By: Wayne Brown

President Obama is once again on the transparency bandwagon in his urgency to regain some momentum for the mid-term elections which are now just three weeks away.  He has accused those on the other side of the aisle of attempting to bury the issues of this upcoming election with untruths and false claims paid for by unknown mystery sources that do not have the America’s interest in mind.


What an outrageous accusation!  Is the desperation to reclaim some level of credibility at such a level with this man that he is willing to resort to such claims to achieve success at the polls?  If America has been misled, the blame surely lies squarely at the feet of this President.  The unfortunate side of it all is that he has every intention to continue that slight of hand as he exercises his powers as President over the next two years.  Admittedly, it will be more difficult for him in the future if he loses party control in the Congress. But he will still wield some executive powers which could easily be applied to changing America as he sees fit.


Let’s talk about this slight of hand that the President so willing accuses others of attempting.  Who was it that pushed healthcare reform down the throats of the American taxpayer with the promise that each citizen would continue to have choices regarding insurance selection?  Who was that appointed a new “Dr. Death” to run the Medicare Program and modify it to fit the standards established under the ObamaCare bill basically depriving seniors in America of quality healthcare?  Who was it that allowed a 3.8% tax on home sales to be buried in this healthcare bill without  as much as a public discussion of the matter?


Who withheld information on the Gulf oil spill and continues to withhold worse case information as to the residual oil in the Gulf?  Who snobbishly turned his back on the coastal state governors and all but denied them the requested assistance in their fight to contain the oil from the Gulf spill?  Who refused to tell the EPA to step back and relax their oversight to assist in this dilemma?  Who refused to relax the stipulations of the Jones Act in order to allow assistance in the Gulf by other countries?  Whose wife ran off to Spain to spend $300,000 in taxpayer funds on a vacation that could have been taken on the U.S. Gulf Coast at a time when that area needed some symbolic encouragement?  Who enacted a moratorium on drilling in the Gulf continuing to stifle the economy of the southern coastal states?


Who has all but totally ignored the disasterous illegal immigration flow into Arizona?   Who has encouraged the Justice Department under his administration to file court action against the State of Arizona when it enacted legislation to protect its own citizens in this situation?  Who continues to use the Arizona situation as a political bargaining chip to leverage for immigration reform rather than border security?  Who has refused to even visit the State of Arizona to observe the situation first-hand yet continues to demand to be the controlling authority over the situation?


Who has used his “environmental concerns” to further promote his desire to pass “Cap & Trade” legislation for the U.S.A.?  Cap & Trade will only bring higher prices and more penalties to the average person on the street;  yet who is willing to impose that burden even though America currently struggles under a poor economy?


Who has nominated poorly experienced candidates to the highest court in the land?  Who has appointed more avowed Socialist, Marxist, and Communist to high offices in the Federal Government that any President in history citing only that these people were trusted friends?  Who has created a “Czar” in almost every sector of our life here in America?  Who has grown the Federal Government by a factor of 25% in less than two years?  Who is more than willing to increase taxes on the small business sector of the economy in a time when jobs are so needed by over 15 million Americans?


Whose administration cannot account for $162 billion dollars of the bailout money designated under the TARP legislation?  Who pushed for over $800 billion dollars in stimulus money for the economy under a program that has not even shown marginal success in moving the economy or creating jobs?  Who has slammed the financial sector of America for the failures in the home loan mortgage industry when the government created the environment that brought on the failure in the first place?


Who is it that is reluctant to produce any real documents as proof of U.S. citizenship?  Who is that has traveled the world as President of the United States bowing down to those hostile toward America and then apologizing for our actions?  Who is that has essentially telegraphed our policies for Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan to our enemies in those areas?  Who is it that has turned his back on honoring our war dead on those days set aside for just such ceremony?


This litany of questions could continue from sun up to sundown and they all point to the same place in our country.  Let’s give the American public a little credit for not being too overly stupid.  Making accusations like the President made this weekend only confirms the fact that he honestly believes the American public is stupid and can be led around by its nose quite easily in any manner he chooses.


