Aboard the Trump Train


Donald Trump won, he will be the president,

Why did people vote for him? Why are people so afraid for their future now?
Let me tell you what I believe.
Donald Trump is not a sexist, racist, bigot etc. Donald is NOT oppressive; he is actually opposite of oppressive. He believes in freedom for all, for all who want to come into the US legally.
Anyone who says that Hillary didn't win because she's a women is wrong. Anyone who says that Trump won because he's white, is wrong. This was not about, sex, religion or race. Donald got the vote and was elected because he is not the typical politician. Americans are fed up with choosing the same over and over again, they wanted change and got change.
Donald Trump never made comments like the media tries to tell us he did. Yes, many decades ago he made some comments that are not normal for a politician to make, but the comments he made then are comments I have heard many men AND women make and he was not a politician then.

Trump also never said he will deport all Mexicans, he said he will deport ILLEGAL immigrants and they all won’t be deported on day one, or the first week or even month.
When he speaks about Muslims, he said he will not allow Muslims from countries that support terror or that the US is at war with and the ones who will be allowed must be properly vetted…this makes sense, many countries do this and should do it. It is for the security of the country.
Why do people want illegal immigrants and people from countries that support terror or are not properly vetted into their country?

The question I have asked of those who supported Clinton. I asked why they voted for her.
Their answer was that she is a woman and it is time for a woman president. When I asked about her policies, they could not answer. They did not know anything about her other than she is a woman. A handful said that she supports women, I mentioned that Donald does too. This is not the right way to vote. One must never vote for a person because of their sex. In my opinion, she would be more dangerous for the US than good. I was not sure about Trump at the beginning, but when I listened to both, watched them and learned of their pasts, Donald came out on top as the best choice. I checked both out thoroughly, instead of just listening to the media. The media twisted everything he said.

One must vote for who they believe is the best choice, and this is what the majority of Americans did, and I think they chose correctly.

Now we see the Hillary supporters protest, and shout, “Not my President”, so this shows me that they do not support Democracy. I guarantee you that if Hillary won, and Trump supporters did this, they would be called all kinds of nasty things and laughed at.

Some of the reasons I like Donald Trump are this: He is not one to bend to ‘political correctness’, he does not bend to the so called ‘social justice warriors’, he speaks his mind and calls it as it is. This is what we need in a leader, one who is tough, cares about his country and people and is willing to work with leaders of all countries to make a better life for all.

Political correctness is a tool used to muzzle and control people. Those social justice warriors get offended by everything. Those things have turned people into overly sensitive people who now have no skills to live in the real world and can’t function when they get offended which they do far too often.

When I was growing up and someone was called names, we didn’t care, we let it go. We didn’t cry about it and get so hurt that we couldn’t function for the day or even week.

In today’s world we are creating weak, overly sensitive children who are unable to grow up and become mature citizens.

Sure it isn’t right to go around purposely offending people, but it happens and we need to get back to where we are able to let it go.

Why are people so scared of Trump? Because he is old school, and the ones who are scared believe the lies they were told about him and they also don’t know how to deal with reality. The PC groups and SJW’s have turned them into people who are unable to function in reality; they lived wrapped in bubble wrap.

We see this with Trudeau, he is the same way, overly sensitive, wants to allow everyone in to Canada regardless of if they are potential terrorists, he stated that those who have done harm did so because they are misunderstood, he doesn’t want to hurt people’s feelings by deporting them etc. This way of thinking is dangerous. A leader must be tough and must put his country first.

So don’t be afraid of Donald Trump, he isn’t the evil scary person the Democrats or media have portrayed him to be. He isn’t sexist, racist, phobic, bigoted etc. He isn’t oppressive at all. He is willing to have a dialogue and work with all leaders of all countries instead of going to war.

The media and some people have said we will be starting ww3 with Trump as president. Where the heck did they come up with this?
It was Hillary who lied about Russia hacking her private email server getting classified and private government emails off her server and said that Russia hacking her is no different than starting war. She is more of a war monger.

What it comes down to is that when one compares Donald and Hillary, Donald has two things against him that he said over a decade ago, Hillary has a huge amount of things against her, many, many things. Donald is not one who is or can be bought and controlled, Hillary is. She is part of the establishment, Donald is not.
He is a multi billionaire, but is against the establishment. Hillary is a multi millionaire, and is part of the establishment working for the establishment qnd not working for the people.

Give Donald a chance and you will see America become great again and this will help all countries. A strong America is a strong world, a peace supporting America is a world at peace.

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thomasczech profile image

thomasczech 2 months ago from Canada Author

Thanks for your comment. When I saw the markets plunge, I said to everyone that they will rebound and actually go above what they were. The Country will do great and will will prosper. I, as a Canadian am excited to see the US grow strong again and look forward to Trump making things right. This will be good for the US and all North America and probably the world. Mr Trump is willing to work with leaders of all nations instead of going to war. How can that be bad lol.

Good times ahead.

tsadjatko profile image

tsadjatko 2 months ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door

As usual Thomas you separate the lies and the spin from the truth. I stayed away from all the controversy of this election because the fact is no matter what bogus or legitimate criticism people could accuse Trump of there was just no comparison to the real moral and corrupt career long behavior of Hiliary and the Clinton Crime Family foundation.

I'll say one thing, having been a stockbroker for many years, brokerage firms think the election is very positive for the market. Not so much because of Trump but because the Republicans control all three parts of gov. They think that reducing taxes, reducing regulations, and bringing back money held overseas will drive the markets higher. They said that stocks were very undervalued to start with based on interest rates. The market surprised the media. I can tell you clients are ecstatic and my broker friends have not seen this amount of enthusiasm since Reagan.

The rebound in the US market from severely down futures over night really tells the story, not so much Trump but the return to Republican policy making (hopefully conservative policies) is what will save this country and change the path it's on which the vast majority of Americans do not approve of.

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