AFP Military Ranks | Philippine Navy, Philippine Air Force and Philippine Army Ranks and Insignias

I know I’ve made a hub bout the Philippine Air Force and Philippine Army ranks. As a response from a request of my friend,hubber, Justom, here are the Philippine military ranks from the three branches of the Armed Forces of the Philippines – Phil. Army, Phil. Navy and Phil. Air Force. Loved those badges, patches, seals…



Philippine Navy
Philippine Navy

Phil. Navy General Officers

Phil. Navy Officers

Phil. Navy Enlisted Personnel

The Philippine Air Force

Philippine Air Force
Philippine Air Force

Phil. Air Force General Officers

PAF Officers

PAF Enlisted Personnel

The Philippine Army

Philippine Army
Philippine Army

Phil. Army General Officers

Phil. Army Officers

Phil. Army Enlisted Personnel

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Mentalist acer profile image

Mentalist acer 6 years ago from A Voice in your Mind!

The Philippine Navy's Patches are my favorite,so I'm enlisting,as long as they let me enter as a Navy Poet,lol.;)

justom profile image

justom 6 years ago from 41042

Awesome, you did a great job on this hub. I'm sending it to Justin and he's gonna' love it too. I'll be back for another look. Wow! Peace!! Tom

justom profile image

justom 6 years ago from 41042

It was even better the second time! Thanks! Peace!! Tom

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 6 years ago Author

Hi Prof. A! They badly need a navy poet :) You'll rank the best. I love the air force's patches. They're blue lol :)

Hi Justom! I'm happy you- Tom and Just, loved the patches and seals. Mission accomplished :)

lyjo profile image

lyjo 6 years ago

These is beautiful, truly interesting, my husband is from a Navy background, so we are always interested in things like this....he knew most of them right away...I had to read them, in any case...we both enjoyed them, thanks! Take care!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 6 years ago Author

Glad you loved them Lyjo :) Thanks for commenting :) TC

djwacky_van17 5 years ago

tnx ! this is really a very great help 4 me as a criminology student .

Jm 5 years ago

ARMY, the simplest. ^_^ My favorite too! My husband's in the ARMY.

corps21 5 years ago

GO NAVY... pangarap ko talaga na makapasok sa philippine navy

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Philippine Air Force rocks too :)

Alastar Packer profile image

Alastar Packer 5 years ago from North Carolina

Cool hub twentyfive. Enyoyed checking out the ranks.

jibs 5 years ago

bakit walang marines? kasama na ba sa navy un?

mike avf 5 years ago

philippine air force is the best in afp !!!

Sonny Ugbaniel 5 years ago

I salute you, Guardians of our Country! Mabuhay kayong lahat!

Class 27-95 5 years ago

ARMY, AIRFORCE AT NAVY,,,,,,,IISA LNG YAN!!!!AFP, 1 MISSION ,1 GOAL, TO DEFEND OUR COUNTRY,,,UHA!!!!!(wala ng pataasan pa ng ihi!!)

STUDENT KEEPER 5 years ago


zara 5 years ago

hooohhhhh arrrrrrrmmmmmyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

wanna be :) 5 years ago

i want to a part of an army someday :)

zara 5 years ago

i want to a part of an the future

zara 5 years ago

go army..

Mar 5 years ago

Nice. Hope you can include all the other branches too.

Rey129 5 years ago

Remember mga kapatid hindi pwede na isa lang ang branch of service sa Armed forces laging may Army, Airforce & Navy to include Marines dahil meron tayong kanyakayang mission nadapat gampanan. to depend and protect our country internal or external salamat po Sir.

BHEA 5 years ago


someday 5 years ago

i like NAVY. and i want to be a navy someday. t

Miranda 5 years ago

thanks for the boyfriend is from PAF and he's a Captain.

japs 77 5 years ago

all branch of services are same, but a good soldiers never fade away...

duff 4 years ago


duff 4 years ago


nadj 4 years ago


but navy!!~peace...

simpler the better!!~

lemuel jay albarida 4 years ago

i almost pass the xsam for philippine navy this year... but unluckily.. i failed for the SWE.. i was hoping to pass next tym

AM GALLARTE 4 years ago

As an airforce, i am proud to wave our name., SPOW is our wing.UWA! UWA!

rad gaa 4 years ago

i glad that i die for my country

jefry jay 4 years ago

i am proud to be an army!.

novey 4 years ago

i am novey to attend the C.A.T i also remember a word unity.,,.

JOEL_JAY 4 years ago



r- dicipulo 4 years ago

marami ako sinayang n panahon until n nangangarap p rin ako maging army proud kc ako pag army

rad gaa 4 years ago

i slute all afp officers

Katrina Canja profile image

Katrina Canja 4 years ago from Philippines

This is a great hub! and it gets me really inspired since i am a reservist on Airforce :-) thanks!

MSg Viloria PA 3 years ago

Ung ranko ng CMS sa Army ay kulang ng dalawang (2) guhit sa baba, at sa kanko ng SMS ay kulang ng isang (1) guhit sa baba.

eugene 3 years ago

you should include ranks of phil marine corps to complete the navy rank types

gooo!!! 2 years ago

sa lahat ng gusto ipagtangol ang ating bayan.. GO!!! GO!!! Go!!! joined AFP,

sha 2 years ago

Different names one goal,defend the nation...Go AFP warriors.Im proud to become one

asiic 2 years ago


wiz khlifa 2 years ago


wiz khlifa 2 years ago


keona 2 years ago

My boyfriend is in the Philippine Army, I salute you all Guys!

dafac 23 months ago

because its not belong in military, it falls under civilian something. i cant remember the exact word

Jun 19 months ago

I want to be navy reserve.

JOYCE 10 months ago

i love philippine air force, go AFP

CHENG 10 months ago

Snappy salute to all the arm forces of the philippines.

Big help to all the CRIMINOLOGY students

ronald 3 weeks ago


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