If you have watched the news lately it has been full of how low the death counts of soldiers and civilians in Iraq have been. The Current president and his staff want our congress to focus their attention onto Iran and it’s supposing hidden weapons of destruction. It seems that the message that is being told is that if any country opposes us, or what we represent to the world, than they must be a terrorist, and the matter must be fixed quickly with an invasion of our armies.

     So has the United States become the Terrorist now, because other nations disagrees on how our government handles situations they believe a threat to us? Is this the right action to take on our country's behalf and do we have the right to forth our notion of morals on other nations? I don't see how we as a nation can push our belief system on other countries that have increase their armies and weapons because they fear the US as a new enemy. Have we become the new enemy to fear?

     We have shown the world that our main goals are to take on who we think are a threat and invade their country to incorporate our idealism into their culture. Of course after blowing up their cities and civilians than we bring in third party contractors to rebuild their country in another copy of A US city with name brands scattered across bill boards and forcing them to be just like us.

     Fear is our choice of weapon and it has worked for The US government for a long time. How can we stop this? Is our attention to what our government is doing being corrupted with reality TV shows, loosing our jobs, high cost of gas and food, being evicted out of our homes, or a well acted politician performing before a live audience?

     No, our choice is to become more aware of what is happening around all of us in this country and to pay attention to the laws that will affect us or our neighbors that are being passed by Congress, now.


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