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So this has been on my mind for some years now. I served in the military for a short term. Worked in the post office for the most part eight to five; and I studied my craft. When Veterans day rolls around I honor the fighters that went out and defended our country. Being in the military during a time of low activities in the 90's I had pretty much no chance of going to battle.

Now there were things that made me fearful I'll never forget being stationed in CA when Saving Private Ryan came out. We all took off to go see it on opening day. Now if you remember the first few minutes of that movie I'll just say wow.

But back to the subject, I down play being in the Marines. I made it through boot camp and everything but it I don't consider that I have any bragging rights.



So what are your military hang ups so to say? Did you serve and love it, or were you ready to pack up and head home?

What a great experience, meeting so many people and being forced to grow up overnight. The one thing I can say is in the military you get tons of exposure. It's no limit to what you can do it's great unlimited training . When your a civilian good training is hard to come by.

I embrace all the many experiences I've had in my life and I thank God for being with me every step of the way. I love my fellow veterans and I'm proud to be in your space!! .

© Alice F Spencer


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