By: Wayne Brown

The November 2012 election day draws closer with each sunrise as on this fall night of October 3, 2012, the American public and even the world turns its attention to the first in a series of debates between President Barack Obama and the Republican challenger, Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts. Many will sit in front of their televisions with the same anticipation of those attending an illegal cock-fight anxiously waiting to see who draws first blood and who gets bloodied the worst at the end of the battle. Sadly, far too many will watch closer than they listen for their minds are already made up and the issues matter little…it is the winning that really counts.

We might all go back to the time when Bill Clinton was seeking the high office of the Presidency and remember a tag line which arose from that campaign. That line was, “It’s the economy, stupid” which I believe is attributed to James Carville who was Clinton’s campaign strategist at the time. Much credit has been given to that short phrase as a key element of Bill Clinton’s success in winning the election over George Bush Sr. Those who remember it that way seem to conveniently forget that the little Banty Rooster, Ross Perot, inserted himself into the campaign process and splintered the vote on the conservative side of the poll leaving Clinton with the win. But let’s just forget that and assume that the short phrase, at the very least, was a reminder to Clinton and company that the economy was a pivotal issue at the time and the approach had to stay oriented to a discussion of that key issue. In that light, I do believe the phrase was very effective.

Tonight, we will actually be lucky if we can hear a discussion of the issues in this debate. I certainly do not envy Obama’s position in the face off if he must defend anything that he has done over the past portion of his first term in office. I certainly believe that the Romney camp would love to see him lead with such intent as it would play well for Romney to counter the discussion. No, we will not see Obama even so much as do a head-fake in that direction for fear that the fires might start burning. Oh, you’ll see the moderator throw a few “issue-related” questions on the floor but Obama will quickly side step them and go on the attack focused directly on keeping Romney off-balance. Romney needs to be on the offensive as well and very much needs the key issues confronting America today kept clearly on the table. This cannot happen if he is continually fending off some distractive claim tossed out by Obama.

We must ask ourselves as Americans if we want what is best for America for the future. Do we want a stable and healthy nation that is not on the brink of financial collapse? One might comment, “How absurd….well, of course we do! We all want that!” But do we? No doubt our nation is divided; probably more divided than at any time since the Civil War ended and that includes the turmoil of the 60’s and 70’s with both civil rights and Vietnam War issues on the table. We are more divided today as a nation than just four years ago due in great part to the assistance of Obama who has made class warfare and envy a centerpiece of his term in office. For all his promises to be as a “uniter”, he has done more to divide than unite….far more.

When a nation such as our own comes to a fork in the road like we face today, hard choices have to be made and those choices require strong leadership to both define and to implement. They also require staying the course once they are implemented. These choices extend far beyond some emotion-splattered rhetoric on the 1% or the 99%. It goes far beyond some idea that raising taxes on the wealthier among us will solve our woes when in reality such an approach will do little to even move toward a solution. At the same time, our solutions cannot be found in throwing those who need and, in many cases, have earned their right to assistance under the bus. We do not become a better nation if we improve our lot on the backs of the poor, downtrodden, or those who have given their all in service to this country. Neither side can defend such approaches as true solutions to our issues today. As voters, we have to realize that and act accordingly. Government exists because “we the people” allow it for the reasons defined to provide “governance” to our culture; to uphold and protect the Constitution, and to apply the Rule of Law. Our government is in trouble today but “we the people” are in far greater trouble as our entire way of life, our culture, our laws, and are future as a nation ride heavily on the decisions of this November election process. As such, as voters, we must address it on the basis of the issues at hand.

We need to hear the candidates specifically address the economy. Obama promised that he could turn things around and cut the deficit in half In the process. He has not even come close given that our nation has gone through the better part of $ 7 Trillion dollars in additional debt burden since he took office in 2009. Almost $900 billion dollars went into “stimulus” spending…money that “we the people” did not have to spend. Most of that money seemingly disappeared down some gopher hole somewhere. The economy ebbs and follows but is best described to be in some sort of subliminal suspension since 2008. Our current president believes that “only the government” can fix that; that only the government can “create jobs” and on and on. Every approach the current administration had taken as a solution has been to insert the government further into the mix; spend more borrowed money, and to basically sweep the private sector aside as “doing just fine” under the present conditions.

