American Direction


By: Wayne Brown

The mid-term elections are in the final stages with just a handful of elections to be finalized due to write in votes, etc.  Certainly, the American public spoke loudly in the election although some feel it was not loud enough.  The Republicans gained a clear majority in the House and did tighten up the numbers some in the Senate although a majority position was not reached.  This leaves room for both sides of the aisle to manipulate the system over time and only time will tell whether or not an air of compromise and cooperation will develop.


Some will say that a clear message has been sent to the President to move his direction more toward the center and to step away from issues like Cap & Trade and Immigration Reform.  While that message may have been sent, it is highly doubtful that the President will make that move given the fact that his philosophical and political center is most likely still very far from the one on which America rests.  At this point, the President still believes he is right and that he knows what is best for America.  It is doubtful that he will relinquish that position in the near future.


Some pundits would point to the vote and claim that the President will be committing political suicide by not becoming a centrist.  I contend that this is ground that is totally unknown to the President and ground that he had not planned to work upon.  Therefore, he has no idea how to approach it nor does he have any desire to approach it.  I believe you will see him continue in surprising directions in his attempts to gain movement on both Cap & Trade and Immigration Reform.  He still wields the power of Executive Order and he still holds a majority position in the Senate.  These can be formidable tools in leveraging the conservative side as we move toward the 2012 elections.


At this point, based on his popularity numbers, Obama has little to lose in holding his ground and possibly everything to gain, at least in his mind.  To rebound from his current position with the American voter will require some very accurate and timely moves.  These are not the kind of moves that he wants to make from an unknown ‘centrist’ position.  Obama considers himself to be too much of an intellect to be convinced by a pollster that he is too far left of center.


We may see some movement on the Bush tax cuts offered as an avenue of good tidings and compromise in the beginning stages.  This may be easy for Obama to give up since he has indeed lost the House and may not have the power to generate new spending bills without it.  The revenue gained by the dropping of the tax cuts would not go toward reducing the national deficit anyway.  It would simply go into the pot and be used on new creative spending ventures for the next two years.  Thus, allowing the tax cuts to stand may gain Obama more ground in the polls on the positive side of the ledger and only interfere minimally with his direction toward big government.


With the elections over, Obama will jump back into the international arena with a visit to India.  This trip may also signal his willingness to enter the “treaty game”.  International treaties can become a conduit for change on the domestic front in some cases.  When the President signs a treaty on behalf of the United States, the ratification of it requires that two-thirds of the Senate vote to approve the treaty.  If that occurs, then America is bound by the terms of that treaty both in the global theater and on the domestic front.  Some pundits believe that this may be one avenue that the President considers in working on issues such as gun control within the country.  And, like the healthcare bill, it is an excellent place to bury those smoking guns that the public knows little or nothing about until the votes are in place.  I look for the President to be very active on the international front for the next two years.


So what about the economy?  What about jobs?  Oh, I think you will see the President growing more and more nonchalant about those issues hoping that the American public will lay them at the feet of the Republicans who have now populated Washington’s political landscape.  He can point to the fact that America wanted a change in this election and now that they have it, he is more than willing to work with the conservative side with ideas they might generate on the economy and jobs.  This leaves the ball in Republican court and takes some of the heat off the President.  As things stand at the present, he cannot get re-elected in 2012 with his current level of support so what does he have to lose by letting the Republicans take the lead?


The Republicans are coming into the game with a lot of constraints.  There is urgency to get the economy moving in the right direction with significantly greater speed.  There is an expectation of significant job creation and growth in the private sector.  At the same time, there is also an air of opinion that says “get control of the spending”.  The question now becomes what measures can the Republicans push through that will set well with all three of these constraints?  This may be some difficult water to navigate in that Obama and company have spent about all the money that America is willing to tolerate on stimulus packages, economic investment, and union support.  Better ideas with some stronger results must emerge and America is looking to the Republicans to accomplish that task.  Obama and company are betting that the task is too great for the Republicans to succeed thus they bear no real blame in stepping out of the way and bear no shame in attempting to take credit if indeed there are successes between now and 2012.


Both sides would do well to get past this ‘Mexican Stand-off’ of sorts and work on some real solutions which are fiscally responsible.  The vast silent majority of Americans are counting on that effort to demonstrate that compromise and consensus can be reached by both parties.  The majority of Americans are tired of the same old political rhetoric, the finger-pointing, and the lavish-arrogant life styles of those who populate our government.  The message is clear, “you work for us, the American taxpayer. You have a job which you asked for and we granted to you.  Now do it.  Don’t waste time on social agendas, reforms, and pork-barrel schemes in the backroom with some lobbyist.  Get to the task at hand and get America back on track as a strong, democratic republic like it was originally designed.”  That is the challenge and it damn well needs to be answered with some urgency on both sides of the aisle.


