American Pastor, Saeed Abedini, Tortured to Renounce Christ – Our Government Knows

Since September 2012

Saeed Abedini is a Christian, American Pastor. Right now he suffers in an Iranian prison for no reason other than he is a Christian. While he endures endless physical and worse torture, our President enjoys yet another round of golf.

Please, do what you can to help. Sign the petition to see him free and urge our elected leaders to ALL get on board.

The link to the petition is at the bottom of the page. Feel free to skip the article if you want, but please, sign the petition.

Is this something new?

Christians have been persecuted for their faith in God throughout history and in many nations for centuries. What makes this different? For starters, this persecuted Christian pastor is one of our own. This man is an American citizen. Think about that for a second. Remember when one of our own meant something in America? There was a time, not so long ago, when we, the citizenry, would not have tolerated this.

Who is this Pastor Saeed Abedini?

He is a husband and father. He’s a man who spent his Christian life doing such things as building orphanages for needy children. He converted to Christianity in 2000. Since that time, he has devoted his life to bringing the word of Christ to others. He and his wife came to America. Despite how easy it would have been to stay here otherwise, they did it right and became citizens.

According to Jordan Sekulow, writing for the Washington Post, he returned home several times to visit family and to further work on the orphanage. On the last visit, he was arrested. He was later convicted of trumped up charges, during a farce of a trial, because he is Christian in a Muslim dominated part of the world. The trial was done mostly behind closed doors without him or his legal counsel present. How’s that for justice?

Jesus said...

"But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven."

The Bible, King James Version, Matthew 10:33.

Sign of the times

Do you believe we are living in the final days as defined in the Bible?

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Pastor Abedini was handed an eight year sentence.

It might as well be a death sentence. Recently, he managed to get a letter to his wife. After having listened to it several times, I can only say God help this man. He is a shining example of what all of God’s children are called to do. He is literally risking his life to bring others to salvation. He is now being tortured to convert back to Islam. The Bible tells us that Christians will go through this in the final days.

Do we, as Christians, not owe him our support? What do you think God would want us to do? Do we, as Americans, not owe him our support? While most of us can’t hop a plane and take on a corrupt, totalitarian style government on his behalf, we all can hit a link and sign a petition.


Let's do the math.

Freedom of Religion and the protection of Americans abroad is so important to our 535 Senators and Representatives that a whopping 15% of them have signed.

435 representatives


100 senators


85% That can't be bothered.

This situation has been known in America since right after it happened.

The NY Daily News reported on December 20¸ 2012 “A State Department spokesperson told the Daily News that they are ‘aware of this case’.” Finally, some of our government leaders are starting to do something, though admittedly, not much.

80 elected officials have signed off on a letter John Kerry is to present. Mind you, we have 435 representatives, and 100 senators, but only 80 have signed. Freedom of religion is supposedly a right so important to our nation as to be addressed constitutionally at our beloved America's birth. Yet, again, only 80 of those we elected to uphold our Constitution have signed. Does anyone else see the glaring bad here?

Dave Bohon, writing for the New American quoted John Kerry as having stated that “he and the Obama administration“...

“condemn Iran's continued violation of the universal right of freedom of religion and call on the Iranian authorities to respect Mr. Abedini's human rights and release him.”


American officials signing off on the petition.

Read what some of what those who bothered to sign had to say about Saeed's wrongful imprisonment and subsequent torture at Republican Congressman Trent Frank's website.

I have to hand it to the great state of Arizona. Their leaders tackle the difficult subjects.

Our President

At the DNC, before the last election, President Barack Hussein Obama said the following in his speech:

"We don’t turn back. We leave no one behind. We pull each other up.”

He further stated in the same speech:

"But we also believe in something called citizenship – a word at the very heart of our founding, at the very essence of our democracy; the idea that this country only works when we accept certain obligations to one another, and to future generations.”


That sounds great. If it's true, and he really believes it, one would think he would be leading the charge to get Pastor Abedini free. After all, he said "...only works when we accept certain obligations to on another."

Is not the most basic obligation on behalf of our government to protect Americans at home and abroad?

Actions speak louder than words.

Our President gave millions of our tax dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood, not to mention F-16s that no doubt will be used to slaughter those believed to be Christians. Our government is now saying they “are concerned” and “they condemn” Pastor Abedini’s imprisonment. While they say that, our money still flows to help those committing the persecution of Pastor Saeed Abedini, the subjugation of their entire female population, and the persecution of any Christian they can get their hands on.

Please, help.

It’s not much, but please, sign. Please, speak up. Please…


Pastor Abedini's letter to his wife.

I do not own nor did I create this video. It was made by the ACLJ and uploaded to

How confident are you?

To what extent do you believe the American government will protect you?

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Comments 10 comments

SubRon7 profile image

SubRon7 3 years ago from eastern North Dakota

Hi Poetvix, I do believe Pastor Saeed "feels" exactly how that letter reads, but it's hard to believe Iranian sensors would let it out, unless, by the grace of God, Pastor Saeed had help. I voted in the first question honestly. I believe in God but I'm not very familiar with the Bible, although it's on my list to read.

The second question I wasn't able to vote. Even though I don't feel very confident with "this" US government, I do continue believing--even with all our shortcomings--that America is still the world's best idea. Good hub, my friend,

James W. Nelson

poetvix profile image

poetvix 3 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

SubRon7 - Dear James,

I don't think he got it out at all. I think the government over there allowed it to get out. It helps them too. It sends a message, a powerful message, to all those who consider conversion in that part of the world. They had to know when they let go of it that it would go world wide.