Our current President is employing a failed Keynesian economic theory which takes it roots in the government being the center of the universe. In America, that is not the case and never has been. The private sector has been the sustaining force behind the economy and behind job creation since this country made its way through the Industrial Revolution. A government which is more concerned with how many regulations it can put in place to stifle the private sector is directly responsible for the continued stagnation in the economy and, in that regard, for the situation in the job market. The current administration had shown its intent as to approaching the economy and that intent has not worked so why would “we the people” want to continue that process for another four year term? That is a question that every voter should be expecting Mr. Obama to answer tonight and answer it with something of substance. Instead you can count on him either blaming it on Bush or on those wealthier Americans. Given the fact that he is a millionaire twelve times over, we can at least say that he bears some of the blame in that regard.

The instability in the private sector shows up in three other areas here in America today. Investment, Job Creation, and Healthcare Reform which directly supports a sustained unemployment rate of over 8% which has existed for over 40 months now. This fact does not even address the “under-employed” who are taking menial jobs just to hang on or those who have given up and left the job market after months and months of failing to find employment. “We the people” need to come to the realization that government alone cannot be the “creator of jobs”. The private sector is the true creator of jobs, government either sustains an environment in which the private sector can invest and grow or it can elect to overshadow and undermine through regulation which inevitably diminishes investment and raises unemployment levels. This is not just about investment by large corporations as small business plays a significant role in this process when it is allowed to work. Government and the private sector must be in harmony if a balance is to be found between regulation and economic expansion. Lastly, healthcare reform has stymied every area of the private sector. Employers are lost in this massive legislation which managed to get passed by our Congress and quasi-approved by our Supreme Court yet we have no one who really understands the potential effect of it or the costs for that matter. Potential employers do not go out in such environments looking to expand their workforce when they cannot predict the added costs associated with that expansion. Legitimate businesses hire positions for which there is a “business need”. When government heads in a direction more attuned to regulation than economic expansion, the system shrinks again and again as the business sector restrains itself in fears of the unknown. “We the people” need to hear some substantive discussion between the candidates on this issue.

Deficit spending and the national debt are driving us all slowly to the poorhouse. That might not be apparent to those who are standing in the line marked “FREE GOVERNMENT CHEESE” today. Some have little choice and our system should have processes in place to assist them. Others have found that “gaming the system” is easier than going to work each day and that becomes their focus. For them, there is more money to be had from government programs than there is in the workplace and it can be obtained without any labor output. “Hey, it’s free…I’d be a fool not to take it”. At the same time, we have 536 elected offices between the President and Congress that collectively spend far too much of their time trying to think up some other “social welfare” scheme which can be implemented all in the name of aligning a few more voters on their side of the aisle. Ask yourself what good it is going to do to raise taxes when we have elected officials thinking of more new ways to spend money at a rate far greater than any tax increases can bring it to the coffers. We can continue to go through the tax and spend cycle over and over as a nation until we eventually implode on all the “freebies” that our elected officials put out in order to buy favor with selected voter bases. Where does it stop? “We the people” need to hear a viable and fiscally responsible approach to the future.

Obama has vowed that the so-called “death panels” provided for and otherwise differently labeled in the ObamaCare legislation will never see the light of day on his watch. How can we be sure if the provision is already there in the legislation which has been voted into law? How can we be sure when such a provision was never questioned by the Supreme Court? Ironically, those who crafted ObamaCare seemed to have every intention to show their compassion for all the people receiving medical coverage. In fact, it goes beyond that point and essentially drives every aspect of those items discussed in the preceding paragraph yet when it comes right down to the bottom-line, this same bunch is willing to throw granny under the bus when it comes to determining selectively what medical procedures she can have by virtue of her age. Is this really compassion or is it simply pandering to the younger voting element of our society then bearing the burden of cost-reduction by tossing our elderly aside? Who in America wants or can justify such an approach to medical care and speak of “compassion” in the same breath? Hell, these folks would be better off if they had no coverage at all. “We the people” need to hear some specifics in that regard tonight.

