By: Wayne Brown

So here comes Obama again waving his executive order pen in hand as if he is some sort of anointed god sent down to save the people from themselves. He cannot wait to write out an order for increased gun control so that he can symbolically demonstrate with the swipe of a pen that he has the peoples’ best interest in mind in all that he does. In fact, in truth, he does not have the votes across the board to move any legislation through the legislative process. Biden has made that clear to him behind closed doors thus anything Biden has been assigned to do is just an exercise in stupidity in terms of the outcome.

Biden runs his mouth in a press conference and says that even if one life is saved the order will be worth it. Did Biden or anyone else mention how that saving is going to be monitored or measured? Did Biden happen to mention that the government today has no way to tell us how many lives guns have saved in overly aggressive criminal situations? No, he does not because that was never the purpose of capitalizing on the recent tragic incident. The goal is to pry the foundation out from under the 2nd Amendment opening up the opportunity to take it a little further each time some politician decides to symbolically chop away at our Constitutional rights.

Of course, Obama would love for the majority of Americans to believe that the majority of people in this country are demanding that he take action and do it now. Of course they are… that’s why he cannot get the votes to pass the legislation that he wants from either side of the aisle. No, this is simply more smoke and mirrors perpetrated by the Obama Clan to test the checks and balances of the country. It is another line in the sand which he drawing to see if anyone is willing to cross it. If they are not, he has that much more leeway to push his fundamental transformation just a little bit faster down that track toward its socialist destination.

For those who cheer on such behavior on the part of our elected elite, never doubt that false assumptions are in play here. That assumption in this case, as in many others, proffers that there are no negative consequences associated with such actions. That assumption is built on the myopic fear of guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens. That assumption concludes that it is only right that the government should take the guns away and then “we’ll all be safe”. Certainly the government can go out there and wield its self-assigned power apparently not needing any vote by the will of the people to do so…Obama is about to show you that can happen. Just remember that when he does, that is just one more time that he has circumvented the established process to exert his will on the people. If that happens then the first part of the assumption will be true but you can forget about the second part…”we’ll all be safe”. Quite the contrary, we’ll be in far more danger than we have ever been in before but you just hang on to another empty Obama promise and hold it close to your heart during the bad times.

When do we see the executive order on mental illness? When do we start testing people right and left so that the government can determine whether or not they are mentally stable enough to function freely in our society? After all, once the guns are gone and every place is declared a “gun free” zone, then who will stop that “unstable person” from entering our classrooms and beating children in the head with baseball bats? It will not be anyone with a gun…that has been pretty much determined at this point. It only makes sense that testing is the next level to determining your right to public access on a regular basis. You know what they say down at the local asylum…”Insanity is only a perspective”.

Since this president took office, he has used situations to create so-called dilemmas which he cautions must be addressed immediately for we no longer have time to look at them, consider the problem, and formulate a viable solution. No…the viable solution is what he and his comrades come up with in the backroom. The viable solution is what fits his agenda for his path to “fundamental transformation”. This president cares nothing for the Constitution or Bill of Rights. He cares nothing for checks and balances or the legislative process. He has no respect for any of it and, in turn, that attitude is beginning to show in the American people. Obama thumbs his nose at the Constitution and his supporters cheer as if he is turning something that is bad into something good. In truth, he is destroying good and replacing it with something his supporters know nothing of but will eventually learn.

We are about to see actions taken which will only have three real result in terms of impact. It will turn the majority of law-abiding, gun-owning, Americans into criminals for they are not going to give up their guns. The black-market for guns will literally flourish overnight and likely compete with the drug trade in terms of the money that changes hands. And lastly, it will do nothing of significance to keep unstable people from carrying out acts of violence against others. Obama and Holder could not keep up with a few thousand guns toss around in “Fast N’ Furious” but they want to manage the firearms of this country? Here again far too many are being blinded by urgency, emotional rhetoric, and media distortion all aimed at one goal….undermine the 2nd Amendment. Maybe that is not your amendment and you don’t particularly care but you should because one day, this administration will finally get to something that you do care about but by then it may be far too late. Ask not for whom the bell tolls.

