The travel to and from America

The travel to and from America

I recently went to America – in August 2011, it is a country, not for the elderly and the invalid. I am elderly and my wife is disabled. There is no public transport and the cities they have spread over vast land and the malls they have made on enormous fields, one store made of hundred shops, and goods are loaded in it. But the elderly visitors cannot reach there unless taken by someone in his car and the people there have little time to transport and collect back visitors.

There is no social contact between the foreigner and the local American, because they are segregated since the locals use individual transports. The petrol they burn on the individual transport is phenomenal. They are consuming more of the bounty of God than anyone on earth. The population is divided in two classes, those who are polite and those who are impolite. Is it the radiance of blood or is it the culture coming from the presumed Darwinian evolution.

The American discipline and the administration of the governance are visible on the roads and by the curbs of the grass cut and trimmed. And to compliment that God has bestowed the country with a divergence of climate which range from snow capped roof tops of the houses to the shiny and gleaming tiles of Florida. And though the society is built to live happily and do thanksgiving, including in calendar so many thanksgiving days, with places like Disney Land and the Universal to show of their culture to live happily, but the fear and the repression of the government’s hand on the neck of a person bearing a Muslim name is evident. And there is a sense of fear in America, one feels one cannot speak against America in America. There is no freedom corner like of Hyde Park in England. The society is not knitted to exchange views and share feelings.

I attended a talk in the Marquette University that is privately founded by the Jesuits, on the 22nd of July 2011 in Milwaukee. The topic of the speakers was ethics. Bu there were no more people in this unit of the talk than two listeners, one me and the other a lady and two speakers and a presenter. The English spoken was colloquial and the speakers no less than the Asst. Professor from the University in New York and the other his equivalent. And I could not understand a word spoken by them, one; for their accent, and two; for their speed of delivery. I come with my background from India and Shastri Jee taught me English. He spoke slow, clear and crisp English and since then my ears are tuned to that English. And on the occasions of his imparting lessons, he wore the most exquisite dress which stood him out and not so much for his North Indian Aryan accent as for his dress and his manner. But here I was listening to English coloured and packed by the American proverbial deliveries.

America is beautiful if it does not segregate people and learns to do face reading and segregate the terrorists and the gentle faces by looking in their eyes, rather than taking pictures from thee angles on the immigration counter and taking finger prints of both hands and asking to take off belts from the waste and shoes from the feet at the entry gates at the airports. This shows lack of faith in destiny and too ruinous faith to form destiny. True the middle is true! But entirely forming your destiny by your hands cannot happen.

Look how wrong they have been in their wars. Look how wrong they have been in their facilitating the rule of Saudi Arabia who are trying indigenizing their culture and faith on the world, playing the role of villain destroying the culture of tolerance in Islam. They are the factionalists destroying the image of Islam by scuttling the decent Shias in Iran and in Bahrain, whose motto is justice first.

All Muslims in America are suspected of terrorism, though they did not burn Bible and the Pastor Terry Jones who burnt Quran in Florida is free to roam in America, which is land of God. This is due to lack of spiritualism and to catch up on that, the Americans have to travel to Qum and to Najaf-e Ashraf and take lessons from our Aayetullahs and Marja-e Taqleed, in chastity and tolerance.

I have travelled to America and back to England now at least eight times. While entering I have no guarantee that I will not be detained at the airport in America. And the Muslims living in America have no guarantee that they will be allowed on return to enter in America even on genuine Visa. I went to America on the 2nd of July 2011 and from there went to Winnipeg in Canada for four days to see my old friend Mohammad Ashraf. We had not seen each other for 35 years. They were so happy for me being in their house , as if the moon had descended from the sky in their house and I was so happy as if a mountain of gold was placed in my lap and I was happy for four days till I went to the Winnipeg Airport to return back to America. They held me there for two hours from entering back in America. They declared I am on ‘watch list’. They asked me why I travelled to Pakistan; I said Pakistan is my home. Then they asked me why I travelled to Iran, I said Iran is my spiritual centre – Imam Raza Als ‘s Rauza is in Iran.

They are as raw in scrutiny as the uneducated but holding a degree. They do not know what the science of face reading is. They could not read from my face that I am not a terrorist and they wasted their resources, money and time, which one glance of an expert could tell I was not a terrorist. But this sophistication comes from the inner depth of knowledge about God qualities, which the faces of the pious reflect, which they fail to see. And America instead of progressing spiritually is sliding down abominably, though it can claim to be progressing materially.

America is reliving the tragedy of 9/11 for the last ten years, whose actors in majority came from Saudi Arabia, but look at the duplicity of America, it supports and props Saudi Arabia and not only that it supports and props Bahraini Sheiks who are enemies of culture and decency. They ban and kill Shias in their lands. And Saudi Arabia invades Bahrain to give them a hand in the killing of the Shias and it sends money to the terrorists in Syria to topple President Asad’s government and does all unholy things in the region to perpetuate their rule and save the Wahabi faith. To support Saudi Arabia, is it not American greed and fear of losing their ‘Ace Position’ in the world in disregard of ethics and morality.


Sayed Athar Husain

Afkar-e Shia (Shia Thought)


10 September, 2011.


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