Demonstrations rage outside our embassies around the world. Our Libyan Ambassador is slain and his lifeless body is dragged through the streets along with his assigned protectors, three former Navy Seals. As a nation we hear the actions rationalized as an outcry of the Islamic World angered by some idiotic film trailer that less than 500 people had viewed worldwide at the time of these incidents. We hear excuses why the security at our embassy was not reinforced with the advent of the anniversary of 9-11. We see our ally, Israel, snubbed by our sitting President sending a message to the Middle East that Israel is “on its own”. We see Iran send its rabid leader on to American soil only to stand before the United Nations and proclaim all that should be done to Israel and in turn, to America. We ask ourselves where in the world could such an action take place other than right here yet, in our own lives, we caution others among us not to “come into our house and take our name in vain”….what kind of hypocrites do we look like as a people? How can those of other nations recognize America from a position of strength if our leaders engage in actions which define us as apologetic and overly-humble in the light of attacks upon our own? What does that say for the consistency and direction of our foreign policy? Terrorists murder our ambassador on the streets of Libya and our government hands the Muslim Brotherhood $1.5 billion American dollars in foreign aid with the sitting President of the United States promising an additional $700 million in the near future….is that the message we need to convey to the world? “We the people” need some hard answers on that subject tonight.

The debates will take place tonight and the sun will rise again tomorrow with the same issues facing us as a nation and likely very little discussion of substance taking place on any of the above. The talking heads of our media will be in analysis mode telling us which candidate “appeared more presidential” and how Romney potentially disrespected the office of the President by confronting him headlong with the issues of his poor performance. “We the people” will hear all that politically correct line of thinking and be told what to think about it by the same media which has failed us time and again in getting and keeping the issues of significance on the table….the same media that does not have the guts to ask the hard questions for fear of being pushed away from the political trough. If Romney does not go after Obama headlong, then we’ll hear that he is spineless and has no idea what America needs to turn around. We will hear that Obama has seen the light; that he recognizes now that the problems America faces run far deeper than imagined thus given four more years that hope and change will bring what is right and proper to America and the world. Yes, we will hear everything except what we need to hear as voters and taxpayers…”a substantive discussion of the issues” affecting us today. That possibility will be avoided at all costs.

Today, we have a President bent on leading us down a road which builds our future on a redistribution of wealth in our nation. He has submerged us in debt and continues that process knowing the outcome will be heavy taxation if the spending does not stop. Desperation will drive us to take more and more from the wealthier side of our population until they either pack up and leave or we break their financial backs. When the 1% has gone, the process will focus on the next 5%, and then the next and the next until one day you look up and YOU are one of the remaining “relatively” wealthy people available. That will be the day when the bell tolls for thee and maybe then you will look at what this administration is doing to this country with a different eye. You can take comfort in knowing that by the time that day comes, it will be too late to change your mindset or to save your own butt. If you really care, the time is now.

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3 October 2012

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carol7777 profile image

carol7777 4 years ago from Arizona

I have to say you did a wonderful job of facing the issues and bringing everything to reality. I only hope we can get the country back on track. I am voting up and sharing on facebook.

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 4 years ago from Texas Author

@carol7777....Thanks much, Carol. I was anticipating tonight's debate thinking how ludicrious it is to expect that Americans will get any answers in this process. Obama will get softballs and Romney will be in a box no matter how he turns from the media perspective. Best assessment....a waste of time and nothing relative to the real issues. ~WB

My Minds Eye53 profile image

My Minds Eye53 4 years ago from Tennessee

I don't have cable so I will have to look for the debate on the internet after it is over.

Having been "in the system" I know changes have to be made. The way it works now you are discouraged to improve yourself. If you improve your situation, they take something away, so you aren't any better off. so why try? I am sure that is what a lot of people think when they have been knocked down. I am on disability, not sure if that means I am still in the system, but I did get myself out of public housing, food stamps and Section 8. At the same time, I can't afford to have anything taken away or I will be right back in the hole.