When America looks back over the past decades, efforts have been made and money spent to change America into something that no real American citizen really wanted.  Our education system is in chaos and teaching everything but the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic.  The American culture is under attack and heavily subject to dilution with the influx of illegal immigrants and the on-going calls for open borders and amnesty.  Special interests drive the regulatory process to a level that causes businesses to turn away and run for better ground.  Legislation to regulate Cap & Trade and energy and healthcare are the mantra of the President.  Political correctness, diversity, and multi-culturalism are the daily diet distributed by our liberal media.


In the end, we are bombarded with the expectation that we should be ashamed to be called Americans.  We are told that the most giving, compassionate, and caring country on the face of the earth is bad.  Honestly, I don’t think America is buying it, and the sooner the politicians wake up to that fact and start walking the democratic line again, the sooner they get right with most of what America is thinking.


It is high time America got back to holding its head up high and lifting up ourselves for our many accomplishments.  It is high time that we discharged those in all aspects of our lives who will tell us that our system is not good; has failed, and must be reformed to something in line with the socialistic aspects of the rest of the world.  It is time to change that thinking and the time is now.




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Joe Badtoe profile image

Joe Badtoe 6 years ago from UK

Very Patriotic and well written

but still nobody wants to talk about the Bush govt and the trillion dollars it cost to send US soldiers into a couple of pointless wars. A trillion dollars is a lot of debt.

I think the next two years could make or break either party if neither wants to compromise. Sadly this stance would harm the majority of fair minded people who played no part in the economic collapse.

The Tea Party will implode,way too many ego's fighting for the hot seat and way too little policies that make much sense. The vindictiveness of these so called Americans who are blaming Obama for absolutely everything which is both wrong and an act of veiled racism.

The US need a middle ground political party a new party devoid of self publicists and power hungry morons who'll do or say anything to get their profile on the news.

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 6 years ago from Texas Author

@Joe Badtoe...Washington has long been a three-ringed circus with both sides playing to the cameras and shoving each other aside to gain the spotlight. The human factors of ego, greed, and thirst for power have corrupted many over the years and I doubt that will ever end. At the same time, the taxpayers have sat back and allowed it to go on because their world was not bothered by it. Like everything left uncheck, sooner or later, it comes back to haunt you. I think the middle ground between the far right side of the Democratic Party and the far left side of the Republican party might encompass a significant part of America and there might be enough consensus within that group to form a middle ground party. For me, both parties have caved to the extremists philosphy of the far sides and that generally is not in step with the greater mass of voters. Thanks for the comment. WB

50 Caliber profile image

50 Caliber 6 years ago from Arizona

"An act of veiled racism?" give it a rest badtoe, when will butt stains like you go away?

Wayne a fine hub, and point that we have just begun down this road and obama with his upward jutting chin needs to get bi-partisan as does all of capital hill and act like a Republic. As well as getting useless spending at bay, if NASA is shut down , and the troops have to come home so be it. Wrangle the aliens in and get them on visas plains or buses. Fiscal responsibility is going to make or break this nations back, 50

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 6 years ago from Texas Author

@50 Caliber...You're too much, creative mind working there! LOL! Thanks for the good words and you are correct, this is only the begininng of hopeful regaining a foothold in having a say in the workings of our country. Otherwise, the whole nation will soon look like the left coast...the land of entitlement! WB

Tom Whitworth profile image

Tom Whitworth 6 years ago from Moundsville, WV


At this point there's just one thing that would satify me and that's for Obama to resign his office!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 6 years ago from Texas Author

@Tom Whitworth...Does that mean Biden becomes President? LOL! Actually better a buffoon than a socialist, huh? WB

Joe Badtoe profile image

Joe Badtoe 6 years ago from UK

50 Caliber

Thanks for the insult it is the making of you.

lisadpreston profile image

lisadpreston 6 years ago from Columbus, Ohio

Ha ha, Wayne, you know I love you. Why do I always start out that way on your political hubs? But I have to agree with Joe Badtoe. We can't forget how the tillions of dollars were spent on this war. I am upset that Obama didn't bring the troops home as promised and is picking a war with Iran. I am just so sick of politics to be honest. They're all crooks.

