A Call to Arms

Less than two months out of not arguably but actually the most critical election of our lifetime all of us must be asking ourselves what we as individuals can do to turn this country around. In order to answer that question you must examine just how we as a nation got so far off course. The wave that swept this current bunch of Socialists into power didn’t just happen; it wasn’t some casual perfect storm; it was a carefully executed diabolical plan which culminated with the election of Barrack Hussein Obama!

Let’s briefly examine the components of this team that executed the plan. First they needed money in order to disseminate their propaganda; you remember the message of so called Hope and Change. This money came from a variety of sources such as moveon.org founder Billionaire George Soros; long time advocate of Saul Alinski’s call for a new world order. It also came from organized labor, the Hollywood Elite and Academia. These aforementioned entities have always supported the Democrats because they represent a push towards an old European style Bourgeois Society which in essence eliminates the middle class. Once the money was there they needed groups such as ACORN to conduct massive voter registration drives during which millions were registered; illegal aliens, felons, homeless people without addresses and yes even dead people. Finally they needed cover; their candidate had excessive baggage which could not be exposed along with a plethora of questions which not only needed but demanded an answer. The final piece of their game plan and arguably the most important, the cover, was supplied by the various news networks of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, and popular talk shows such as the View and Queen Oprah herself.

Here’s where we all fit into this scenario. Rest assured the news cycle of the above mentioned entities for the next two months leading up to the election will be saturated with Positive Obama Propaganda along with distorted statistics regarding Unemployment, the Stimulus Package, the Bush Tax Cuts, the Bank Bailouts and the Government takeover of General Motors and Chrysler. Since there are no such positive statistics they will simply make them up as Joe Biden has been doing for the past few weeks. I know most of you don’t watch the nightly news broadcast of these so called news agencies and most assuredly don’t watch the View or Queen Oprah but that’s not enough. I propose you boycott the sponsors of these shows. So you ask if I don’t watch them how do I know who sponsors them. When your favorite news show; FOX News no doubt, goes to commercial switch channels to one of them. Usually all networks are set to go to commercials at the same time thus viewers can’t dodge commercials by switching channels. This will allow you to take note of the sponsors of their propaganda. There’s always a choice or alternative products. If enough of us refuse to buy the products of the sponsors of this propaganda then and only then will these companies pull their sponsorships and these entities will take note.

Next, if any of you are chosen to participate in one of the various T.V. rating studies; Nielson or such, never admit to watching any of the Political based propaganda broadcast from these networks; State of the Union speeches; daily updates from the Premier himself; hour long specials promoting the Regime’s agenda items such as Health Care, Cap and Trade or other lefty oriented proposals. I for one can’t stand enduring such programming so not admitting to watching it would not be difficult for me. In any case a boycott of these sponsors would also be in order.

By now most of you have decided I either have a very logical proposal or I am a raving lunatic; either way the choice is yours. I listened to a former ACORN employee who developed a conscience and turned on the organization the other day on Sean Hannity. She admitted to some of the underhanded techniques employed by ACORN this past election in order to steal the election for Barrack Hussein Obama. Also you have all no doubt seen the video of the Black Panther King Shimir Shabazz standing outside the Philadelphia polling place intimidating would be voters to assure a Barrack Obama victory. These organizations coupled with the media coverage could reverse the positive trend we have seen building over the past several months. We cannot allow that to happen. If we are to take our country back we must do more than show up and vote. If you agree with me then forward this e-mail to everyone on your list as I’m doing now. This original proposal has just been sent to some 50 people including you; if you have similar distribution list then please send it out to them and encourage them to do likewise. Think of how such a grass roots boycott could spread and affect these disseminators of propaganda so that they may not orchestrate yet another victory for this Marxist Regime.




breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 6 years ago

Well done and important piece of writing. All the forces that were responsible for getting Obama elected are poised and ready to strike again. We can't afford to let down our guard and our message must remain focused.

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Partisan Patriot 6 years ago Author

Thanks Pop

We cannot sit idle and allow this bunch to steal yet another election!

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pcoach 6 years ago

I watch absolutely no network TV and ESPECIALLY when the little Dick-tator is on. I used to care about hearing what the president said for myself. Now, I let Fox News tell me what was pertinent because the little Dick-tator makes me too angry. So I do already boycott them but your idea to actually let the sponsors know, gee, what a concept!!!! I'm on it!

sheila b. profile image

sheila b. 6 years ago

I lived in NH during the primaries. Obama was way ahead in the polls, Hillary won. I believe many Obama voters stayed home because the weather was bad on voting day and they didn't think their vote would matter. So that's what everybody who wants to vote out the dems have to remember - your vote does matter. Don't depend on the polls - they mean nothing if you don't vote.

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Partisan Patriot 6 years ago Author

thanks pcoach

It does no good for us the just not watch; we have to hit the purveyors of the propoganda in the wallet in order to hurt them!

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Partisan Patriot 6 years ago Author

you are soooooooooo correct shelia b

We cannot leave anything to chance; if they can they will steal this election also. Get to the polls; take someone with you and pray for BAD WEATHER!

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pcoach 6 years ago

Well, here I stand correcting myself. Yes, I have let sponsors know. For instance, I sent an email to TNT when they pissed me off airing LOS Suns little display against the AZ immigration law. Here's the link. I still don't watch TNT and I did let them know. http://hubpages.com/hub/American-Politics-Heart

amorea13 6 years ago

Partisan Patriot I'm in England and we have similar issues over here but very few seem to be aware (or interested) in them - the 'controlling' political class / elite are always the same (under-pinned by the top bankers!) no matter whether they call themselves 'socialists', 'conservatives' or 'liberals' - they all drink ultimately from the same trough and we get to pay for their privileges through our escalating taxes.

Something's got to give and it will soon - in both our countries.

I really appreciate your writing Partisanpatriot - we need more who think like you - everywhere they 'say' democracy lives.

partisan patriot 6 years ago

Thanks amorea 13

Hope to see and hear more from you in the coming days.

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