OH! I'm so glad you mentioned it. I always vote in my polls one time but I forgot to on this one.

I could not agree more that America was the best game in town for centuries. My problem with it is that I see our nation moving away from its founding ideals. Thank you so much for the read and the comment. I hope you finished the edit and are ready to publish. Have an awesome weekend and God bless!

billybuc profile image

billybuc 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

I'm with you on this 100% my friend. I don't think for a second my government has my back. I haven't felt that way since the 60's quite frankly, and nothing has happened to change my mind.

Keep pouring out these hubs. This is how we make a difference. As long as our voices can be heard then the nation's ideals will remain alive.

poetvix profile image

poetvix 3 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

billybuc ~ Thank you. I feel so bad for this man and his family. I can't imagine how they survive. I hope and pray you are correct. God bless and happiest of hubbing.

The Frog Prince profile image

The Frog Prince 3 years ago from Arlington, TX

I defended this nation for 23 years and I can tell you that I didn't defend the government. This is the most corrupt I have ever seen the federal government. Obama has made Nixon look like a choir boy. We have had Americans killed because of government misconduct during this administration. One example is Fast & Furious and nobody knew anything. Yeah right. Next up is Benghazi. Again nobody knows anything. They're like listening to Sergeant Schultz.

Don't expect this bunch of hoodlums to have your back. The kid in Mexico was chained to his bunk for how long before O'Reilly started raising hell on national TV and the government got off their asses. Now this pastor in Iran. Obama doesn't want to offend Iran you see. He has their back. This is getting quite disgusting to say the least.

The Frog

poetvix profile image

poetvix 3 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

Sir Frog ~ Yes, sir. This is the most corrupt it has ever been. More scary than that is the fact that it is becoming increasingly obvious they could not care less who knows it. We, as Americans, are inundated with headlines daily exposing new scandals from elected officials sleeping with underage prostitutes to the latest release of hardened, violent criminals in the state of Arizona for no reason other than to scare the populace. The very real problems facing citizens are being bastardized and politicized to manipulate the mind set of the masses and God help us it's working on way too many. I contend the masses are being conditioned to accept such morally bankrupt behavior as a matter of course. Then again, when one tries to thrown God out of the country, can one expect anything less than bad?

Offend Iran? No, he would never do that. He would rather give them F16s and boatloads of our money! Thanks bunches for the read and the comment. God bless and happy hubbing.

TheManWithNoPants profile image

TheManWithNoPants 3 years ago from Tucson, Az.

Great job my sister and patriot. I signed the petition and I hope you'll help us fight the criminal syndicate in Washington. Our message is getting out. Finally you're hearing the pundits and even folks in the Senate talking about corruption, waste fraud, and abuse. Tip of the ice berg but still encouraging. Thanks for the hard work!

~ jim

poetvix profile image

poetvix 3 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

Jim ~ Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I know you stay buried under a mountain of work. I would love to help, though I'm not really sure how. I read an interesting proposal in the question answer section of Hubpages, last night I think, proposing an initiative to educate voters. While I think it's a great idea, I have to wonder what means would be effectively deployed. This would not be an easy task for first one must understand how they think and appeal to that particular mind set. Further, I feel those of us who truly value freedom had best find a way to reach the youth for they, in large part, lack a working definition of the word not to mention any idea of how to keep it or what it costs. Hm. Maybe I will attempt to hub that... Why younger people can't trust any politician, or more importantly the tenants of the Left that while sounding like social Utopia, can lead only to subjugation. Food for thought.

I currently have a lot of time on my hands. So, if there is anything I can do to help with the project, drop me a line. God bless and happy hubbing!

Knightheart profile image

Knightheart 2 years ago from MIssouri, USA

Excellent article! Thumbs up for your courage and statements and standing up for what is right! This government is so corrupt and untrustworthy and anyone that can't see it is blind. Blatant lies, misleading statements, inaction, etc, is the worse it has ever been since this country began. Politics is a a four-letter word in my book! So many innocent people get the shaft everyday while the government as a whole just keeps crushing us all! As a Christian I find it appalling to see American citizens just forgotten since it isn't politically correct to do something about it. Christians are targets more than ever and even though this country was founded on Christian principles and by Christian patriots, you would never know it today! Organizations like the ACLU and other liberal extremists are destroying this country..taking God out of EVERYTHING, the Pledge of Allegiance, prayer in schools and government offices, etc. It is sickening to see how this country's leaders have abused, ignored, and blatantly violated the Constitution! Our nation's leadership is an embarrassment! At least we know God is in control and even though our brother in Christ is being imprisoned like the Apostle Paul, God has a plan for this atrocious act. May God comfort and strengthen Saeed!

poetvix profile image

poetvix 2 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

~ Knightheart - From your keyboard to God's ears. I truly believe Pastor Saeed to be a modern warrior for Christ. I can't imagine the man's strength of faith. God is with him, of that I have no doubt. I don't think he could have maintained otherwise.

It breaks my heart to see how corrupt our government has become. It's not just us. It's global. It's getting worse by the day and too many people think it's for the good of all or of the planet of all things. How far from good have we come as a nation when a lizard in the desert is considered more important that the life of a human child? When governments are allowed to dictate every aspect of one's life in the name of keeping all safe when one has but to look out the window to see safety is but an illusion long gone? It's become a situation of people looking to those who hurt them most for protection and thanking them in the bargain. The world has truly turned upside down just as the good book said it would. God bless and keep you and yours and thank you so much for the awesome comment!

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