A Puppet In The Bush

A Puppet in the Bush.

Not that long ago

the Supreme Court
forced us to accept
a used puppet to entertain us
on the White House stage
built as a front for the addictions
of the wealthy
please note:
the box office is not across the street
in the park where a veteran sleeps
in a cardboard shelter
this four year show
was propped up by funds
from big business whose only interest
were in what the puppet wouldn't change
during his performance time
or would change by the choices
of his handlers
the hand of the Republican party
that filled this used puppet
with thier impressions and demands
and moved him to thier agendas
the public be damned
while the crowds screamed
for something more
something fresh
something that would amaze
but the mouth moved
the hands gestured
yet all that came out
was the same old tired rhetoric
that continued to hold us
on a frustrated citizen-ship
tossed by storms of doubt
watching just another puppet show
and wishing for a real man at the helm
who would stand up, for the people
and take the bows
we would so joyously applaud
it was long past time to ake the parties
out of governing serious matters
our independence depended on it.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~©-MFB III

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Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 7 years ago

You captured my sentiments perfectly.


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