Meghan McCain: A Role Model for the New Millennium

Meghan McCain is a blogger, columnist and author of two books. She is also the daughter of former Presidential candidate and current United States Senator John McCain. She is outspoken politically and has made waves in the Republican Party with her ideas and beliefs that are not exactly in line with the standard party platform.

Meghan is the oldest of four children John McCain has with his wife Cindy. She at one time planned to be a music journalist and though her father's political activities seem to have drawn her in a different direction, she still has used her blog in the past and now her articles written for the website The Daily Beast to comment on fashion, music and more in addition to her observations and commentaries on politics.

"I am concerned about the environment. I love to wear black. I think government is best when it stays out of people's lives and business as much as possible. I love punk rock. I believe in a strong national defense. I have a tattoo. I believe government should always be efficient and accountable. I have lots of gay friends. And yes, I am a Republican."

Some people will say that in this age of the Internet where fame can be as close as one viral video away, that there is no need for role models since anyone can be a star. Others might say that role models are needed but that they just do not exist. I say to either of these just take a look at Meghan McCain to see why we do need someone to look up to and that indeed we do have that someone. Meghan shows us, especially us young ladies, that we can speak our minds while being taken seriously and still have fun and enjoy being young.

Meghan also inspires us to achieve our goals and seek to improve ourselves. She has not only become a successful writer, she has graduated from Columbia University having earned a degree in art history. She has become an in demand public speaker and was instrumental in helping her dad make up digital ground in the race with the much more cyber savvy Barack Obama. And she has looked great and been entertaining while doing it all.

Speaking of looking great, Meghan has also had some run-ins with evil women who want to bash her about her weight. Yes, I am talking about Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham, They do not like Meghan's forward thinking ideas, so they decided to make cruel comments rather than trying to have an intelligent discussion about issues. Meghan handled herself beautifully and came out looking like a true heroine.

One thing I really like about Meghan is her relationship with her father, Senator John McCain. Not only is there clearly great love between the two, but also a tremendous amount of respect. Though they clearly do not always agree on all issues, they never put each other or each other's opinions down. Senator McCain is also this way with his wife.

I did not vote for Senator McCain in the last election but if he had won I would not have been as disappointed I was when that last Republican slithered his way back in there for a second term. (Sorry, but he pretends to be from Texas so he should know we call snakes "snakes" down here no matter how deep in the grass they are.) Sometimes I wonder how Meghan feels about President Obama.

I mean, of course, she wanted her daddy to win, especially since they agree on many issues, but as a self-described Republican who is "liberal on social issues", she must certainly have reasons to approve of the job President Obama is doing. Of course, that Republican part of her probably can find some things to disapprove of as well!

"Eight years later, he decided to run for president again. Things didnt look great at first. His campaign nearly ran out of money. People were starting to say he didn't have a chance. But my dad never gives up."
"Eight years later, he decided to run for president again. Things didnt look great at first. His campaign nearly ran out of money. People were starting to say he didn't have a chance. But my dad never gives up."

I mentioned before that Meghan has written two books, but I did not mention how diverse the two books are. The first book she wrote was My Dad, John McCain. This book was written for children and told a daughter's story of the love she has for her father. I have to admit that though I may be a little old for it, I do own this book and re-read it from time to time. It is just such a wonderful work of love.

Her second book is called Dirty Sexy Politics . It is an autobiographical look at her time campaigning for her father and life on the campaign trail. It talks about the stuff you saw on the news as well as behind the scenes stuff you probably would not know about. Some reviewers didn't like it because it is written in a conversational tone, but that is one of the main things I admire about the book. It feels a lot like just sitting down with Meghan and having a chat. I say "Bravo!"

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