I can't believe that the banks who recieved our tax payor funds are using it to send their employees to Vegas, or buy a baseball team or a contract with a baseball stadium.  I dont' understand that when so many companies are laying off their employees in the thousands and spending money for non business expenses. When it should be used to keep people employed, give loans to business or their customers.

     I am so annoyed that the Ceo's, and Executive's of these banks, such as AIG, who will get their bonuses this year, and watch countless number of jobs cut. Washington Mutual, and Bank of America, are examples of companies, that are cutting back in employment. So, who is stopping this, no one is. I read the news, and sit back feeling enraged, as I watch this country sink lower into a Depression.

     I watch the greed of Wall Street, Corporations getting their bonuses, after the $710 billion bailout approved by Congress, and the millions made from the war in Iraq. This wasn't a country I was living in and the truth is, it was being run like a corporation. They make their million now, and watch it crumble to the ground, after their profit is made.

    Now, there are huge lay offs in banks, construction, real estate, and now, the auto industry. How can the War Lord, and his horde sleep at night? Well, I can say, pretty good, on the fact, of the amount of dollars, in their overseas bank accounts. When will this madness stop?  I think this madness will continue, until Obama steps into office with Biden and let’s hope he can fix some of the mess that Bush, and Cheney have left in their pass. Bush and Cheny have sunk this country into a bottomless void, to please their ruthless counterparts, and push money into Wall Street. So, their greedy friends can make their goal in yearly profits.

     I don't know about you, but I still can't believe that the Governor of Illnois, and his wife are worthy of news coverage,and the loss of jobs in the auto industry doesn't even make the top slot. I guess Blue Collar Workers aren't news worthy, unless you are a celebrity, or their child, and in this case a greedy Governor.


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