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 4 years ago from Texas Author

@My Minds Eye53....You are one of the folks using the system the way that it was intended. I do know a hit is coming next year...the Medicare deduction goes from $140 per month to $247 per month in 2014. I do not think you will miss much and if you do the media will shape into what they think it should be so maybe being in the dark about it all is not so bad in the end. Hope you can find it on the Net. Thanks much! ~WB

drbj profile image

drbj 4 years ago from south Florida

You are eloquent in this summation, Wayne, and I heartily agree with every point you made. Only problem is are you preaching to the choir or will your brilliant analysis reach some voters who are still willing to listen.

lrc7815 profile image

lrc7815 4 years ago from Central Virginia

Wayne, as always, you have done a wonderful job of explaining your viewpoint. You're almost better than watching CNN or Fox. Every time I read one of your hubs I feel like I'm in a brainwashing session. It's good to be passionate though, I'll give you that. lol

I do want to put my two cents worth in though. I am probably standing in a different place than you. As someone who has seen great success in their lifetime, who has been very comfortable and taken it or granted, I think I have a different point of view. I was laid off five years ago. It took me 17 months to find a job and I have great skills and an impressive resume. I couldn't get an interview. I was laid off again in April. I'm averaging 1-2 interviews a week and hope to have an offer on the table by the end of the week. That tells me that things are better because I've done nothing different. I pay $630 a month for health insurance that pays for almost nothing. When I tried to get the rate reduced, they denied me for a pre-existing condition; the same condition I had when they insured me the first time. Tell me that isn't wrong. I recently lost my unemployment because I refused a job that would have required me to travel 30 miles one way. I turned it down because I have lost my vision in one eye to macular degeneration and cannot drive at night or in falling weather (rain, snow) due to issues of depth perception. As much as I hate it, I need some government assistance, for the first time in my 40 years of working. And I'm not the only one in this position. I think it's very easy to say we don't need government programs until you find yourself needing them. I am one of the people that Obama cares about. I don't think Romney cares at all.

Perhaps I am too sensitive when I hear people say Obama hasn't fulfilled his promises. I don't believe anyone could have fulfilled their promises made in a campaign in 2008, not knowing what huge issues were about to unveil themselves in the banking, housing, and car industries. I respect Obama for his ability to detach emotionally and make a hard decision based on the information he has been given. I like that he doesn't engage in the normal good ol' boy system in Washington. I respect that he has maintained a life with his family instead of wining and dining Congressional members to solicit favors. Now, there are things I don't like too but I’m really just trying to say, there is another side.

In spite of our differences, this was really well done. :-)

dahoglund profile image

dahoglund 4 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

Hi Wayne. This president scares me, but so did Bill Clinton. Actually that government cheese was a better idea than the one they originally had, which was to dump it all in the ocean. Smaller government is all that I think will save the country.

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 4 years ago from Texas Author