The truth of the matter is that it is past time for change, real change in America.  It’s time to change some of the things that have gone horribly wrong in the past two years and get America back on track to being the great country that it is.  It is time to restore the democratic way to America and get those people out of office who are willing to lie, cheat, and steal the American taxpayer.  That is the only vision the American public needs for the next three weeks and the next two years.  Hopefully, the next two elections will allow America to be America once again.



© Copyright WBrown2010.  All Rights Reserved.


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CMerritt profile image

CMerritt 6 years ago from Pendleton, Indiana

Wayne we need to turn you Hub into a 60 second commerical to be played all across this Nation...reminding folks..."who" is calling the shots and "why" we are in the shape we are in...excellent job!

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 6 years ago from Texas Author

@CMerritt...Hey, if it pays well, I'm game! LOL! WB

cheaptrick profile image

cheaptrick 6 years ago from the bridge of sighs

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 6 years ago from Chicago

Fantabulous missive—broadside I should say, since your target was a sitting duck and you sank it with a square hit. Thank you for this excellent reportage and analysis. I enjoyed reading it and I agree with you 100%.

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 6 years ago from Texas Author

@James A Watkins...I despise this "pot calling the kettle black" approach to misleading the public. America is off course and out of bounds at the present and we have this man to thank for taking us off to the far left. We have to regain center and soon otherwise the list of the ship will only increase. Thanks for the words of encouragement James! WB

drbj profile image

drbj 6 years ago from south Florida

Wayne - you have told it like it is - something our esteemed president seems to be incapable of doing. Every word, every sentence is the truth about how our country is being inexorably steered down the socialistic path.

I will be sharing this excellent summary with everyone I can reach. Thank you.

saddlerider1 profile image

saddlerider1 6 years ago

Wayne I have Digged, stumbled, Blogger, Tweeted and Face booked this terrific hub. Watch your back and keep your gun belt on and ready you may have put a target on your back. You stand your ground and say it like it is much like many other stand up men of courage. James Watkins and Wayne and others like you. Bravo

eovery profile image

eovery 6 years ago from MIddle of the Boondocks of Iowa

You are right on with you analysis. You got to look between the lines on this guy's talk.

Keep on hubbing!

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 6 years ago from Texas Author

@drbj...Good deal...get the vote out and keep them pumped. We need our country back and soon! WB

@saddlerider1...Ken, there's not a lot of fear when truth is on your side. I try to keep it simple...if it has feathers, walks and quacks like a duck, the it must be a damn duck! You can't put lipstick on a woodpecker and call it a parrot! LOL! WB

@eovery....there are two things a great manager and leader needs to always be...that's consistent and predictable. This guy is neither one with the exception of his socialist leanings. Thanks for the good words. WB

CheyenneAutumn profile image

CheyenneAutumn 6 years ago

Perhaps he is really deluded enough to believe the same sweet talk and slight of hand he used to be elected will somehow erase the error in his thinking... is there that much magic in the world?? Great post - tell it like it is - we can handle the truth!

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 6 years ago from Texas Author

@CheyenneAutumn...Delusional as in Pelosi and a victim of narcissism all rolled in a nice radical community-organizing socialist leaning package. He wanted to bring change all right but not enough people ask him to describe it. Thanks for the encouraging words! WB

profile image

TimBryce 6 years ago

Wayne -

Not to worry. We all know he will stoop to any level and say anything - it's all smoke and mirrors. As long as we keep the message clear - "It's about the economy and jobs stupid" - we'll do just fine.

All the Best,


Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 6 years ago from Texas Author

@TimBryce...So true, Tim. We have to stay on message and hammer it home. Two more years of hammering and maybe this one will be in the history books! Thanks for the good comments! WB

breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 6 years ago

Brilliant hub, absolutely brilliant. We must reverse the path we are on or I'm afraid we may lose our way forever. I have to say that some of the candidates that have emerged leave me wondering if people haven't lost their minds, but a different mix in Congress will at least slow the pace of all this "change".

