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Gay "Pride" or Gay In Your Face

Let me preface this hub by stating that I support equality for homosexuals. I am also for educating the public on the fact that homosexuality is not a choice and that being homosexual is no more deviant than being left handed. Gay pride parades and events, however, are another story. I think that they only serve to fuel the fire and increase the fears of those who believe being gay is detrimental to society. I mean, seriously... how does exhibitionism further the cause for equality?

Maybe I'm just missing something, but what exactly is the purpose of Gay Pride events? I would think they could be likened to the rallies held by former minorities including women and black people. Those marches and rallies were held to raise awareness and garner support. Sure some were held in protest, but I don't think the intent was to antagonize where the Gay Pride events seem to be intentionally antagonistic.

The photo here was taken at Toronto's Gay Pride parade and was cropped and censored for display on hubpages. I seriously don't have a problem with transexuals either... whatever floats your boat, but does having pride mean putting yourself on public display?  Again, I'm all for being proud of you who you are, my concern is that the image being portrayed is that being homosexual is all about sex and flamboyance, and very little about love and respect.

A Protest Against Oppression?

When women took to the streets and burned their bras, they were protesting oppression, and yes, some did bare their chests, but it was not done in a sexual or flamboyant manner.  It was a comparison, if you will, to the liberties that men enjoy.  It was making a statement.  I wonder what statement the sexually explicit garments (and lack thereof) seen in gay pride events are making, or what statement the people are trying to make? 

My concern is that these events do little to further the cause for equality.  They support and encourage the myth that gay and lesbians are hyper sexual and deviant.  I'm just not sure that that is the message the homosexual community wants to be delivering.

Anyone out there who can help me understand?

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Kirsten Plotkin profile image

Kirsten Plotkin 7 years ago from Australia

I totally agree with you Karen I too have no problem with anyones sexuality. It's their personal preference and none of my business. Having lived the largest part of my life in Sydney, where we have had the Gay Mardi gras for decades, I think it's simply adverstising, not entertainment, and I'm not a potential buyer.

I have never felt a need to promote my hetrosexual prefence, and I would never expect anyone else to be remotely interested in it, or expect me to join a parade to voice my pride about it. Ridicules! Lets face it, a worthy cause should be more than pride in your sexual preference. All that energy on so little substance.

But as long as it's a free country, go for it!

Best regards

Kirsten Plotkin

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

I can see what you saying but I think the general idea of these marches and events is to show a force of numbers and to encourage gays not to be ashamed of their sexual orientation. I have a friend who is gay who encourages straight people to take part in these events too to show unity. It's showing the minority who make the laws and run the world that the majority - the people - have had enough of discrimination and other unjustice.

Karen Weir profile image

Karen Weir 7 years ago from Alberta Canada Author

Thanks Kirsten and Bard. Kirsten, I do understand what you are saying about never having had the urge to celebrate or promote your heteroxexuality, but perhaps you would if you had spent years having to hide and feel ashamed of who you are. I am all for holding events, raising awareness and promoting pride in oneself.  I am also aware that most participants keep it "clean", but can't help but think that some actually encourage and support the stereotypes. 

Steve Rensch profile image

Steve Rensch 7 years ago

It's human nature . . . you don't encourage a person to like and accept you by getting in their face.

EYEAM4ANARCHY profile image

EYEAM4ANARCHY 7 years ago from Las Vegas, NV.

From a historical perspective, the purpose of Gay Pride is to commemorate the raid at the Stonewall Inn and the resulting riots that sparked the widespread gay activism of the 70's.

As far as the makeup of the parades, the image is a bit skewed because the titillating stuff gets much more press than the less flamboyant gay couples taking advantage of the opportunity to openly express their feelings for one another without fear of being condemned or even physically attacked and/or arrested for it. Something that was a very real and not uncommon thing a relatively short time ago. The flamboyant, in your face, stuff came about in large part because, prior to Stonewall, gay activism and protests consisted of gay people dressing very conservatively and purposely not showing any public affection in a very unsuccessful effort to prove to straight people that they were no different than them. It was one of those the gloves are off now, you're just going to have to accept us, because we aren't going to go away type of situations.