If in reading this piece all that you can conclude is that “I must be a gun nut”, well, you are sadly mistaken. I am not a gun nut. I am not a car nut either but I do own a couple of them. The same can be said for the guns. In my opinion, whatever happens in the process of completing a 911 call is far too slow in terms of response when someone is coming into your home and threatening your family. We live in a day in time when that possibility is a reality. I do not relish the idea of shooting anyone but I take comfort in knowing that if such an event does take place in my home, I will not be at the mercy of the perpetrator nor will my family and pets.

On a broader perspective, this extends far beyond the specifics of guns and gun control. This is just one action of many that have either already been taken or will be within the next four years. Executive order has become Obama’s way to avoid compromise even when it comes at the expense of the Constitution. Regulations extending into what amounts to “laws” are being implement without any action on Congress’ part with agencies like the EPA declaring that the regulations are well within their mandate to construct and implement sans Congressional consideration. Of course, Congress has oversight ability in terms of regulatory agencies and in terms of the checks and balances system but how much actions can you expect when the Senate sits firm in the hands of Biden and Reid and anyone in the House who raises an opposition voice to anything the president desires is immediately labeled a racist and an extremist.

Of course there will not be any epiphany to come in Washington any time soon. The “Will of the People” has long since been thrown out the back window with the bath water. Our elected officials are drunk with power spending money that we as a people do not have and cannot come up with even if we tax ourselves into oblivion. But let’s not quibble; spending is not the problem according to those in charge of our fate as a nation. Guns are not the problem either but we are hell bent to make them the focus of any action taken rationalizing it on the backs of our concern for the dead children caught up a tragedy which some mental screwball implemented. Cheer that on while you stop and consider that Planned Parenthood killed almost one million potential newborns over the past three years and set a new record in 2012 for annual abortions. Who cries for those children?

Never has this country been in such a mindset as to allow itself to be led around by its nose; by its emotions, while being immersed weekly in a tirade of class warfare rhetoric from the White House. The White House…the place where our leader is supposed to live and this is the best that he can offer….divide and conquer. Keep that thought in mind as Obama signs his executive order regarding gun control and mull over the possibility of what other actions he might take that will eventually make you realize that he does not have yours or the country’s best interest in mind.

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10 January 2013

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WillStarr profile image

WillStarr 4 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

There are about 100,000,000 law abiding gun owners in the US (way up since Obama took office).

What we need to do is show up in Washington (unarmed of course) in the largest, organized and peaceful, protest march in the history of the world.

That way, they will know we are not about to allow the political class to tell us that we cannot own the very militia weapons our forefathers had in mind when they wrote the Second Amendment.

Excellent Hub, Wayne!

breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 4 years ago

The right to bear arms was intended to protect us from the government. No wonder Obama wants them gone. A disarmed America is better for him, especially once he takes away all our freedoms . Up and awesome!

Ericdierker profile image

Ericdierker 4 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

Your logic is unassailable. Your concerns hit right at the heart of the reason for a constitution. You have me completely until you do not address the issue of assault weapons. As opposed to guns in general.

I still have yet to hear of the case of the protection from an intruder in a home by assault weapon. Our best defense against Obamanation is to have solid ideas put forth in the practical world.

Again I voted up and interesting for a well written hub.

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 4 years ago from Texas Author

@WillStarr...That would be better than the million-man march, huh? I think that is also the reason Obama will never get the votes in Congress to do his deeds. Thanks much! ~WB

@breakfastpop....Right on you are, Poppy...nothing outdated about that concept today, in fact, it holds true now more than ever. Thanks much. ~WB

@Ericdierker....I do not really have an axe to grind on so-called "assault weapons" although many of them are simply a more common gun dressed up to look more threatening. A deer rifle with a 30 round clip is just as deadly but does not look the part. Personally, I do not own or desire to own any of them as I see no practical use other than target practice. A shotgun or pistol works fine for home protection for me. Most everyone that I see who does purchase an assault-style rifle seems to do so for the novelty, sort of like a collector. In the end, they normally show up at the target range and then go back in the case. That is the reason a solid discussion needs to be had on the issue. The 2nd Amendment makes it clear that citizens have the right to bear arms individually even when there is a standing and well trained military in place for our defense. Someone throws a few pieces of plastic on a short barreled semi-automatic rifle and a few folks go wild to do away with the 2nd makes no sense. Thank much, Eric. ~WB

WillStarr profile image

WillStarr 4 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

"I still have yet to hear of the case of the protection from an intruder in a home by assault weapon. Our best defense against Obamanation is to have solid ideas put forth in the practical world."

