APO FPO DPO Textbook Stores

Textbook stores that offer fast APO FPO DPO delivery are:

Textbooks.com. Buy, rent or sell your university and high school textbooks. I tested Textbooks.com recently and they ship just as fast as Amazon, no problem.

Don't overlook Amazon ...

In addition to the above Textbook-specific online bookstores, Amazon also ships textbooks fast to APO FPO and DPO addresses.

They actually probably have the largest inventory of new textbooks, as well as their marketplace textbook listings - plus they have a way for you to sell back your textbooks to other students once your done with the book (they list your past textbook purchases with a suggested re-sell price in the right margin of your Amazon Textbook page - log on to your Amazon account to see your books.

Definitely don't overlook Wikipedia and Google

And don't forget that if perchance your textbooks have not yet arrived in the mail before the start of a college course - or if you experience some other sort of SNAFU (situation normal - all fouled up) - in a pinch you can use Google and Wikipedia as fast "textbooks." Although most schools and universities frown on using Wikipedia as a reference source (such as referencing a Wikipedia page in an essay bibliography), Googling for quality, free textbook-like information is different. While waiting for late textbooks to arrive, and because my course had already commenced with an end date, I used Google and Wikipedia in math course while finishing up a BS in Communication Studies with the University of Maryland University College in 2006 - and it worked just fine.

And I definitely used Wikipedia scientific references to supplement and understand study material to (finally) pass a CLEP Natural Sciences exam to finish the same bachelor's degree.

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