Are we building or destroying a society? We the people in this once proud and always arrogant country, United States of America, are beginning to see the finish line of this destructive race. Perhaps that is because we the people are no longer concerned with how to better this society. It is easier to look at the damage and complain. Optimism has become an antonym of reality. Our reality now is an expectance of the inevitable end. We are seeing the chaos everyday. We are living it and at the same time viewing it through our television screens and computer monitors. Deep down we want change and to build a better world, but we are addicted to this reality. We are addicted to the chaos. So we encourage it by throwing up our arms and saying "this is the end." But when all is said and done, what would be your answer when future generations ask you, "What did you do?" You can't possibly give them the same spiel you give now to your buddies down at the local pub. You will have to reflect on all the times you complained and accepted defeat. And when you ponder on your actions, or lack thereof, you will realize that you played a leading part in destroying a society.

The solutions to most of our problems are not out of our hands. We are capable of making the positive changes we all long for. We just have to take action and commit to making a difference. We know how to go about this, but we trick ourselves into thinking we are clueless. This hub is not going to tell you what you already know. You will not find a list of suggestions or links on how to get active. That would only be insulting to your intelligence. Here is my two cents of motivation for a society that has given up on itself. Let us not accept defeat as a reality and let us open our hearts and minds to a more optimistic society that believes change for the better is possible. With that type of optimism driving our country, we will be able to build and keep building.

- Ryan K. Willis

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junko profile image

junko 5 years ago

When I was a young man these words came across the t,v. screen (HATE HURTS YOU) not spoken, but wrote. There is in you some stories to tell. I heard them in your hubs. Control your emotions, and anger and say it, not shout it.You should not desire to show your anger in your writings.

Ryan K. Willis profile image

Ryan K. Willis 5 years ago from USA Author


I will try to apply your advice to my next hubs. Thanks.

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