A Tribute To Four Students Killed At Kent State...1970

In a split second times 8 she was gone.

A tribute to four students killed at Kent State..1970

on October 7, 2002. ©-MFB III- All rights reserved

Oh, Allison we miss you
when we hear young mothers sing
as they rock their tiny babies off to sleep
for you were a child of rock
snatched away in sudden shock
and the thoughts of what you could have been
hurt deep!
Oh, Sandy when Spring flowers
bloom through gaps of April snow
we remember how you brightened up our world
always quick to lend a hand
quicker by the hand of man
back to Mother Earth, so early you were hurled
Oh, Jeffrey when we see
a young man holding his girl close
so full of life
and sharing a sweet kiss
we visualize the way you died
the girl bent over you who cried
and we grieve for all these years
you've had to miss
William...every happy guy
who has that dream caught in his eyes
brings a tear to ours
cause you once filled those shoes
dreams die hard when you are young
your dreams had only just begun
when fate declared that you'd
fall victim to your views
Yes...* "Flowers are better then bullets."
but flowers over graves now remain
though your lives were so brief
we have learned from our grief
May 4th's tragedy was not in vain.


*The quote "Flowers are better then bullets." was

attributed to Allison on the day before she was shot

and killed by the National Guard at Kent State.

She was quoted as saying it to a National Guardsman

as she was inserting a daisy into the barrel of his rifle.


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