@drbj...Thank you, Doc....we can only hope that it might! ~WB

@lrc7815....I really do not disagree with you to any great degree on your points. I do believe we have to have a method to offer insurance coverage in some reasonable way to our people, I just do not believe that a government take-over of the healthcare system (called "reform") accomplishes that task in a meaningful and affordable way. This plan adds a minimum of a $500 billion dollar tax load to that portion of wage earners above $50K annual income. That taxload is creates by all the free health care that will be handed out to the public below that still has to be paid for. I also think it will undermine Medicare with new rules which will put the elderly in a far more exposed situation than they already are...some evidence of that is emerging now. Overall, I think the medical industry will go into decline both in the field of R&D and in terms of the quality and level of service. Too many good doctors and nurses will leave the field driving the end result toward mediocrity....a normal result of government intervention no matter who is driving the bus. As for Obama and his intentions, I could care less about him filling his promises as I do not believe that was ever his intention....that was obvious when he made the claim that he could cut the deficit in half in four years. The difference between you and I with regard to Obama is you see a man who speaks with intentions but fails to obtain the results. I see a man who says one thing; totally intends another. I see a man who is not a proponent of our system of government and will work hard over another four years to dismantle our government structure by first bringing the country to its knees under overwhelming debt and crisis. Obamacare is simply the beginning of the "socialist state"....the mere tip of the ice berg. I see a very dangerous man when I look at Obama. At the same time, I do not look at Romney with any hope that he can turn back the clock with any speed but I do see a man who still subscribes to the Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and the Rule of Law asking to be our next president. I can accept that and feel comfortable that he will work at attempting to put the brakes on this slide we are making into the abyss of socialism directed by Obama and likely orchestrated and financed by his mentor George Soros who would like nothing better than to see America dismantled....the roots of my fears. America is a compassionate place and always has been but we cannot let people who have been mentored by known communists and who still associates and surrounds himself with professed socialist and communist to use "good intentions" as the methodology to drag us into the communist state. Tranny does not happen over happens slow and right in front of your eyes just as it is happening right now. We have people who have needs and some who have special needs and, as a nation, we need to see to those needs as best we can but let's not do as a process of destroying our way of life and our system of government that we have known for over 200 years. I do not believe anyone in America wants that but far too many are blind to it lost in the glow of "Obama The Savior". As for Obama's work with Congress...little to nothing. Maybe some of those four or five hours spent playing golf during the day could have been used to meet with key leaders of Congress and hammer out some compromises....that would be what a leader does and what I fully expect from him as President. In that regard, I am deeply disappointed in his ability to either lead or find consensus. Thanks for your good words...always appreciated! ~WB

@dahoglund....Don, I won't belabor things by what I have just stated above but confirm that I agree with completely. Let's hope a lot of others do as well in those battleground states. Thanks much! ~WB

lrc7815 profile image

lrc7815 4 years ago from Central Virginia

Wayne, I love a good dialogue. :-) And you are one of the best participants.

I want to add a thought, regarding physicians and nurses leaving medicine. There is an exodus occuring as we speak but it has nothing to do with government. Physicans today (the new grads) are very different doctors than the ones of 20 or more years ago. Today, they are businessmen in a medical profession. They want to work the same hours as businessmen and God forbid a patient need them after hours. I spent 35 years working with some of the best, and more recently, some of the worst. Nurses, on the other hand, became nurses to help people and healtchare has become a business, not a helping profession. In many cases, skilled nurses have become nothing more than pencil (or keyboard) pushers and they are leaving because administrators don't recognize the impact it's having on patient care. Enuff said.

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 4 years ago from Texas Author

@lrc7815....I do not doubt any of that which have stated but I do not see the government as the central focus in the medical industry as an improvement in that regard. One thing we need to stop and consider...if the government is truly concerned with getting affordable healthcare down to the last citizen why is there nothing in all this regulation of substance which addresses a huge part of the medical industry cost....litigation? Could it be that our Congress is too well staffed with attorneys? Whether the government fixes "pre-existing conditions", etc. in insurance requirements, the costs associated with it will be carried by someone who pays for coverage. ObamaCare will subsidize insurance premiums to some level all the way up to just over $50K annual income. From that point on are on your own plus you will also bear the increase costs the insurance companies are absorbing on the low end of the spectrum. This is how we achieve legislating it? No, this is how we achieve redistribution of wealth but far too many who will be burden with those costs along with higher taxes are far from wealthy and really cannot afford the burden but since what we will be getting was created under the guise of "reform", how could we possibly do better? After all, who knows more about the medical field that the those six figures up in Washington? I am all for establishing some regulatory and uniformity standards with regard to insurance suppliers and I think it is high time that something was effectively done in the arena of litigation. The government could have been far more effective in those two areas in terms of helping with costs to the consumer but when we boil down the real intent, those items did not fit the purpose. Thanks much for the comeback...always good to talk about things...that is how consensus comes about over time. ~WB

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 4 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

Wayne......We're eager for this debate tonight.....popcorn and note-taking......I'm so nervous, you'd think I was debating. HA! Our job is worse than having to debate!!.......Looking for the critiques tomorrow just as excitedly....

Great Hub as always.....Wane Brown for Prez.