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 6 years ago from Texas Author

@breakfastpop...Obama has definitely proved that "change" has its down-side. The truth of the matter is the American public has been asleep at the switch for the past 50 years and in the process we have allowed a bunch of career politicians to steal us blind. Now we are a financial wreck with a man at the helm who is bent on leading us into a socialist state. We have to get the brakes on and fast even if it means we just create a few new crooks in the process. If we are vigilant and hold people accountable in each electin cycle, sooner or later, the message will get out to those who desire to hold office. Once we run the crooks out, some good folks might come forward to serve. Thanks much, Poppy! WB

Amy Becherer profile image

Amy Becherer 6 years ago from St. Louis, MO

I'd vote for you, Wayne. Don't get me started on my complete and utter disillusionment. I think Obama's plan is annihilation of the human spirit, leaving a tsunami of confusion, leaving the American public thrashing in the waves, trying to regain their footing and ultimately, too afraid to stop treading water, maintaining status quo. I expect he has some sort of tactic he'll pull out of his ass disguised as "hope", but really just another turd. At this point, with unemployment a monumental, untouched problem, I would venture he hasn't a prayer. Thanks for the brilliant read.

CornerStone51 6 years ago

Hey Wayne...this hub is awesome!!! Who indeed????? He does not know the definition of transparency. That is obvious!!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts here with all of us. This needs to be shared far and wide. I will post it to my FaceBook page.


Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 6 years ago from Texas Author

@Amy Becherer...I just can't take this guy pointing fingers at the actions of others yet he shoulders not blame himself...pleazzzzze! But he's not stupid, the agenda he is operating on is aimed at tearing down a secret sort of way, he has been highly successful in his efforts. We need a change! WB

@CornerStone51...Thanks much Gayle. He does have his audacity but then he is quite narcisstic so it is expected! Glad you liked it! WB

cjv123 profile image

cjv123 6 years ago from Michigan

Wow and you didn't even hit on them all - but you sure did give it a good ole Texas try! You were able to squeeze nearly all in there! Great Hub Wayne - this President is going to be our worst President ever and I think it's going to be many years to come before we can truly know the damage he's done this country. Thanks for speaking out in such a well written way!


Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 6 years ago from Texas Author

@cjv123...Sorry Carol, when I wrote this I was in a state of rage and could not totally gather my thoughts. How dare this man accuse anyone of manipulating the system. That is all he has done while in office. Not only will this go down in history as the worst presidency of all times bringing a wide grim to Jimmy Carter's face, it will also be recorded as the worst train wreck in the history of this country. At the present, I am just hoping there will be some survivors! WB

dallas93444 profile image

dallas93444 6 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

Got my vote!

dallas93444 profile image

dallas93444 6 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

Got my vote!

ladyjane1 profile image

ladyjane1 6 years ago from Texas

Once again thanks for keeping me informed Wayne, great job. Cheers.

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 6 years ago from Texas Author

@dallas93444...Thanks! Twice! WB

@ladyjane1...You are quite welcome, Madam. Just keeping the embers stirred and burning for the coming election! WB

jiberish profile image

jiberish 6 years ago from florida

Wayne, you should really get into the advertising business, maybe a new billboard to the Dems: "Is that all you got?"....Good info!

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 6 years ago from Texas Author

@jiberish...Thanks know the last thing they want to talk about is the issues. The issues are their worst enemy in this election and they are running from them. But, they have plenty time for name-calling, card playing, and dirty tricks at the ballot box. There is no sacred ground to these folks when it comes to getting back into office. We need to change and quick! WB

Harvey Stelman profile image

Harvey Stelman 6 years ago from Illinois

Wayne, Excellent job of pointing out B.O.'s failures. He can't really speak of anything, because his record is abominable. H

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 6 years ago from Texas Author

@Harvey Stelman...The media raves about this man's public speaking ability. I would say that it is a wasted skill when he has nothing to speak of that is a positive in his service as President. Speaking, as a natural talent, can be done in an almost "pulled from the cuff" manner but this man is addicted to teleprompters so I think that rather undermines his "organic skills" for the task. I appreciate the good words Harv! WB

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