Always in Plain Sight


Psst! He's Over There

Good Morning, Breakfastpoppers. Today is Thursday, June 19, 2014. Our dear friend, Ant Antoine, is with me this morning at the breakfast table. He is highly suspicious of the announcement that a leader of the attacks on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi has been arrested. Please join us for breakfast and let Antoine explain his suspicions. We are having French toast topped with blueberry preserves. See you soon.


Could This Be Magic?

Bonjour, mes amis. Over the week-end Ahmed Abu Khattala, a leader of the terror group Ansar al-Sharia in Libya was captured by American Special Forces. The timing of this arrest is highly suspect because he has been available for arrest ever since the attacks. Why then was this the moment when President Obama thought it wise to go after him? Could politics have something to do with it? Could the fact that your President Obama who is knee deep in scandals needed a diversion? What better diversion than the capture of the mastermind of Benghazi.? Just when the consequences of his own inaction were crushing him, President Obama pulled a terrorist out of his hat!


No Mask Necessary

If your President Obama had any interest in capturing the terrorists he could have accomplished a good deal in the last two years. I can only assume that finding those responsible for the deaths of four brave Americans was not a priority. Abu Khattala was available for arrest for a long time. He has conducted many interviews with U.S. media outlets over these past two years. The reality is, this guy was easy to find. The other reality is that the Obama Administration had no interest in arresting him, until now. Reporters who met with him agreed that the terrorist behaved like a man who had no reason to believe he would be arrested anytime soon. I am very curious about his demeanor. Clearly, he had reason to believe that he was safe from arrest for his actions. I wonder why.


Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

The headlines have been very bad lately. Even the mainstream media can't ignore the VA scandal, the Benghazi hearings, the IRS's unfortunate loss of e-mails and the hideous release of five of the most dangerous terrorists in GITMO. What the Obama Administration needed was a newsworthy headline to get the "heat" off the embattled and unpopular president. They found their headline in Libya. The timing of this arrest couldn't have been more perfect from the administration's point of view. The American people are highly suspicious of the timing as well they should be.


No GITMO For You!

The suspected terrorist will not be going to Guantanamo Bay. The White House wants to try Khattala in Washington D.C. That just may prove to be good news for him, because Washington D.C. juries are known for unconventional outcomes. Then again, President Obama is known for unlocking the keys to GITMO and sending terrorists off to fight again. If intelligence information is what the administration is after, GITMO would probably be a better place to retrieve it than a prison in Washington D.C. The task seems better suited to the military justice system, but now that your President Obama need only rule with a pen and a phone, the decision is a done deal.


Politics Trumps All!

Clearly, the arrest of Khattala is a good thing. Why it took so long to happen is not a good thing. President Obama will use this capture to regain some standing in the eyes of the world and America. I doubl he will get the kind of lift he is looking for. The American people are growing up. Most of them don't like to be played like a puppet on a string. The arrest does not obscure the fact that President Obama has completely disengaged himself from the American people. While Iraq is falling, President Obama is hopping from one fund raising event to another. He also managed to get in a good game of golf. For him it is all about changing America anyway he can. He would make a far better fundraiser for the Democratic Party than a president who is supposed to serve his country with honor and distinction. His heart just isn't in the job.

Antoine's Song

Let's go children of the homeland

The day of reckoning has arrived

Against you tyranny's ugly flag is raised...

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Comments 16 comments

Mel Carriere profile image

Mel Carriere 2 years ago from San Diego California

Loved the French toast but the ant kept crawling through the blueberries so I had to eat it dry. I think Obama also might be trying to send a message that he won't let the Baghdad American embassy be overrun when the Militants get there shortly. He certainly does not want another embarrassment of the Benghazi magnitude. Good job, but I wish I didn't have to eat breakfast with a can of Raid in one hand.

RachaelOhalloran profile image

RachaelOhalloran 2 years ago from United States

After all, it is all about improving the golf game. Every president had something (clubs, putting green, simulator, etc.) in the Oval Office pertaining to golf and there are photo ops of each one playing golf (or posing to look like it) that are easy to find.

We need to find a trained fly who can take up residence on the wall of the Oval Office so we can get the inside scoop on what the heck is going on.

I'm off to go shopping for one on the black market. They have better stuff than we do and I will probably find an excellently trained fly there for the princely sum of providing photos of Obama playing golf with multiple partners.

carol7777 profile image

carol7777 2 years ago from Arizona

I have nothing to say as I feel speechless or maybe too speech-full. What is the most amazing thing to me is the American public. So I am going to drink myself silly at the Inn tonite...with an International Ice Tea.

Tom Whitworth profile image

Tom Whitworth 2 years ago from Moundsville, WV

Pop and Antoine,

Looks like Obama and his acolytes learned something from Nixon and the tapes. Don't leave records hanging around.

breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 2 years ago Author

Good Morning Mel,

I beg of you, drop the RAID! Antoine is not your typical ant and if he brings friends along they are of the same ilk. As for Obama, he is of another ilk altogether. I think the worm has turned. Finally, more than half of the American people feel he is not fit to govern. See you at the Inn. Antoine will be there and I'll introduce you properly.

breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 2 years ago Author

Good Morning Rachael,

Not to worry, Buzzy, the Proverbial Fly on the Wall is on the case. He visits the Oval Office on a regular basis. He tells me it is usually empty! See you at the Inn.

breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 2 years ago Author

Good Morning carol,

A recent poll showed that 54 percent of Americans don't think Obama is fit to govern. I worry about the other 46 percent! See you at the Inn. I'll order hummus for us.

breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 2 years ago Author

Good Morning Tom,

They still have to worry about people who are brave enough to speak up. I'll see you at the Inn.

billybuc profile image

billybuc 2 years ago from Olympia, WA

Thanks for breakfast. Delicious as always, except for that big rat's nest that you were writing about. That was a bit unappetizing. :)

breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 2 years ago Author

Good Morning billy,

Just concentrate on the French toast. The rest of my tale is impossible to digest.

See you at the Inn!

The Frog Prince profile image

The Frog Prince 2 years ago from Arlington, TX

The lack of good judgment and leadership stick out on Obama like his ears.

taxlarry 2 years ago

Once more, why should I be surprised? I would be surprised if Obumma or any of his henchman did anything commendable.

breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 2 years ago Author

Dear Frog Prince,

Yes, I agree. The only thing that trumps his ears is his ego. See you at the Inn.

breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 2 years ago Author

Dear taxlarry,

In that case, don't expect to be surprised! See you at the Inn. I'm buying!

Pino Krisio 2 years ago

POP: Maybe Obama wants a photo op in the Oval Office with a putter in one hand and his arm around captured terrorist. Or maybe he wants to have a cappuccino with him. Just like the journalists did! Anyway, this all makes me sick, ane the only way I can feel better is to go to the bar.....

breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 2 years ago Author

Good Morning Pino,

I'm on my way too and it's only 7 a.m.!

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