Although no one is arguing that an intruder is the reason for possessing a semi-automatic with a large magazine, they are a very effective home defense as a pair of intruders learned not long ago in an article I read.

The reason we have a Second Amendment is well explained in the words of our Founding Fathers...there are always tyrants waiting in the wings, and no democracy is safe from them unless the people are well armed.

It is not about hunting and it is not about home defense, although those are advantages of being armed. It is to keep us free.

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 4 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

Wayne... All I care to add to your incredibly brilliant and common sense hub is......There were no guns used in Jonestown, but mind control, and poison....The Manson Family used no guns to slaughter 7 people. No gun used to kill 168 people in Oklahoma City/Federal Building.....and certainly not the least guns in the "original" 9-11 destruction of lives. Those who are of the will to kill....the need to kill....will kill. Period. I believe this.

My own personal focus is so much more heavily concentrated on our country's shameful and inexcusable ignorance, denial and lack of Mental Health Care. To get into this, requires a hub....I need to do this....

But the fact the most recent mass murders by individuals.....Gabbie Gifford,( Holmes/the theater) and Sandy Hook School/Adam Lanza..... these 3 lunatics were/are severely mentally ill...and worse, it was no secret to those around them.....for a very long time. ....I'll say no more, for it surely will become a rant.

Just the question I have asked repeatedly here....(perhaps due to my own ignorance)...but these fears and warnings and dooms day predictions about what Obama is doing/will create Socialism and rob us of all rights.......HOW can this happen? Whatever Obama far as I can tell, he is NOT the Lone Ranger. Am I to accept that the entire balance...hundreds of government......millions to include citizens....just sit on our asses with our thumbs up them? Sincerely, someone needs to explain this to me. Please. In OUR country...can any ONE man do what is being stated? Sorry, Wayne....but the mere "possibility," defies my sense of reality......Great Great hub, Sir.....You are retired now, right? How about Politics? ...........UP+++

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 4 years ago from Texas Author

@WillStarr....I agree with your representation of the the 2nd Amendment. I believe the intent is clear that the Founding Fathers and the States ratifying the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were totally focused on the idea of the individual right to bear arms regardless of whether the government was providing a standing and well-trained militia or military in today's terminology...that right was not to be infringed. How much clearer can you be? A 22 cal. semi-automatic rifle with assault dress and a high capacity clip is far more intimidating in terms of its looks than a regular .22 cal semi-automatic rifle though both shoot the same cartridge and have the same muzzle just makes a stronger statement and may actually be a bit more durable. Thanks for the good words, Will! ~WB

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 4 years ago from Texas Author

@fpherj48...Whether or not Obama can reach his goal in four more years is certainly in question but that becomes a function of how long we can last as a nation financially before the wheels come off. If we go into a scenario like Greece, then all bets are off in terms of how the federal government will respond to the citizens...i.e. martial law, possibly. I don't see those on the right calling Obama to task and getting anywhere with it at the present. He is sliding on Fast n' Furious. He is sliding on Benghazi. He continues to make controversial appointments and try as much as possible to do it without Congressional approval. The current situation is not about gun control, it is about seeing how much control can be exercised over people through executive fiat and seeing who calls the hand. Either way, the left wins for either Obama continues on with his trashing of our Constitution infrastructure or he sets the stage for that direction to continue as more progressive socialist come to power with the aid of a welfare voter base which is growing by the day. If positions were reversed and this were a conservative in the White House, I would venture to say that impeachment would already be under consideration. No one is driving the train on the Congressional side and the Supreme Court is awash in its own powers not really wanting to get mixed up in it all. We are a ship which is being purposely driven into an iceberg with no one doing anything to stop the crazed captain in the wheelhouse. Too many Americans assume that regardless of what changes, they will always have the country they have always known...that is just not true and Obama is showing that to them everyday but they still do not see it. He could not be more blatant if he said, "Hold my beer and watch this!" Look in every arena...the private sector is being purposely surpressed. People are seeing their taxes raised but believe that is only happening to the rich. We are about to take on a healthcare system which the country cannot afford or pay for. The EPA is creating new regulations to choke business more each day. Obama is clamoring for gun control and soon he will move on the immigration amnesty. The spending has grown at a rate of almost four times that of the revenue stream flowing into the government. All these things eventual roll together and collapse the infrastructure...we won't see that until the money begins to become rather worthless then the alternatives will begin to disappear and the can will not longer be kicked down the road will be come to Jesus time and Obama will still be in the wheelhouse holding course for the iceberg. Better hold on, Paula! Thanks much. ~WB