There certainly are some very liberal sexual attitudes at Pride events and things might get a bit outrageous at times. However beyond those surface aspects, the attendees are just a bunch of people wanting to live their lives and be accepted just like everyone else.

Karen Weir profile image

Karen Weir 7 years ago from Alberta Canada Author

Thanks for your insight Eyeam4anarchy. I wonder if it isn't time to scale back on the flamboyance - and if doing so would further "the cause". Generally, attitudes have changed considerably since the 70's.

I just think these events give a very poor image and are not reflective of the majority of the gay community. I wonder if the need for it has passed and support would increase if the events gave a more accurate portrayal of the community.

This is a very interesting hub that speaks to the issue from the perspective a gay man:


Satori profile image

Satori 7 years ago from California

Hi Karen,

Thanks for leaving your Comment on my Hub. Yeah, I don't know what the Pride scene thinks it's doing - critical mass and all that, but it's really shooting gays in the foot and poisoning the well. I wish they'd stop "representing" me - as 2 the Ranting Gryphon put it, "You guys are helping the gays like Ramses was helping the Hebrews!" Now when I tell people I'm gay, they think I'm gonna whip out a dress and start dragging Celine Dion all over the place. The Gay Rights movement marching out of the closet has morphed into the recklessly irresponsible Gay Pride movement, done an about-face, and is proudly marching us right back into the closet. Gee, thanks guys. We owe you one. -arches an eyebrow-

Karen, I'm glad you wrote this piece. It's nice to see that I'm not the only one noticing this problem - and that you got to see that just because there's a social movement out there, it certainly doesn't represent everyone in that demographic. I guess being an irresponsible idiot isn't restricted to any one walk of life. Or maybe it's just that gay guys are like straight guys, in that when you get a sexually-charged atmosphere by having available people get together packed into large groups, all the blood flow gets diverted from our brains for more immediate purposes. But - god though. Eye cancer at those Pride Parades, and an assault on human dignity. And on gay people themselves.

Gay Pride has stolen my gay pride.


Karen Weir profile image

Karen Weir 7 years ago from Alberta Canada Author

Thank YOU Satori! I have to admit, I was hesitant about writing this because I really didn't want to offend my gay and lesbian brothers and sisters. Having said that, this is something that has really bothered me. Your affirmation truly means a lot!

EYEAM4ANARCHY profile image

EYEAM4ANARCHY 7 years ago from Las Vegas, NV.

I don't disagree with that. Ironically enough, the Pride Parade in Vegas is pretty tame compared to the descriptions of Toronto Pride. There isn't any public nudity and most of the racier events are held at private clubs. There is some fetish related stuff, but it's hard to hold an event celebrating alternative sexuality and justify excluding people because their sexuality isn't popularly accepted.

rev 7 years ago

Disease and sin, gay people need to be chopped and beaten out of society, if everyone just followed Gods law then the world would be a better place!

Alf 7 years ago

At last! someone who actually makes sense!! fudge packing is disgusting! they should be ashamed. Why people think its ok to spread diseases like this is beyond me?

Karen Weir profile image

Karen Weir 7 years ago from Alberta Canada Author

God's law involves chopping and beating people out of society? Wow.

I agree if everyone followed God's law the world would be a better place, I guess we disagree on what his law states.

Alf, I suspect much is beyond you. You offer nothing in terms of the discussion which really has nothing to do with "fudge packing" as you so eloquently put it.

Alf 7 years ago

Yes Karen i agree with you, puffs are a disease spreading vile half bread, and there lack of eloquence is just awful don't you think what what!

rev 7 years ago

Alf i think you`ll find puffs are a vile half breed not a vile half bread.

Karen...please remove these awful pictures, what if a child was to visit this page? please think before posting such graphic content.

sexydave 7 years ago

ooooh rev your sooooo nasty!! We puffs love everybody, why you saying such horrible things?

shirtlifter 7 years ago

hey sexydave you wanna hook up??

jim 7 years ago

this hubs weird, why have you put a photo of a naked man or women on here?

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