A man in the U.S. Cut Open His Intestines and Threw them at the Police

Wayne Carter, 43, started cutting in front of two police officers who came to his home

In New Jersey, in the United States, a man cut his bowels and threw them to two policemen, reports NBC New York.

Wayne Carter, 43, allegedly barricaded himself in his home last Sunday. Police received a call from a witness who said that man was threatening to hurt himself with a knife. Two police officers responded to the call, and arrived at the home of Carter and by forcing the door, found him in a corner with a knife.

According to police statements, Carter ignored orders to leave the pan and began stabbing the belly, neck and legs. Attempts to calm him with pepper spray did not work: instead of calming him, the man started throwing pieces of his body at the officers.

Only a police team of Special Operations ( SWAT ) managed to restrain him to the hospital, where he remains in critical condition. It is believed that drugs or mental illness could have caused this incident, but those details have not yet been confirmed.

It is not known what happened to the intestines--but it is hoped that there were no dogs or cats in the immediate location.

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CrisSp profile image

CrisSp 4 years ago from Sky Is The Limit Adventure

Gruesome! What have gotten to these people's head? Today, in Canada, someone mailed in a parcel containing human body parts addressed to the Conservative Party at the Parliament House in Ottawa. At the same time, in Montreal, police have also found out some body parts in the garbage, which they think is related to the first discovery. I'm yet to see what's next on this? Demonized or another drug addict?

Buzzbee profile image

Buzzbee 4 years ago from The County of the Winkies in Oz Author

CrisP: Excellent comment! I was thinking of doing a write-up of it after all the facts are known, but the facts so far are already startling enough! I believe it is important to know the extremes of human behaviour for many reasons--one of which is to better protect yourself from weirdness in the world which may even save your life one day...or to have knowledge of the REALITY of the world at any rate, so that you are not living in a STorybook Universe. Anyway thanks for your higly relevant comments.

Anonymous 4 years ago

Humanity is sure one hell of a species.

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