India Should Question China’s Sovereignty

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Abdullah Omer thrashes out China

Jammu & Kashmir Chief Minister Abdullah Omar called India to question the sovereignty of China over Tibet and Taiwan
Jammu & Kashmir Chief Minister Abdullah Omar called India to question the sovereignty of China over Tibet and Taiwan | Source

Abdullah Omar speaks fine

Abdullah Omar, different leader

Right from the late Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru to India’s present Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, I hate this political class for their corruption and for lack of courage in calling a spade a spade. In the name of diplomacy and maintaining cordial relations, India’s politicians have been subservient to even India’s number one enemy China. When China has been calling the shots, no Indian leader had ever dared to question China on any count. But for a change, I found that the Jammu & Kashmir Chief Minister Abdullah Omar has that courage to call a spade a spade.

Omar has more guts than Obama

While speaking in a function in Mumbai a few days back, Abdullah Omar expressed his concern at the involvement of China in the Kashmir region. Omar also wanted the Indian leaders to show some spine in dealing with China. Kudos Omar, I have become your fan at least in this matter. You are a class above the rest of the politician in India. I pray God to give you long life and the same courage to question China’s activities. I doubt very much whether even Barack Obama has the guts to speak openly in this language. But Omar, please do not disappoint your admirers like me by denying all you spoke in the function later at the pressure of Indian government.

Indian leaders should have shared platform with Dalai Lama

Omar also complemented the Indian leaders for having stood up against the Chinese threat to postpone the Buddhist Conference in New Delhi where Dalai Lama was participating. Just because Chinese were visiting India for the border talks (these talks were called off anyway), India did not postpone the Buddhist Conference or asked the Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama not to participate in it. Instead, India allowed Dalai Lama to participate in the conference and fully give vent to his thoughts. Omar’s point is correct. Omar insisted that India should take this position more often. I fully agree with him. In fact, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Indian President Pratiba Patil were scheduled to attend the Buddhist Conference. But in the last minute, they cancelled their programmes and did not participate in it. This is very disappointing news. Had the Indian Prime Minister and President participated in the conference and shared the same platform with Dalai Lama, it would have sent very strong signals to Beijing.

Abdullah Omar should become Indian Prime Minister one day

Omar also stated that while China seemed to have no problem in calling Kashmir a disputed area, India is expected to toe the ‘one China’ policy and not expected to question Taiwan’s status or Tibet’s status. If I meet Omar, I will plant thousand kisses on his mouth which uttered the above words. Kudos Omar, Kudos. You are the real Indian. Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Pratiba Patil and all other Chief Ministers and political party leaders fade into insignificance and become dwarfs before your towering personality. I wish you become the Indian Prime Minister and become the voice of India.

Who can be more patriotic than Abdullah Omar?

Some say that Muslims are terrorists, disloyal to India and unpatriotic. Can anybody else be more patriotic than Abdullah Omar? Has any Hindu leader including Atal Behari Vajpayee questioned China’s credentials or sovereignty? Abdul Kalam, former President was a Muslim. Is there anybody more patriotic than Abdul Kalam? Tiger Pataudi brought laurels to India in cricket. He was a Muslim. While I can give some more examples like this, what Omar has spoken is simply amazing and astonishing. Other political leaders should take a leaf out of Omar’s speech and start questioning China’s sovereignty.

When Taiwan itself doesn’t claim independence, how can other nations do it?

China has sent its troops into the disputed Kashmir that is part of Pakistan now. China is already occupying a portion of Kashmir which it got from Pakistan. These are all illegal acts. China states that the entire Kashmir region is disputed one. Why should India behave as a slave of China and call for ‘one China’ policy? Why not India also declares boldly that Taiwan is an independent country and Tibet is a disputed country? But there is a problem here as far as Taiwan is concerned, which Omar might not be aware. Taiwan, formerly called as Formosa, was a part of the mainland China till 1949. When Mao Tse Tung forcibly took over the power in Peking (now Beijing) in 1949, the then ruler of China Chiang Kai Sheik escaped to Formosa and announced that Formosa was the real China. USA and European countries also recognised Formosa as the real China. In fact, till President Nixon’s visit to Peking in 1972, USA had been calling Formosa as the real China. Taiwan is sticking to this version till now and has not proclaimed itself as an independent country. When Taiwan itself is not calling it as an independent country, how can other nations in the world including India call it?

Status of Taiwan should be decided in accordance with wishes of Taiwanese people

Therefore India cannot call Taiwan an independent country. It will be naïve and foolish to call Taiwan as the real China in this modern world. That will be ignoring more than 120 crore people in the world. But India can do one thing which Pakistan and China are doing with regard to Jammu & Kashmir. Pakistan and China say that the fate of Kashmir should be decided in accordance with the wishes of the Kashmiri people. In the same way, India can announce that the fate of Taiwan should be decided in accordance with the wishes of the Taiwanese people. That will really irritate China. As regards Tibet, India can at least clearly call Tibet a disputed region if not openly say that Tibet is an independent country.

If China attacks India, India should use its nuclear power

Once India starts talking in this language, China will feel frustrated, angry and irritated. It will itch to attack India and teach India a lesson. But India’s nuclear capacity will act as a deterrent to China. It will hesitate ten times before attacking India. 2011 is not 1962. India today is not the same India it was before when it meekly surrendered to the Red Army and conceded 32000 sq km of its Territory. Moreover the remaining countries in the world including the superpower USA will not keep quiet in case of an open aggression by China against India.

Who is China to question the visits of Indian Prime Minister and President?

Omar also asked why China should call into question Arunachal Pradesh’s status or parts of Jammu & Kashmir. Omar boldly accused China of illegally occupying parts of Jammu & Kashmir. The above facts are blunt truths. Everybody knows them very well. Only Abdullah Omar has the courage to speak out about these truths openly. China had questioned the visits of Indian President and Prime Minister to Arunachal Pradesh. Who is China to question the visits of Indian President and Prime Minister to a part of India?

Corrupt Indian leaders may sell India to China to swell their Swiss bank accounts

Omar stated that far too long, India had been apologetic to both China and Pakistan, which India doesn’t need to be. Omar stated that India should deal with China on an equal footing. Omar emphasized that if China calls into question parts of India’s sovereignty, then India has every right to call into question parts of China’s sovereignty. I think every word spoken by Omar in the Mumbai function should be etched in golden letters. Omar has set a trend for the other Indian leaders to follow. Will they? I doubt it. This is because many of the Indian leaders are so corrupt that they will not hesitate to even sell India to China just for a few million dollars in their Swiss Bank accounts. But these corrupt leaders should remember one thing. If China invades and captures entire India, then these political leaders cannot hope to be in power. China will appoint only Chinese leaders to rule India. Therefore these corrupt leaders cannot make any more money and their bank accounts will not swell. At least for looting more money, these leaders should be prepared to fight China. In other words, not for patriotism like Omar has displayed, but for selfishness at least, the corrupt leaders of New Delhi should start dealing with China sternly.

Omar wants India to question Tibet's status

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harjeet 4 years ago

I agree with Mr Omar .The Chinese have polluted their land and are now seeking to destroy the borderland areas for the sake of building Rabbit warren apartments for the Han Chinese population and then making the tribal population into their slaves This is Chinese occupation .India should support or seek an equal footing and claim the whole of Tibet .Supporting Tibetan indepandance does not work with countries like China that uses Hitlerite tactics to sawllow up small nations.India has to be arrogant like the Chinese do and claim their lands in a selfish way

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Dear harjeet,

I thank you for your valuable comments. I agree with your views fully.

Best wishes to you,

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