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 4 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

Oh...thanks soooo much, Wayne. I feel so much better. I DID ask you to explain, didn't I? OK, good....I'll just have a little swim in Lake Erie now.

Not only is it 30 degrees...I don't swim..

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 4 years ago from Texas Author

@fpherj48....AMEN! LOL! ~WB

The Frog Prince profile image

The Frog Prince 4 years ago from Arlington, TX

Lead? Who? Ya gotta be funning me Wayne. Obama knows enough about leadership to fill a thimble and no more. Time for people to pull their heads out of their keisters and answer this question:

The Frog

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 4 years ago from Texas Author

@The Frog Prince....Only those who worship at his altar...not me....I and many, many others agree with you. If Hitler were living today, he might be under consideration for a high appointed office here in America...of course, without Congressional approval. Loved that photo! Thanks much! ~WB

drbj profile image

drbj 4 years ago from south Florida

I thought you said it all, Wayne, in this very well-written exposition of what is happening to America today and most probably in the future as well. Then I read your comment responding to Paula and that was the cyanide icing on the poisoned cake that citizens, I mean, sheeple, are swallowing today.

carol7777 profile image

carol7777 4 years ago from Arizona

People accept and that is the issue. I think guns can be dangerous..but they are also for protection for honest law abiding citizens. I am equally frightened about our national debt.. Raising taxes took care of more spending. I cannot believe that Washington does not come up with viable solutions to cut back our debt. I was thinking that the more you try to eliminate guns.. the more there will be. If you made certain drugs lawful the use would go down..People love the forbidden and will go to great lengths to get that.

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 4 years ago from Texas Author

@drbj...Sorry to throw that cold water on things, Doc. As I have said before, I have never had such bad vibes for a president from either side of the aisle. Worse yet, we have people in high places willing to support his treachery and a half-blind public clamoring for more. It is a formula which can spell nothing but trouble for our nation and its people. Thanks much! ~WB

@carol7777...There are aspect of guns in America that I care little of them is assault type products but I certainly do not see gutting the 2nd Amendment to to get to them and that is exactly what they are now for Obama and company...a conduit to achieve their desires to dissolve the Amendment completely and collect all the guns. Here again the solution does not fit the problem and the urgency demands that we circumvent the system to achieve it. This is Obama's way and it undermines the Constitution at every turn. Meanwhile, we drown in debt and keep stacking it on...Obama loves distractions. Thanks much! ~WB

Dim Flaxenwick profile image

Dim Flaxenwick 4 years ago from Great Britain

You make some very interesting points, here.

Why is it that the politicians never seem to have any of the common sense that you and others like you have?

Here in Britian I´ve decided that "popular politician" is now legally an oxymoron.

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 4 years ago from Texas Author

@Dim Flaxenwick....Politicians have a way of promising everything to everyone then using their money to buy other things while continuing to claim they fulfilled all their promises. They play on our weaknesses as people in that we all want security, etc. They promise us that but fail to mention that they will take our freedom and liberties in trade. In some circles that is what is clearly recognized as a "scumbag" but it never quite sticks to the politician who is always "new and improved". Unless we, as a people, learn to weigh issues and establish positions on our own, there will always be a politician attempting to put words in our mouth. One thing you can almost always count on...a politician's solution and the essence of the problem are totally unrelated. Thanks much! ~WB

indiaguerita profile image

indiaguerita 4 years ago

I loved this Hub! I am now a follower of yours on Hubpages. Your last paragraph was my favorite. "Never has this country been in such a mindset as to allow itself to be led around by its nose; by its emotions, while being immersed weekly in a tirade of class warfare rhetoric from the White House."