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 4 years ago from Texas Author

Well....I have to say that I got a lot of this debate....thank you Mitt Romney for drilling down at every opportunity. I was not a "Mitt" fan in the beginning but I now cannot imagine any Republican candidate holding his ground and promoting the conservative agenda as well as Mitt did tonight... Thank you for that vote of confidence as well! ~WB

My Minds Eye53 profile image

My Minds Eye53 4 years ago from Tennessee

Just wanted you to know I came back and "reshared" your hub on my facebook wall.

lrc7815 profile image

lrc7815 4 years ago from Central Virginia

Wayne, on those last points you and I are in total agreement. And I admit that I don't think Obamacare addresses what is wrong in healthcare. But, it healthcare reform presents a dilemma. I am not in favor of growing government and yet, if healthcare is to be reformed, there must be some oversight. Who, but government, can regulate healthcare and insurance costs? Oh I wish I had the solution. Thanks for the exchange. BTW - I won't even argue about the debate tonight. Romney was a clear winner. :-)

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 4 years ago from Texas Author

@My Minds Eye53....Thank you! I appreciate that.. ~WB

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 4 years ago from Texas Author

@lrc7815....That is my concern with the current healthcare grows government both at the state and federal level. I am all for a regulatory aspect and standardization in approach but the store front and the administration belongs somewhere outside the government. BTW....I was pleased with the content of the debates. Although the moderator was criticized, I thought the line of questioning laid out a very level field on which each man could make his case. I think it was the best debate I have seen in many, many years on both sides of the podium. I understand that both Obama and Romney are headed up your way this week. Got some autographs! LOL! Thanks, Linda. ~WB

lrc7815 profile image

lrc7815 4 years ago from Central Virginia

Wayne, I agree with you that it was the best debate in many years. I was actually so surprised by it that I watched the replay from beginning to end. I do think it may have left many people with questions about both candidates but that's not necessarily bad.

Yes, both men have been frequent visitors here. Our rather famous Christian University has a lot of money and influence so we are getting a lot of attention from both parties. No autographs for me. They are both just "men" in my opinion, not superstars. :-) Until next time...

breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 4 years ago

Talk about a feel good moment. I had mine last night. Romney was cool, friendly, smart and in control. Obama was distant, sickly, evasive and totally lost without his teleprompter and loyal head bobbing audience behind him. Up and awesome Wayne, as always. Oh and shared too!

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 4 years ago from Texas Author

@lrc7815....Thanks, Linda! ~WB

@breakfastpop....I must say that Romney stepped up and filled my expectation glass to the top last night. I feel much more confident at this point than I did in 2008 with John McCain. I respect Mr. McCain as a war hero and am in awe of his service to his country but I just did not feel that he was the best choice to represent conservative views. I heard Rick Santorum remark yesterday that Romney was among the best that he had debated over the years. Last night, I believed we witnessed a man who has strong leadership qualities who believes in America and can get it on the road to a comeback without re-inventing it in terms of value and principles. Obama put on his game face for the debate and even allude to his belief in the American system of free enterprise. His actions in his first term do not support such beliefs for me. I felt it was an excellent debate and I hope we can see more of the same in the coming weeks. Thanks much, Poppy! ~WB

teaches12345 profile image

teaches12345 4 years ago

Wayne, I watched most of the debate and felt that Romney did a great job and shared a believable platform agenda for the people. I think his PBS remark could have been a little less directed (Ouch.. people like Big bird), but still he had a point. I am praying our country makes the right decision in November. Enjoyed your post.

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 4 years ago from Texas Author

