Alabama Tornadoes-You CAN Help and its FREE!

You have what it takes to help others and it is free!

I live in Alabama, I believe the most important and critical thing that was needed immediately following the tornado outbreak was BLOOD!


Right now in Missouri BLOOD is a critical need!


If you live anywhere near Joplin, please seriously consider donating blood.

If you don't, please seriously consider it anyway. No one is promised tomorrow.

The life you save, may very well be your own.

Did you know three people can be saved by each blood donor?

Aftermath of Tuscaloosa Tornado

Based on True Stories

In April hundreds of tornadoes spawned by a powerful storm system wiped out entire towns across several southern states, killing at over 300 people in the deadliest outbreak in the recent history of the United States.

Many areas were obliterated throughout the state. The storms generated on this day were so violent that victims in the F5 tornados direct path stood almost no chance of surviving. This type of storm is one the most violent with winds exceeding 300 mph. and yet some did survive!

It Begins!

Polly’s Story

It was 5:30 in the morning when Polly woke up. Someone had turned the air conditioning on and it was down right cold, so cold she didn’t want to get out of bed. She didn’t have to. Her alarm was set for 6:30. It was quiet, peaceful, cold, she snuggled under the covers and prayed. “Thank you God for this moment. Thank you that you are in control, Thank you that I can lay here and sleep in peace knowing you will protect me.” It started to rain. It was a gentle rain, a rain that could easily put one to sleep. She had watched the weather the night before. There were some bad storms in Arkansas and Mississippi and the local meteorologist had said to expect thunderstorms later today and some possibly severe.


She lay there for a moment and decided to get up and get a shower before the electricity went off. It did that a lot when it rained. She lived out in the country there were a lot of trees. Seems like a bird lands on a power line and the power goes out every time. She lit a candle and placed it by the sink before getting into the shower. About half way through taking her shower, the power went off. All is well, the candle was lit. When she got out of the shower. She could hear the rain, it was a heavy rain now. The wind was blowing hard really hard, harder than normal. She didn’t think the storms were going to be all that bad this morning. The meteorologist said it would probably be later in the day before the weather would be bad. Oh well what does he really know about the weather anyways. Just as she put on her robe the wind became more than a wind. It was a full blown storm. There was a roar, she prayed again “Thank you God that you protect me even in the storms.”


She went into the kitchen where her two sons were. Then her daughter burst out of her room and dashed into the kitchen, “What’s going on? It sounds like the house is going to blow away.” Polly looked out the kitchen window. It was just getting light enough to see. The trees in the front were being tossed fiercely, no they didn’t look right, they weren’t tossed they were swirling, “I’ve never seen them do that before.” Then there was a rumble of thunder, only it did not stop, a roaring wind came, hard rain, maybe even mixed with some hail, it began slamming into the windows. Then as quick as it came the rumble moved on and was gone.


The rain was heavy but not slamming into the windows anymore. John looked out the kitchen window into the front of their home. “Mom I think some trees fell down.” Polly looked, “Where?” “There’s a blank space there. There shouldn’t be a blank space there. There has always been trees there.” said John. “Your right, I think we did lose some trees.” Polly didn’t think much of it at the time, they had a lot of trees.


Isaac would be the first one to leave for work. Thank goodness it was getting light out now. Without electricity it was hard to see. Isaac was ready and headed out. About 10 minutes later he was back. “No one is going anywhere right now,” he said.

“John you aren’t going to school either.” John jumped on that, “No school?” “No,” said Isaac, “There are trees down in the road and we can’t get out. Our neighbors are already working on getting them cleared. They are out there with chain saws and all“.

There was only one way out of their neighborhood and it was blocked by trees. Polly called her boss and told her she would be late. Then she ate a bowl of cereal. John said he had been watching the weather before the power went off and they had said some of the winds were gusting at 70 miles an hour or more.

Polly went out on the back porch. There was a big tree out there that caused them some concern. If it were to fall on the house it would not be good. Polly looked at the tree, there was something different about it. No it wasn’t the tree that was different it was a tree behind it. The top of it looked like it was ripped off, gone! It was a lot smaller than the big tree. None of the other trees had been damaged. “That was God! That was God saying, I do protect you if you ask me to.”

.” John had gone out to check the trees in the front. He was right a big tree was down and it took 5 or 6 smaller ones with it. You could really tell there was a gap there now that it was light out. He had also walked down the drive and found a huge tree had fallen at the end of the house in the woods and it too had taken out 5 or 6 other trees. All the trees had fallen away from the house not on the house, thank God!

As John was telling Polly about it a vision formed in her minds eye. A vision of a huge Angel. An angel that had stood at one end of her home, that had wrapped his wings to cover the sides of the house and used his own body to cover the top of the house. Polly knew God sent an angel to protect them.

Isaac went out again, he was gone about 20 minutes this time before he returned again. “Still can’t get out.” “They haven’t gotten that tree out of the road yet.?” Asked Polly. “Oh yeah they got that one but there’s more. There are some really big ones, I think its going to be a while.”

Polly called her boss and told her there were more trees down and she didn’t know when she would be in. No power, nothing to do but wait, Polly went back to bed and fell asleep. But before she did she thanked God for sending the angel and told Him she knew it was Him that had protected them.


Unknown to Polly at the time, a tornado had passed over her home and only a few hundred yards away the deadly tornado touched down and took the life of one of her neighbors. Her neighbor would be the first fatality of the day.

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