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Afzal Was Informed About Rejection Of His Mercy Petition

Afzal Was Informed About Rejection Of His Mercy Petition
Afzal Was Informed About Rejection Of His Mercy Petition | Source
Why Advani was  not hanged?
Why Advani was not hanged? | Source

Where Is The Question Of Selective Victimisation?

Afzal Was Informed About Rejection Of His Mercy Petition

Afzal Guru, the terrorist involved in the attack of Indian Parliament in 2001 was hanged at last in Tihar jail few days back. The execution was done secretly. Even Afzal’s family was not informed about this and so the family lost a chance to meet him for one last time before the death. Many criticisms have surfaced regarding the execution. The first one was that Afzal was not informed about rejection of his mercy petition by the President Pranab Muhkerjee. In my opinion, this criticism is not valid as Afzal was informed about the rejection of the mercy petition on the day of his execution.

Judges Take Up Corporate Cases Quickly But Drag Other Cases

The second criticism was that sufficient time was not given to Afzal to file a review petition in Indian courts after the rejection of the mercy petition. Here again one should look at the reality. Rajiv Gandhi’s assassins were informed about the rejection of their mercy petitions by the President but the assassins used the time to appeal and obtain a stay order from the Madras High Court. Indian courts do not act promptly in such important matters. They keep the cases pending for years together. If Colgate toothpaste company files a case against Pepsodent for brand or patent infringement, the judges take up the cases immediately and decide the issue. This is because both sides are ready to spend crores of rupees to decide the case in their favour. But the same enthusiasm and speed are not shown in cases like Rajiv Gandhi assassination case. Therefore the government did not want to take any risk and no time was given to the culprit to file a review petition before any court and drag the case endlessly. The same policy was adopted in Kasab’s execution also.

Pakistan Could Have Raked Up The Emotions To Kindle Violence

Third criticism is that Afzal’s family was not given a last chance to meet him before the execution. Had it been done, the family would have informed the news to Afzal’s advocates who would have gone to the court to stall the execution. Therefore this criticism is also an invalid one. Another criticism is that Afzal’s body was not handed over to the family for burial. Had it been done, the Kashmir separatists prodded by Pakistan could have used his burial place as a landmark and kindled emotions of the people to spread violence against the state. Therefore it was good that Afzal’s body was buried in Tihar jail itself. Another criticism is that the jail authorities used speed post to inform the family about the impending execution instead of using modern communication methods. But when the intention was to let the family know the truth only after the execution, modern communications could have defeated this intention and spoiled the show.

Where Is The Question Of Selective Victimisation?

Whatever way one looks at, the criticisms raised by the media and human rights organizations are invalid. J&K Chief Minister Omar Abdullah raised the point of selective victimization of Afzal. He asked why Rajiv Gandhi’s assassins were not hanged secretly. My answer is that the government learnt the bitter lesson only after the Rajiv assassins’ successful stopping of the execution through the court. Once the Supreme Court rejects their pleas, the government will definitely hang them. Therefore Omar’s point is not a valid one.

Why Vajpayee And Advani Are Not Hanged For Their Misdeeds?

But nobody is raising a valid point against the government in case of Afzal’s execution. Only recently the Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde revealed the truth that the principal opposition party in India BJP is organising terrorist training camps all over India. Obviously Shinde would have received inputs from the police, military and other spy organisations about this grave threat to India. In fact even the Parliament attack could have been masterminded by the BJP leaders like Vajpayee and Advani. Besides, the BJP could have been involved in many terrific terror plots in India including the 2008 Mumbai carnage for which Kasab could have been wrongly hanged. When it is so obvious to the government that the BJP leaders are involved in terror plot, why are they not taking any action against them? Along with Kasab and Afzal if Advani and Vajpayee were also prosecuted and hanged to death, one could have appreciated the action. By hanging Kasab and Afzal and letting Advani and Vajpayee go scot free, the Indian government is not acting fairly. The only remedy to this injustice is to launch prosecution against Advani and Vajpayee besides other BJP leaders like Venkiah Naidu and Pon Radhakrishnan and hang these terrorists also without any mercy. Will Shinde rise to the occasion or will he buckle?

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Suresh 3 years ago

Excellent article, especially the liberal dosage of humour to drive the point across in simple ways.

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 3 years ago from India Author

Thank you Suresh for your comments and compliments

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