Afghanistan Riots Prove Talibans Are Active

Talibans Want To Kill the Girls Undergoing Education

Talibans Want To Kill the Girls Undergoing Education
Talibans Want To Kill the Girls Undergoing Education | Source

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Afghanistan Riots Prove Talibans Are Active

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Afghanistan Riots Prove Talibans Are Active

Afghanistan Riots Prove Talibans Are Active

USA Killed One Million People in Afghanistan

Riots in Afghanistan have undeniably proved that the Talibans are active. USA attacked Afghanistan in the aftermath of the bombings on World Trace Centre in New York in 2001 and killed more than a million innocent people in Afghanistan. But along with these innocent people, many terrorists also perished and many other terrorists escaped out of Afghanistan. The Taliban regime fell because of the USA bombings. USA installed a puppet regime in Kabul headed by Hamid Karzai. USA also continued deploying its troops and also the troops of NATO in Afghan soil in order to protect its interests there.

War on Terrorism

USA called these operations as war on terrorism. It also continued bombing the Afghanistan border with Pakistan with its drone planes to flush out the terrorists periodically. This was because most of the terrorists who escaped from Afghanistan in 2001 took shelter in Pakistan in the border areas which are inhabited by tribals. In these drone attacks also many innocent civilians are killed but USA does not bother about it. According to it, killing ten civilians does not matter if one terrorist living among them is also killed.

Talibans Have the Power to Strike Back

The Talibans are waiting for an opportunity to strike back and take over the power in Afghanistan once again. The Talibans can easily dislodge Hamid Karzai regime and take over power if American troops are not present in Afghanistan. USA has promised to take back their troops in 2014. But the Talibans do not want to wait that longer and have struck now. But their operations have resulted in failure because of the presence of US and NATO troops who superior technology and weapons have compared to the primitive weapons deployed by the Talibans. Moreover the Talibans are mostly foolish people who have no intelligence to counter people from advanced society.

Talibans Want To Kill the Girls Undergoing Education

Talibans are very angry that the Hamid Karzai government is permitting girls to undergo education in schools and colleges. Talibans and other Islamic scholars feel that it is a sin against the God Lord Allah and the Prophet Mohammad to impart education to girls. They believe that giving education to girls is blasphemous against the Holy Koran. Therefore they feel it is their bounden duty to prevent this evil from happening. Talibans have killed many school girls in Afghanistan and Pakistan because of their receiving education. Once Talibans take over power in Kabul once again, they will kill all the girls who have undergone education in Hamid Karzai regime.

Talibans Want To Capture the Nuclear Weapons in Pakistan

Talibans also want to capture the nuclear weapons held by the Pakistan government and use them against USA, China and India. How can USA totally eliminate the Talibans? They should spend more money, bring more modern weapons and continue their stay in Afghanistan beyond 2014. That is the only way to win the war on terrorism.

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