Agni V Missile Success Sends China Panicking

India Should Not Hesitate To Use Nuclear Weapons against China

India Should Not Hesitate To Use Nuclear Weapons against China
India Should Not Hesitate To Use Nuclear Weapons against China | Source

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China Is an Aggressor and India’s Number One Enemy

Inter Continental Ballistic Missile

India’s success in launching successfully its Agni V missile has sent China and Pakistan panicking. What is the reason for it? Agni V is an intermediate range missile and it can strike a target to the accuracy of few metres upto a distance of 5000 km. Most of China comes under its range and this is what worries China. With this launch, India has entered the privileged league of countries possessing the capability of intercontinental ballistic missiles. There are only few countries in the world with this capability.

China Is an Aggressor and India’s Number One Enemy

More than Pakistan, China is panicking with this development. China had attacked India in 1962 and captured 32000 sq km of Indian Territory. It would have captured entire India had not USA intervened in India’s favour. At that time, Indian military was incapable of defending itself against the Chinese threat. Indian soldiers panicked and ran away from the battle field, unable to face the fury of Chinese fire.

China Is Contemplating To Attack India Again

But today the situation is different. India is a nuclear power. With this latest success of Agni V missile, India can send nuclear warheads into China through the missile if it wants. This is what is worrying the Chinese authorities. China is claiming that Arunachal Pradesh and some other areas belong to it. China is contemplating to attack India at any time and capture Arunachal Pradesh. But with India’s success in the Agni V missile, China has to think about the consequences.

USA Wants China to Break Up

It is noteworthy that USA has not criticised India for its latest defence achievement. USA is interested in the breakup of China. It knows that this can happen only through an Indo-China confrontation over Arunachal Pradesh. At that time if India uses its nuclear weapons, then China will break up and sustain heavy losses even though it will inflict a similar loss on India also.

China May Attack India, Capture Arunachal Pradesh and Declare Truce

As Chinese leadership will not like to face bitter consequences, it will have to abandon attacking India at least for the time being. But China may also think in another way. Agni V will be included in the Indian arsenal only in the year 2015. Before that, China may like to launch a quick limited attack, capture Arunachal Pradesh and then declare a truce. After this, China may even be prepared to settle the border row permanently with India by granting minor concessions here and there to satisfy India.

India Should Not Hesitate To Use Nuclear Weapons against China

But India should not allow this to happen. The moment China launches an attack, Indian forces should take the American help and repulse the Chinese attack. If this proves to be impossible, India should use the nuclear weapons and destroy China.

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handymanbill profile image

handymanbill 4 years ago from western pennsylvania

I think anybody thinking about using Nuclear weapons is foolish. I also don't think that China would be foolish enough to invade India. So they have a new missile, i am sure China has some new missile too. i seriously doubt that China is panicking.

pramodgokhale profile image

pramodgokhale 4 years ago from Pune( India)

There is no panic,but Agni-V is a deterrent and signaled that India can give fitting reply.

it was long overdue to add advance weapons and missiles as a stockpile,which we are doing.

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Dear pramodgokhale,

I thank you for your valuable comments. I agree with your views.

Best wishes to you,

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Dear handymanbill,

I thank you for your valuable comments. China's plans to invade India have been upset by the Agni missile and they are panicking now. In 1962 also everybody said there was no chance for China to Invade India. In fact Nehru was singing praise on China with his famous slogan 'Indo Chini Bhai Bhai' (India and China are brothers). But when the invasion came, Nehru was crestfallen.

Best wishes to you,

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