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 6 years ago from Texas Author

@lisadpreston...Lisa, no doubt we have spent far too much money in the Middle East on war and even a fool can figure out that is all tied to oil...because it is the only viable energy source in the world at the moment. Given that, and America's dependence on it, most Presidents would probably elect the same process given they were attacked on their own shores as we were in 2001. Terrorism has no given homeland so we have to go where they hide...Afghanistan is as close as we can get without invading India and Pakistan. We can elect not to fight terrorism but it will only bring more of the same to our shores. Obama did not bring the troops home because it became obvious to him after he assumed power that it would be political suicide to do so. That is the validity of the war on terror. At same time, remember that Lyndon Johnson could not wait to launch a war in Southeast Asia, a war that many of his supporters such as Brown&Root Construction Co. benefited greatly over the years. His fellow democrat, Jimmy Carter, had to pay the debt for that war and inflation due to the demand for money on the part of the government hit double digits. Now, all of that was not the war, some of it was Johnson's Great Society spending coupled with the Jimmy Carter's social dreams but ultimately it had to be paid for. We cannot make decisions on war on the basis of whether or not we can afford it just as we cannot deal with natural disaster in those terms. We can manage our attitudes about social spending which, in Washington, has iittle to do with human welfare and everything to do with buying votes (on either side of the aisle). Our only control, as American taxpayers, is to demand fiscal responsibility from our elected officials. Once they satisfy that demand, they are free to go ahead with their social programs, etc, with the confine of the money that is available. That's my point...let's get real with what we have available to spend and spend it wisely. Thanks for your comments, I love 'em! WB

profile image

TimBryce 6 years ago

Wayne -

The message may be clear to the American public but not to the career politicians in Washington. This game will keep going until we finally enact term limits. Good write.

All the Best,


Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 6 years ago from Texas Author

@TimBryce...Pelosi, Reed, and the like choose not to hear from their high royal perches. If any one of them was as good at the process of governing and taking care of our country as they are at pork-barreling and make deals with lobbyist, America would be in a superior position. I think Reid all but promised to act as a coyote himself to get the Hispanic vote in Nevada...that shows the serious nature of the problem when the locals are literally overrun in the decison-making process by what may not even be legal votes. Yes...the game goes on and I keep asking how long we can afford to play? Thanks Tim! WB

dabeaner profile image

dabeaner 6 years ago from Nibiru

Some election: The Republicrats are bums, throw them out.

Next election: The Demopublicans are bums, throw them out.

Next election: The Republicrats are bums, throw them out.

Next election: The Demopublicans are bums, throw them out.

Rinse and repeat.

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 6 years ago from Texas Author

@dabeaner...That seems to be all the steps! LOL! WB

Joni Douglas profile image

Joni Douglas 6 years ago

Great hub Wayne. We shall see if this president understands what true bipartisanship really is or if he is just spouting his word salad again.

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 6 years ago from Texas Author

@Joni Douglas....Thank you, Joni! I think it is nothing but rhetoric although the reality of losing big may be bringing some humility, he still believes socialism is the best path for America. I will not rest until he is packing to move out. WB

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

"but still nobody wants to talk about the Bush govt and the trillion dollars it cost to send US soldiers into a couple of pointless wars. A trillion dollars is a lot of debt"

I guess I'm a bad toe too but yep- his statement is certainly true.

There will NEVER be a savior, a messiah, a leader from Yale, Harvard, Skull & Bones, and neither party. Ain't going to happen. Hasn't - ain't. Replacing any with another wolf is just assuring more pensions for lawyers who refuse to run the injustice system or the legislative branch. But this is just theory of accumulated facts for 200 years. Slavery, reconstruction, the reselling of the blacks in 1876, assassinations, shoddy investigations. I really have nothing to go on I guess. Nothing to really wake Americans up.

Meanwhile through all presidents since Carter nuclear secrets have been given away to the middle east according to the book "Deceptions". Ollie North trades guns to the Contras for drugs, trades drugs for gns, steps yout of the loop to trade weapons to Iran for the October surprise and hostages are released to America only after Reagan is enthroned.

Tommy Hilfiger makes clothes for peanuts on an island commonwealth (that Americans never heard of) settles a class action suit, buys some more suits for himself while opening up sweat shops in Bangladesh, Ecuador, ect. Back in America textile workers are SCREWED, blued, and tattooed, and can't afford a $150 shirt made in Gonorrhea, or the Calvin Decline shirt made Bagyourcash!

Oh yeah - republicans have the same answer the democrats have. Screw America - put the cash in the Caymans - and pave sidewalks that run into trees. Make sure those gated communities have sidewalks that go around the block. Get some Mexicans to trim the shrubbery, put welfare mothers in prisons...right - these lawyers will set it all straight "this" time. Oh Jesus squeeze us!

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 6 years ago from Texas Author

@Micky Dee....Thanks's your soapbox! WB

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