It's sickening and frightening. My liberal friends ask me: Do you really think "one" man can "take over the country"? And my response has been to bite my tongue, because...why bother? But in my head I think, Fidel Castro, Benito Mussolini, Hitler and Sadam Hussein.

Thanks for the great Hub!


indiaguerita profile image

indiaguerita 4 years ago

Also, I thank you for your service to our country and for your sacrifices.

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 4 years ago from Texas Author

@indiaguerita....You are indeed a very smart young lady. Yes one man can take over a country if he stands unopposed by others in power who are also in violation of their oaths of office for not protecting the Constitution. I seriously doubt that anyone in Germany expected Hitler to rise to such power but it is so insidious in the beginning. Your friends walk around under the assumption that no matter what Obama changes it will be for the betterment and they will not lose anything in the process. They are so, so wrong and time will surely demonstrate that fact. This guy is out of control...he knows, many of us in the public know it yet he does not. He is going to continue to test the Constitution and see where he gets challenged and how seriously. If we can survive as a free nation for four more years, we might have a chance to change that direction. Otherwise, impeachment is our only hope and the "do nothing" Congress has no interest in pursuing that line even when the president has violated his oath and continues to do so. Thanks much for the good words and the follow. ~WB

indiaguerita profile image

indiaguerita 4 years ago

My husband is socially liberal and fiscally a democrat. He is also very intelligent and emotionally more calm than I am. Politically I do not consider myself a radical or an extremist but my thoughts tend to take on a more conservative view. Socially I am fairly liberal. (Together we make a great team.)

We read the 'memorandums' from the POTUS last night together. My first reaction was physiological...I felt sick to my stomach and my mind was reeling. My second reaction was emotional...I became angry and defensive during our discussion of why we thought this was a good/bad idea.

He made some good points...and he made some bad points. I am sure I did the same. At the end of the discussion both of us were pretty quiet, lost in our own thoughts.

I am worried...and scared for our country. My husband's attitude and viewpoint on certain things made me feel hopeless and uncharacteristically like giving up. This is not a stupid man. This man is smarter than I am. I don't want to change who he is...but if the majority of the President's supporters think like he can the take over be stopped?

Anyways...sorry for ranting/venting. Have a great day.


Patriot Quest profile image

Patriot Quest 4 years ago from America

Recent gallop poll shows only 4% believe something should be done about guns, largest killings in U.S. history started in 1927 when a disgruntled school board member used dynamite to blow up a school house full of children, 911 was performed with planes and box cutters, OKC bombing was committed with fertilizer............The left says we don't need guns to protect ourselves against government because the military has missiles and planes to destroy us..............didn't Russia get beaten back by Afghans on horseback living in caves?........guns are my freedom from oppression....

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 4 years ago from Texas Author

