Advantages and Disadvantages of Genetic Engineering-Clonnig

The development of technology has numerous effects on human life ranging from personal lifestyle to academic success. However, there is another area, which is genetic engineering-cloning is affected by technology. Although, there are opponents and proponents for improvement of this area, apparently, it has some advantages and disadvantages.

The number of advantages of genetic engineering gradually increasing and two of which are finding new treats for some diseases and providing suitable donors. First of all, today, there are some diseases that cannot be fixed or whose ways of treatments are very hard. However, thanks to the genetic engineering, now, new ways of treatments for some diseases like cancer, Alzheimer can be found. For instance; owing to a study carried out on stem cells, scientists have found that stem cells can be easily altered into other cells and therefore they endeavour to fix cancer with this way. Secondly, some scientists are cloning animals so as to produce suitable donors. Which means, because of cloning people, who need organ transplantation, can be cured. For instance, a kidney provided from a cloned pig, can be transplanted to people.

Besides the advantages, there is a controversy in terms of ethical views because general usage of cloning can also bring about some problems. First of all, if a person is cloned, it can pose a danger because when people started to be cloned, human life will be devalued and there will be a discrimination between clones and others. Secondly owing to cloning, all features of ones who will be cloned, are inherited and some traits and illnesses resembled and which is not good. For instance; if a infertile family can try to have baby through cloning, their diseases can be directly inherited their baby. Briefly, using cloning on people is still a very controversial issue and has lots of problems.

In conclusion, development of genetic engineering-cloning is needed and it has some benefits for human kind. However, the areas of usage cloning must be bewared to prevent some ethical and controversial issues. In addition to this, using cloning on people must wait for deter some abuses and it is not appropriate for today’s people and conditions due to the potential usage of cloning in a bad way.

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YINA pao! 6 years ago

I think it is possible to use genetic engeneering to prevent starvation around the world but it is a controversial topic yet!

tom white 6 years ago

i think genetic engineering rocks!

me 6 years ago

only advantage is given

caya 6 years ago

i hate writing about genetic engineering...

idk shit about DNA...

Kelli 6 years ago

stupid biology teacher makin me research genetic engineering...

Makyol profile image

Makyol 6 years ago Author

@Kelli, i think you should talk like that about your biology teacher:) Science is quite interesting i think. Try to have fun with it! Good luck!

katiee + kelsiee 6 years ago

seroiusly does this have out about produces medicines for example insulin for diabetics? or does anyone know

bob 6 years ago

genetic engineering..............?

Stephan 6 years ago

gm is very special to me

Simon H 6 years ago

Hogwash lol.

Dangers of genetic engineering.. you want to discuss the dangers of breathing next? The dangers of entirely natural airborne viruses? How about the dangers of driving? Perhaps you believe in a world free of science? Let's discuss the dangers of living in the wild and foraging instead?

As far as genetic engineering is concerned, my personal goal would be survivability of the species, not personal gain. If the human race could "parent" a new species of intelligent life one day, who can survive on new worlds where we would fail, and go on, my thumbs up to them.

electricsky profile image

electricsky 6 years ago from North Georgia

I think immunizing us through genetically altered food is wonderful. I think regrowing a limb or retina is a knowledge gift from above.

But we could conceivably become deathless. What would this cause?

ben from new zealand 6 years ago

in nz noone gives a shit about cloning, who wants two of one thing? thats stupid. algd im doing this for a science project. but its sooo boring. catch you up.

kia kaha.

yubak 5 years ago

very danger it is

fern 5 years ago

genetic engineering? what does that mean hahaha!

DingDong 5 years ago

What is the disadvantage, i don't get it!

spellqueen 5 years ago

shandramukhi please learn to spell dangerous (dangerouse?)

Ivan Mpampi 5 years ago

Keep up the good work guys

Ivan Mpampi 5 years ago

Keep up the good work guys

Jesus 5 years ago

This is against my fathers will, cease and dissist at once or you will perish in eternal damnation.

yin rong the great 5 years ago

I rove croning its a rear coor way to do coor stuff i arso rike r and jesus and tom hanks and american movies and rice and fish and stop sighnes and gangs and coins and shoes and that wrapper rir wayne and casinos and stop watches and jesus juice and ana nichore smith and saying and

Steliana 5 years ago

I don't like biology a lot but i want to try it. my problem is how with small things like DNA we can do many things. It's fabulous

cam 5 years ago

very controvercial topic but genetic engineering has so many positive break throughs that it should be used in plants and animals. cloning of humans is wrong but the ability to make an animal a doner for people is amazing.

chris 5 years ago

gudwork guys.i love biotechnology.

Nonu 4 years ago

i think genetic engineering is quite beneficial if we make proper use of it . What is the need to make clones of humans when diseases can be eliminated by just changing genes

soso 4 years ago

in my opinion GE has some advanteges on the on hand people can manege their own desteny for example there is cancer in the boodline so parents can protect their baby by PGD .Moreover farmes can grow more food for e.g cereals on less place .adittionally there can exsit new jobs too.

on the other hand nature gives us even more resourses tha we actually need ,GE is to dangeous and we does not no about the consequences for now and the futhur .therefor i am against gE there is no powerful argument for meto be in favor of GE :)

hi there 21 4 years ago

weird.... and wrong...

Donald 4 years ago

Does biology ever believe that there is God?...if not then why are always we praying??

gingy 4 years ago

dont make sence god how am i meant to do bioligy homework now

me 4 years ago

i dont get it

lilju 4 years ago

genetoc engineering does sometimes sucks a persons dry, which i hardly find anything interesting about.

nezzy'08 4 years ago

well i can say that genetic engineering is a big help nowadays . .but in developing this technology ,theres must have a limitations . ..

noob 4 years ago

why is there a 69 there?

eswari 4 years ago

wow nice

4 years ago


Hunar 4 years ago

Thankyou for the valuable piece of information

p[p[ 4 years ago


darleen 3 years ago

this topic is very interesting

monumnnut 3 years ago

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