48 "Addicted Politicians"

In color or black and white, it stands for the same thing, our FREEDOMS.
In color or black and white, it stands for the same thing, our FREEDOMS.

This could be a fact.

It was brought to my attention by a very good friend today that politicians, in general, have a very bad addiction. The problem with addictions is that if you allow them access to what they are addicted to, they will use it. If you give a drug addict drugs, he/she will use those drugs. It usually doesn’t matter whether the drug you give them is the one they are originally addicted to or not, they will use it.

Now, when it comes to politicians and their addictions, it isn’t drugs that they are addicted to necessarily, but then maybe it could be considered a drug of a sort. Their addiction is the spending other peoples money, ours. They don’t care what they spend the money on, they just have to spend it, so it seems.

If it isn’t coming out of their pockets they just have to put it somewhere. I guess that is what they feel makes them useful and that is the specific reason they were voted into office. We know they sure weren’t voted into office because they can think or make decisions.

The following is what I received from my friend that brought this subject and the way he explained it to me and I just thought I would share.

[The relevance of an idea and power of its effect: A recent story caught my attention. As told by a person waiting in line to submit a job application; The person in front of him was a young (illiterate ?) man who, when asked how to spell his name, said, ‘It’s spelled just like it sounds - just say it real slow”.

With this thought as background another recent idea caught my attention. The acronym OPM has come into common use as short for ‘Other People’s Money’. This is most commonly used in descriptions of a political addiction. When I think of addictions of course a common first thought is the drug opium. Hmm, when you say it real slow it sounds a lot like OPM. The next thought jumps to mind: The power of the addiction of politicians to the use of OPM. “Just say it real slow.”]

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MobyWho profile image

MobyWho 5 years ago from Burlington VT

NOT funny - too true! You have made a direct hit...keep 'em coming!

gregas profile image

gregas 5 years ago from Corona, California. Author

Hi Moby, Thank you for the visit and the comment. That's the scary part, it is too true. Greg

manthy profile image

manthy 5 years ago from Alabama,USA

They are addicted to themselves.

Nice hub

RealHousewife profile image

RealHousewife 5 years ago from St. Louis, MO

Funny - or not? lol I do think a lot of politicians are addicted to themselves too:) Narcissists! Great hub.

JLSB profile image

JLSB 5 years ago

Great hub and too true. Keep up the good work.

grayghost profile image

grayghost 5 years ago

As usual, a great Hub with a great insight! You are right on the money (no pun intended!) with this one. We need to come up with a 12-step program for these people. I'm thinking maybe 11 steps toward the door and one step out the door....

Thanks for another good read!


gregas profile image

gregas 5 years ago from Corona, California. Author

Hi Manthy, Thank you. Addicted to themselves they are.

Hi Real, Thank you. Politicians will be politicians.

Hi JLSB, Thank you. Your visits are always a welcome.

Hi Gray, Thank you. I would even be willing to put them out the front door. The insight and idea for this hub came from a very good friend that could really tell some stories if could get him started on hubs.

Thank you all. Greg

profile image

Sueswan 5 years ago

Great hub.

Politicians are addicted to power.

Lady_E profile image

Lady_E 5 years ago from London, UK

Very interesting... It's a "power" thing.

suziecat7 profile image

suziecat7 5 years ago from Asheville, NC

We need to throw ALL of them out and start all over.

gregas profile image

gregas 5 years ago from Corona, California. Author

Hi Suziecat, Thank you for the visit and comment. You got it right on the money. Greg

robie2 profile image

robie2 5 years ago from Central New Jersey

The OPM play on words made me smile, but the dysfunctional political system we have makes me very sad. Seems these days that only very sick puppies are running for office whatever the source of their addiction-- thanks for making me think and smile at the same time. Voted up:-)

gregas profile image

gregas 5 years ago from Corona, California. Author

Hi Robie, Thank you for the visit and comment. Yes, our politicians of today are a sorry bunch. You used to be able to vote for the best. Today you only get to vote for the lesser of two evils. Greg

tillsontitan profile image

tillsontitan 4 years ago from New York

They are certainly addicted to OPM and I think Power too! Being politicians and wielding their power makes them think they are invincible, and also gives them memory loss...forgetting why they got elected in the first place!

Great job Gregas and right on the 'money'. Voted up, useful, and interesting.

gregas profile image

gregas 4 years ago from Corona, California. Author

Hi tillsontitan, Thank you. I need to get myself back into publishing hubs. Greg

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