@indiaguerita...I believe that true conservatives and true liberals in this country want the same end game but they disagree on how to achieve it thus it is not the goal but the methodology which has historically made up the debate. For the most part, we have never been too far off course from our original intent with either side. All that changes with when you insert progressives and radicals into the mix. These are the people like Bill Ayers who despised our form of government and seek only to do those things to undermine it and replace it with something they see as more fair and equitable yet fail to see that it is fatally flawed. Obama is among that crowd. He worships at Ayers altar although claims to hardly know him. He hardly knows him yet Ayers father is responsible for almost every thing that has happened to and for Obama since he arrived in Chicago. Both Ayers and his father are radicals and Ayers' father had both the ways and the means to make things happen for Obama if he could pull off manipulating the blacks of southside Chicago...which he did. The difference between you and your husband it appears is that he actually believes that Obama occupies the White House with the best interest of the American system and its people in mind. If you listen to Obama's rhetoric, this is easy to believe but if you watch his actions, he is no longer credible and actually appears quite dangerous to our way of life. He speaks to preserving the middle class wage earners yet everything he does opposes that in that he is growing debt, growing government, surpressing the private section which directly affects jobs growth. He says he wants to create jobs but the economic engine which does that (the private sector) is hounded by his healthcare strategy, his evasive tax schemes, and his on-going desire to regulate, regulate, regulate. He is slowly killing off investment in this country and with it jobs which will slowly eliminate the middle class wage earner and send them into poverty. He employs Keynesian Economic theory which is flawed, socialist, and long since proven ineffective. He shoves healthcare down the throat of a nation in which the majority opposes the concept. He tackles gun control under the guise of dimishing violence when only 4% of the population feels that it is the problem. Gun-related homicides and murders are at a far lower rate in this country than anytime in our history especially when compared to the forty years between 1840 and 1880 when there were no assault weapons or semi-automatic guns in public hands. He touts immigration reform without securing our borders which only acts to fill our welfare rolls with more people who are not citizens and encourage even more to come seeking what they are told is "entitlements" when the only true entitlements are Medicare, Social Security, and Veteran Benefits. He claims a "balanced approach" toward debt reduction yet clamors for higher debt ceilings and no spending restrictions. Lastly, he has no regard or respect for the Constitution and actually considers it a hinderance to his agenda. He is such an elitist that he actually believes that he is of such a higher intelligence quotient that he does not need the will of the people behind him to do what is right for America. He does not believe in capitalism, democracy, or our system of checks and balances. He has zero leadership skills; refuses to negogiate or compromise while blaming the failures on others. In doing so he hides behind the face of racism, touting socialist propaganda and methods which he learned from his card-carryiing communist mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, and his idolic leader, Saul Alinsky. He surrounds himself with radicals, socialist, and proclaimed communists yet states that it is simply a coincidence. How much more do we need to see that our best interest is not under consideration here? The only way this country survives with any of its roots in place is to confront Obama and hold him to the standards of the Constitution or impeach him for not doing so. I surely doubt our spineless elected officials in Washington can get past the idea of someone playing the racecard if they even think of it. Thanks much and good luck, Laura! ~WB

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 4 years ago from Texas Author

@Patriot Quest....You are correct and on top of that, gun-related homicides and murders are far lower than at any time in history. The highest numbers occurred in the four decades between 1840 and 1880 when there was no assault or semi-automatic weapons. The Obama Administration has dropped the reference to "gun control" and inserted the term "gun violence" so they get the impact of thinking about violence and directly relating it to guns. This is about the eventual undermining of the 2nd Amendment, plain and simple. Those who argue that the 2nd has no teeth do not seem to notice the emphasis is on "WILL NOT INFRINGE". Obama has an agenda which has nothing to do with sustain our values as a people or nurturing our Constitution and form of government. If he is to fundamentally tranform the American system, he has to get the middle-class (as he refers to it) out of the way. He has to break their back and he is attempting to do just that while he stands there lying and proclaiming that he has the middle class' survival at the forefront. In effect, just the opposite is true as he slow crushes the private sector under healthcare, taxation, and regulation. Jobs will continue to diminish and more and more of the middle income wage earners will see no where to go but to the poor house. By the time they figure it out, he will have enough folks on the welfare wagon to continue electing his ilk to office. He is using the working class people's hard earned tax dollars to buy votes to sustain his march toward socialism and something ultimately beyond as Marx always said that socialism is simply a temporary step on the way to communism. Thanks much for the comments! ~WB profile image 4 years ago from upstate, NY

As usual your points are spot on!

"Obama and Holder could not keep up with a few thousand guns toss around in “Fast N’ Furious” but they want to manage the firearms of this country? "

When will they ever learn? Liberal politicians continue to insist that if there's a problem then its up to the government to fix it, it doesn't seem to matter how many times they fail, they still hold to their belief.

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 4 years ago from Texas Author problem lies with the people of this country who keep electing the same politicians and expecting a different outcome. They have stolen the people of this country blind across the board yet can stand in front of a camera and lie like dogs about everything that confronts them. I seriously doubt the people will ever learn to quit listening to the scumbags. Thanks much! ~WB

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