict.

And the cult of shouting and shrieking and trampling God’s injunctions in justice was a disease infecting all of Pakistan. And this was due to the general Muslims following the Fiqah laid down by the Student Imam, Imam Abu Hanifa and not one laid down by the authorized Imam from God, the Fiqah-e Jafaria. And unfortunately this Khwarji trend will continue till they revert to follow the Hadees-e Saqlaain of the Prophet SAWW as followed by Irani Ulema, the North African people, and most of all the learned Muammar Qaddafi. The Hadees-e Saqlaain says:

‘I am leaving behind two weighty things with you, one; Quran, and the other; ‘Itrati’ – my progeny carrying my smell. As long as you will hold on to the two of them you will not be lost and not get destroyed.’

But from the day one of the death of the Prophet SAWW their leader Umer Ibn al Khattab gave the slogan ‘Quran is enough for us’. On the occasion of the death of the Prophet SAWW, he had revealed this revolutionary trend of mind when he point blank said to the people, ‘Quran is enough for us, (we don’t need a last minute injunction) from the Prophet who is gone delirious’. (The Prophet SAWW had asked for the writing material to write in words to say of the headship of Hzarat Ali Als).

And as a consequence of it, surpassing the shouting and shrieking, they started producing suicide bombers, who blew the limbs of the innocent and blew the peace of the world. And the only remedy from this disease was that they reverted to comply with the Hadees of the Prophet SAWW in letter and spirit and gave up following the initiator of the slogan ‘Only Quran is enough’.

This foregoing admittance as the apparent conceptual support to Wafa Sultan is our necessity, but we pity her for the lack of respect and the non recognition of the finest man the world has seen in the person of Mohammad Mustufa SAWW and her not accepting him SAWW as her mentor and benefactor. And hampered by her short vision, not seeing reason and reality and criticizing that sacred and the holiest pious who was above all defects - that personality whose qualities and virtues cannot be assimilated in the vessel of wits and intellect, this lady is showing. We refer here to the following:

………..In a lecture in Toronto, the former Muslim woman Wafa Sultan claimed, “As a married man, Mohammed raped Aisha when she was nine; he was fifty-four.”

Tarek Fateh, Averroes Press, http://www.AverroesPress.Com:

The allegation that the Prophet Muhammad married Aisha in the year 624 AD when she was only a nine-year old girl is not new. However, the fact this controversy has surfaced on rightwing blogs, is something that has caught a lot of Muslims by surprise. It was sparked by a lecture in Toronto where the former Muslim, Syrian-American Wafa Sultan claimed, “As a married man, Mohammed raped Aisha when she was nine; he was fifty-four.” She further writes:

“The first moral question a person learns is the difference between the concepts of "yes" and "no" -- in other words, the ability to decide what to accept and what to reject. ... A Muslim lives his whole life and dies without ever having learned this lesson. Islamic culture has no clear concept of "yes" and "no." The two opposites are confused in a way that makes Muslims' behavior incomprehensible to others who interact with them.”

The Prophet SAWW, on whom God prides and remembers him with so many affectionate names, was married at the age of twenty five in a country where the trend in marriage was an early marriage. For twenty five years he was married and had Fatimah Zehra born from this pious lady in his house. Fatimah Zehra was pride of all the ladies of the world. The ladies of the world cannot have another Fatimah Zehra, no matter even if all of them pooled in their virtues and filled in, in one lady as a vessel of their choice to create an equal of Fatimah, their creation will be short of the virtues of Fatimah Zehra SUA.

Next to her, the glorious Prophet had such grandsons as Hasan and Husain - the Princes of Islam and the Princes of all the religions of the world, since no where is a match of them in elation and self purity, for whom God said, ‘they were leaders of the youths of Paradise’. Then the Prophet SAWW had his cousin and son-in-law, Hazrat Ali Als, who was so high of qualities and of knowledge that people doubted, whether he is God himself in the form of Ali. And the Prophet so wondrous of this Wali of God that he said, ‘looking at the face of Ali was worship’. That was the environment the Prophet of God SAWW had created around him for his chastity working all round.

Therefore the world when talking about the Prophet Hazrat Mohammad Mustufa SAWW should be on alert and should show manners and get to know a little bit about this great Prophet before voicing their estimations about him. It is the duty and the call of the dignity of the human race to show magnanimity in its dealings with this magnanimous of God. The Prophet SAWW never married for seemingly worldly pleasures, it was beyond the Prophets. His SAWW’s marriages were mostly to oblige the chieftains of clans to nourish their sense of pride. Aisha was taken as the third wife after the death of the first beloved wife Khadijatul Kubra – the lady of heaven. The first marriage after Bibi Khadijatul Kubra SUA was with Bibi Sauda, who was quite an elderly lady. And Aisha was married because her father wanted her married to the Prophet, since now was the chance to enter in relationship with the Prophet, the first dear wife was now dead.

Aisha, all evidences say was seven when her father pushed her to be married to the Prophet SAWW. For two years the Prophet disallowed her entering in his house till she was nine and says Aisha, ‘in the mean time my mother fed me with cucumber so that I grew fast into womanhood’. Aisha was so young and yet she never bore any child. And how could the Prophet have loved her with her that incapacity and have any relationship at her age of seven or nine. The lady Wafa Sultan should know our Prophet SAWW had knowledge of the futuristic things. If she does not know of it, here is one quote:

The Prohet SAWW said to Aisha: ‘You don’t be that on whom the dogs of Wahab will bark (for being on the wrong side).’ This was to stop her from rising against Ali Als. The dogs barked at her after twenty five years at Wahab, but still she continued to wage war.

And the accusations that the Prophet SAWW abused a child are fantasies bred in the mind of the short of arguments. The woman in Arabia grew faster than in other lands. One, at the age of nine of Arabia will beat one at the ages of fourteen from outside of Arabia, and Aisha was beautiful as well as strong and she lived quite an active life and must have been sturdier than nine. She even waged a war against Hazrat Ali Als, since she did not like him for some intriguing reasons. So the world ought to be at rest and need not bother their heads, no violation of norms could be taken up and conducted by the Prophet of Islam, whose life is full of justice and rectitude.

Then the concept of clear Yes and No is the very basis of Islam. The very Kalama, entitling one to call him a Muslim begins with the word La – No. That means the entrant to Islam has first to know what a No is and then he learns to say other things of faith. The lady Wafa Sultan is leveling allegation on the Muslims in general of having no clear intentions by not showing a clear Yes or No. This is again because of her incomprehensive nature into not understanding the traits of people. She cannot draw a broad line of demarcation accusing all the nations of the Muslims. There are peoples and peoples in the world and each has his own notion and ways of dealing with situations. In this regard I would say the Atheists are the worst culprits they cannot be cornered to accept any logic that was to convince them of the God’s existence unless they had seen Him with their own eyes, which cannot happen. So the Atheist will always remain an Atheist. The Atheist is like a slippery wet fish which you cannot hold in your hand, it will slip away. And by their use of yes and no in denying the existence of God, they will slip away even if trapped in by their own net of vision; they will break it and go to remain Atheist.

Afkaar-e Shia (Shia Thought)

Sayed Athar Husain


April 3, 2010

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