@teaches12345...The debate came through with more substance that I could have ever hoped for when I wrote this piece. I give a lot of credit for that outcome to Jim Lerher, the moderator. He is getting beat up but really provided a platform which gave each man a level field on which to present his argument. I think Romney took a chance on the PBS thing but he rounded it out and showed the American public that regardless of the fact that you love Big Bird, we may not be able to afford Chinese loans to put it on the air. The best kept secret to all that is there are plenty of private investments folks out there who would take the Muppets, Barney, etc. into cable channel television for profit and everyone would still have their shows but would not see our government dump money into it, then we donate to it, and then PBS makes money off of it by syndicating it to local PBS operations while the creators of shows like the Muppets make a fortune on the side with the adverstising and promotion that comes there way. The money made on Barney alone as a toy would probably keep PBS on the air for a number of years...but that goes into someone's pocket while the taypayers pickup the tab for creating that this case, Obama is right, "You didn't build that!" Bottomline, I think Romney want to say to the American people, "I can make the hard choices and I have a method which makes sense...we don't need to borrow money for things which are not a necessity." I believe a large portion of America will make the right choice in November but I am not so sure that the numbers will live in the right states in order for the "electoral vote" to come out in balance with the popular vote. Romney has to win in the majority and in particular battleground states if you can believe the way the current map is colored. Thats for the great comments! ~WB

ImKarn23 profile image

ImKarn23 4 years ago

Sigh..there certainly wasn't much 'fight' in obama - it was romney who was on the offensive..

but you're right - most people watch more than listen..

i'm not a romney fan and i'm not an obama fan, but being a woman - there's not a hope in hell i would vote for the gop based on their ever more radical goals where women's rights are concerned - and no one can tell me they're not! I watch AND listen...

Personally - i'd love to actually see 2 people who were capable of doing the job as it was meant to be done - for and by the people!

obama is the evil we know - romneys agenda could ruin the economy simply as collateral damage to what he wants to do to the women who contribute so heavily to it..

excellent piece, as always - whether we agree on all points or not..

ya see - i'm a canadian - i can compromise..(LOL)

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 4 years ago from Texas Author

@ImKarn23....This election extends far beyond the aspect of abortion and is pivotal as to our future as a democratic republic. The birth control situation here in America has gone far beyond the limits of the law with partial-birth abortions which border on murder. School systems are also considering passing out "morning after pills" along with the condoms without consulting with parents on the matter. The Dems want to remind the black man that he would still be in chains if the Republicans had their way. To the contrary, it was the Republicans who pushed away slavery and who upheld civil rights. Obama is neither democrat or republican....he is at the very least a far left progressive with total distain for the American system but more likely a socialist fully determined to bury the America of yesterday. If he can be successful (and another term is likely do that), then I have my doubts that women will be very pleased with the end result. Thanks much....always enjoy you fiesty comments! ~WB

Ken Burgess profile image

Ken Burgess 4 years ago from Florida

The best question at the second presidential debate came from Michael Jones, an African-American who said:

"Mr. President, I voted for you in 2008. What have you done or accomplished to earn my vote in 2012? I'm not that optimistic, as I was in 2008. Most things I need for everyday living are very expensive."

Obama replied that he had ended the war in Iraq (while pointlessly escalating the war in Afghanistan) and that Osama bin Laden is dead (and so is our ambassador). Both of which must be a great comfort to Mr. Jones as he tries to pay his bills every month.

Jones was right: Since Obama has been president, everything you own -- your home, pension, savings accounts, weekly paychecks -- are all worth less.Meanwhile, everything you need -- gas, food, and anything else that requires fuel to be transported to you -- costs more. Obama can't talk his way out of his record

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Wayne Brown 4 years ago from Texas Author

@Ken Burgess....See, we have made progress since Jimmy Carter left office. In Carter's day, inflation was eating our paychecks as fast as we could get a raise. Politicians have now found a method by which inflation can no longer be effectively measured...therefore there isn't any yet the price of fuel has quadrupled and higher transportation costs are driving up the price of just about every consumer good in the retrail market. But our government reports that inflation is within an acceptable range as predicted. Ultimately, the middle class will bear the burden of Obama's mistakes economically (if they are indeed mistakes rather than agenda steps). Obama has no plan for economic recovery or jobs. He only has an idealological agenda...the fundamental transformation of America into a socialist state. In order to get there, two things must first happen. Our financial back must be broken and the will of the people (especially the middle class) must be so eroded that we are no longer willing to fight for our rights and freedoms. At that point, the vast majority of Americans will be looking to the government for their subsistence and the wealthy will be living somewhere else in the world. Mr. Jones has it right...there are no reasons to vote for Obama but there are more than enough to vote against him. Thanks, Ken. ~WB

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