A Review of Jon Benet's Short Life

She was a lovely little beauty queen and had already won several awards following in the footsteps of her mother Patsy Ramsey. Jon Benet had been born in Atlanta, in the great state of Georgia. When she was nine months old her family moved to Boulder, Colorado. Her named was created by using a portion of her father's first and second names to invent her own name. His first and middle names are John and Bennett. Jon's middle name is Patricia after her mother. Patricia had been Miss West Virginia in a 1977 pageant.

Some of the beauty contest titles that she had received are: Colorado State All-Star Kids Cover Girl, America's Royal Miss, and Little Miss Sunburst. She would have gone on to win the American Junior Miss or the Miss America pageant. But winning those contests wouldn't have been the really important -the significant thing, being alive, and having a chance to live her full life would have been the right and the best thing that could have happened.

She was only six years old during Christmas and she thought that Santa Claus was coming to see her for a special visit. She had told several friends and their mothers had over heard the conversations about the jolly Santa and that it was a secret. But what six year old can keep a secret and how were her friend's mothers to know it was anything but a child's fantasy. Santa Claus didn't visit her, but a monster did and he should get his due.


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